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COMPUTER STUDIES PAPER 2 Marking Scheme- Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE 2016)

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  1. Perfect Pizza Factory manufactures pasta for distribution to restaurants in Nairobi.Assuming that you are now working for the factory and have been given the following sales data:
    1. Enter the data shown above into a spreadsheet and save it as Exam 1.(10 marks)
      Award 1 mark for each of the 10 rows (for correct entruies only)
    2. The sales for Appetos for October have been entered incorrectly, and should be 115669. Update the information in the spread sheet. (3 mark)
      115699 to replace 105669
    3. Move the row containing Tika's information to the beginning of the list above Nankos. (1 mark)
      Moving row 7 to row 2
    4. Delete the blank row after Shooters. (1 mark)
      Deleting of R12
    5. Format all numeric values to 2 decimal places and use comma separators.(2 marks)
      Formatting to 2 d.p
      comma separator
    6. Use a formula in Column H2 to calculate the Total Sales for the first restaurant.(1 mark)
    7. Copy the formula down (he column to calculate the Total Sales for all restaurants. (I mark)
      Copy of the formula in (f)
    8. Use a formula to calculate the Total Sales for the Month of July. (2 marks)
    9. Copy the formula across the row to calculate the totals for the other months.(1 mark)
      Copy the formula in h
    10. Using an appropriate function, calculate the Average Sales for each restaurant in Column 1. (3 marks)
    11. Format Columns H and I to currency with 2 decimal places. (1 mark)
      Formatting of "Total Product sales" and "average" to carry 2 dp
    12. Given that the July sales were 10% above the sales for June in all restaurants:
      1. enter the label *% increment' in cell A16 and a value 10 in cell Bl 6;(1 mark)
        Value 10 in cell B16
      2. insert a column before July and use absolute cell referencing to calculate the sales for June; (5 marks)
        Insertion of a column
        Formula C2*$C$16
        copy of formula
        saving (file= Exam 2) 
      3. save the file as EXAM 2. (2 marks)
    13. Using a formula on cells B17 and B18 respectively, determine:
      1. the number of restaurants whose sales were above 60000 for the month of November; (2 marks)
        =Count if(G2:G10,">60000")
      2. the maximum sales for the month of December. (2 marks)
        =max (H2:H10)
    14. Create a line graph on a new sheet (monthly sales) using the file EXAM 2 in part (1) above and label the following: (8 marks)

      Chart title: Monthly Pasta Sales July-Dec 2005
      Y-axis: Total Monthly Sales
      X-axis: Month
      Legend Position: Right
      Chart sheet
      data selection
      V chart type
      Chart title
      Axes title
      Legend placement
    15. Print EXAM 1, EXAM 2 and the graph in landscape orientation. (6 marks)
      landscape orientation
  2. The Figure on page 5 shows the design of the cover page of a book. It comprises of the front, the back and space in between where book pages will be attached. Use a desktop publishing package to design the cover page as follows: 
    1. Create a new publication named book cover with the following page layout.
      1. paper size: A4,
      2. orientation: landscape,
      3. margins: 3 cm or 1.18 inches all round.(4 marks)
    2. Enter the text and objects and format them as they appear in the Figure. The front and back sections of the book cover, each measures 18 cm (7.1 inches) by 12.5 cm (4.9 inches) and the space between them measures 1.7 cm (0.7 inches). (45 marks)
    3. Save and print the publication. (1 mark)
      Award one mark for printing
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