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Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education(KCSE 2013) English Paper 1

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1 (a) Imagine that you are the caretaker of Fahari Children's Home in Bahati. There is a heavy storm one evening. After the storm you discover that one of the children is missing. The child is hearing impaired (deaf). Write a notice appealing to the public for help to trace the child. There will be a handsome reward for information that will help locate the child. (10 marks)

(b) Three days later, you receive a telephone call from the local police station informing you that the child has been found. Write a thank you note to the person who found and brought the child to the police station, giving details of how he/she will receive the reward. (10 marks)

2. Read the passage below and fill in each blank space with an appropriate word. (10 marks)

When people hurt you, should you lash out at them 1.......... give them a piece of your 2.........? There are those that argue that 3........ your emotions is much better than suppressing them. Perhaps the 4................. lies in between.
What most people would readily agree 5.......... is the fact that it is 6................. to run away from the cause of your hurt because 7........... is likely to breed resentment. Imagine that your cubemate in the dormitory has 8............... damaged your reputation by telling blatant lies about you. Instead of 9................... him or her to settle the matter, you move to the 10......... cubicle. You may feel better for some time, but what if the teacher puts the two of you in a discussion group?

3 (a) Read the poem below and then answer the questions that follow.

Day Seventeen

i find myself
looking at Black men
with different eyes

thinking things like
         Act right fool, don't you know
         we got a Black president!

i take Barack's
success & failure

         i feel as if

i represent him
as much as
he does me

                             From Auction Block to Oval Office: 100 Poems in 100
                             Days of Obama's Presidency by Kahlil Almustafa
                             New York: MVMT Publishing 2009.

(i) Indentify one instance of alliteration in this poem. (1 mark)
(ii) Give two examples of assonance in this poem. (2 marks)
(iii) How would you perform the lines in italics? (4 marks)
(iv) Pronouns such as "him" and "me" are usually not stressed. Explain why you would stress them in the last stanza. (1 mark)

(b) Identify any five pairs of words that are pronounced the same from the list below. (5 marks)

phloem   mad
floors   flaws
berry   coarse
clause   mud
course   cause
close   cloze
bold   bald
floss   flame
phlegm   bury

(c) For each of the following words, underline the part that is stressed.
re.gis.ter (verb)
ap.proach (noun)
a.larm (noun)
a.buse (noun) (5 marks)

(d) Your school has organized a farewell party for the form four students. You have been asked at short nocie to move a vote of thanks. This will take the form of an impromptu speech. List the elements of your speech in the order in which they will appear. (6 marks)

(e) Read the dialogue below and then answer the questions that follow.

REHEMA: Good morning, Aisha.

AISHA: Good morning.

REHEMA: (frowning) You don't look happy... What's the matter?

AISHA: I have just received a call from home, and...

REHEMA: Ah, these fellows from home are always calling. My mother also called me.

AISHA: Well, in my case, it is bad news. My brother...

REHEMA: As I was saying, my mother called me, and all she wanted to tell me is that they're fine. (shaking her head absentmindendly)

AISHA: My brother was involved in a car accident. But you're not listening...

REHEMA: What did you say?

AISHA: (despairingly) I give up.

(i) What kind of listener is Rehema? Illustrate your answer. (4 marks)
(ii) What should Rehema do to improve her listening skills? (2 marks)

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