ENGLISH PAPER 2 Marking Scheme - 2019 KCSE Prediction Answers Set 1

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    1. Dealing with social rejection in the process of developing social skills among children (2mks)
    2. The number one need of any human being is the need to be liked by other humans (1mk)
    3. The inability to read non-verbal cues; understanding their social meaning and coming up with options for resolving a social conflict (2mks)
    4. Social rejection is likely to lead to: (2mks)
      • Children getting poor grades
      • Dropping out of school
      • Developing substance abuse problems
      • Problems in relating with others.
    5. Children who are shunned by others have few opportunities to practice social skills while those that are popular have more than enough opportunities to perfect theirs.
    6. Present it as learning opportunity rather than a punish parents should teach social skills just like they teach numeracy skills (2mks)
    7. He/she asked me/him/her how I/he/she would feel if Emma was hogging the tyre swing.(1mk)
    8.  -Ask the child what happened and listen without judgment.
      -Ask the child to identify their mistake.
      -Help the child identify the cue they missed or mistake they made.
      -Create an imaginary but similar scenario where the child can make the right choice.
      -Give the child “social homework” by asking him to practice this new skill.
      If not in note form penalize by half the total mark
      • Authority figure- parent/teacher/growth up
      • Shunned – avoided
      • Jump on board – eagerly follow the lesson on social skills

      •  Krogstad tells Nora that Torvald should be approachable when it comes to his request.
      • Nora threatens to turn Krogstad out of the house.
      • She say she is no longer afraid of Krogstad.
      • Desperation – When Krogstad fights to retain his job at the bank. Nora is equally desperate to continue concealing her secret while Krogstad threatens to divulge everything.
      • Deception – To those they interact with, Krogstad and Nora portray a completely different character and conceal their true identities.
    2. Points to consider
      • He has been guilty of an indiscretion
      • He was never taken to court but all ways were closed to him after that.
      • He, however, must cut himself free from that.
      • He must win back as much respect as possible for the sake of his sons.
      • The post in the bank is the first step up for him
      • Torvald is threatening to kick him out but he vows to resist.
      1. Krogstand: Resilient and adamant – He would not give up his quest to retain his job.
        Firm and decisive - He insists that Nora must plead his case with her husband.

      2. Nora:Fearful of Krogstad revealing her secret to her husband, what she calls a horrible, disagreeable position
        Nora: Defiant: She tells Krogstad that he can go ahead and let out her secret because it will be worse on him.
        Optimistic/hopeful: She says her husband will pay off Krogstad.
    4. Simile – Krogstad says he will fight for his. “small post at the bank as if he were fighting for my life”
      Metaphor. “…and now your husband is going to kick me downstairs against into the mud”.
    5. Compel –force
      Blackguard – Immoral man
    6. – Nora borrowed two hundred and fifty pounds when her husband was ill.
      -He gave her conditions which included drawing a bond as security.
      -Her father was to sign as security for the amount.
      -He left the date blank and the father was to insert it.
      -Unfortunately, the date inserted appears to be days after her father’s death that is, 2nd October yet he died on 29th September.

    1. Trickster narrative: Hare tricks the Hyena into killing his mother (2mks)
    2. Opening formula: once upon a time.
      Closing formula: And that is the end of my story to you.
      Timelessness – Refers to no particular time in history –once upon a time.
      Dialogue – Conversation between Hare and Hyena
      Fantasy – Hare and Hyena talking
      Mark 3 well illustrated points

    3. Hare
      Clever/wise/intelligent – hides his mother instead of killing
      Cunning – Tricks the Hyena into killing his mother
      Loving – hides his mother-and does not kill her as they agreed with the Hyena.
      Gullible/foolish –Foolishly kills his mother and believes that the Hare killed his mother too.
      Cruel – Kills his mother
      Accept any well illustrated trait.
    4. We should love and respect our parents whatever the circumstances. Because have loved the mother he was always well fed during the great famine.
      Friendship ought to be genuine –The friendship between Hare and Hyena was not genuine, the Hyena killed Hares mother after have tricked him to kill his mother.
    5. Economic
      Cattle keeping: Hare took all the cows …in other part of the country.
      Banana farming – Hare hid his mother in the garden in bushy banana plants (1mk)
      Food sharing. The two friends decided that each was to look for food on alternate days sharing equal basis what was available. (1mk)
    6. Observation (1mk)
      Participation (1mk)
      Language barrier – look for an interpreter. (1mk)
      Hostile respondent – pre-visit the area seek permission from local administration (1mk)
    7. He wondered how his friend remained fat and he did not eat anything and decided that he would find out. (1mk)\
    8. It is ironical for the narrator to say there was great famine in the land yet Hare went and hid his mother in a banana plantation and his mother used to give him bananas. (2mks)
      1. He will not be given a driving license unless he passes the road test. / Unless he passes the road yest, he will not be given a driving license.
      2. Leaving the child with a neighbor, the woman went to the market.
      3. In the field
      1. In
      2. among
      3. within
      1. Insensibility
      2. acquisition
      3. irregardless
      1. Practice
      2. prophesy
      3. insured
      4. hung
    4. Ken said that those were juicy mangoes.
    5. You do not require to cheat to pass, do you? (Award no mark for wrong punctuation)
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