English Paper 1 - 2021 KCSE Prediction Questions and Answers Set 1

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Instructions to Candidates

  1. Answer all the questions in this paper.
  2. Candidates must answer the questions in English.



You are the organizing secretary of the Youth Club in your school. You have planned to invite a school from a far place to discuss some emerging issues that affect the youth. Fax the invitation, including some emerging issues to be discussed and instructions on how to get to your school.


Read the passage below and fill each blank space with an appropriate word.

As a teenager, I ______1______ very rebellious. I ______2______ lived my life on my own terms no matter what the advice I got, until an experience transformed all that. Curiosity and adventure got the _______3_______ of me soon after completing high school and I found ________4________ taking opium. Soon I got hooked and started craving the stronger stuff ________5________ cocaine and heroin. The obedient pre-teenager youngster was all gone. In his place was a beast that could steal anything to _______6_______ an ill habit. Before long, my world came caving in when my best friend killed herself ________7________ overdosing intravenously. At her funeral, it was disclosed that she was HIV positive as well. This sobered me _______8_______I immediately did what I had to do and got tested. The ______9______ were as expected. With my reckless lifestyle, there wasn’t going to be any other result. I had no one to blame but myself for contracting this dreaded disease at only 20 years of age. It is this very incident that confirmed _______10_______ everyone had been warning me about.


  1. Read the story below and answer the questions that follow.


    Once upon a time, there was a man and wife who had a baby girl, unfortunately, the wife died, and so, the man married again. He got another girl with the second wife. The two girls became extremely close, so that whenever the mother sent one on an errand, the other was sure to accompany her. The mother, however, did not like the child of the deceased. She would always show her dislike by denying her certain favors. Her feelings became so bad that she decided to get rid of the girl. To do this, she dug a hole in her bedroom on a day when the husband was absent and covered the hole with a cow’s hide. She then called her daughter and sent her to the house of a friend some kilometers away. As usual, the two girls wanted to go together but the woman refused giving the excuse that she wanted to send the other one elsewhere.

    After the departure of her daughter, she tailed the other girl and sent her for her snuffbox in the bedroom. Unaware of what lay ahead, the girl eagerly rushed into the room only to fall into a hole! The mother very quickly filled the hole with soil, completely disregarding the girl’s screams for help.
    When the daughter came back, she merely assumed that the absence of her dear companion was justified. After hours of waiting, she, however, became impatient and questioned the mother.
    ‘Where is my sister?’ she asked.
    ‘But she followed you. As soon as she did what I wanted, she ran after you. Now stop bothering me,’ the mother retorted.

    Time passed and now the anxious girl went around calling out the name of the other one, but all in vain. Alas…. She cried the whole night and the next day and refused to touch any food. The father helped in the search but to no avail.’

    After three days, the girl still cried and called the other one. She then heard a very weak voice responding in song:
    Maalya Maalya
    Maalya Maalya
    Na mwenvu niwe mwai iiee malya
    Ekwinza muthiko iiee malya
    Wakwisa kunthika iiee malya
    Maalya Maalya
    And your mother is the wise one iiee Malya
    She dug a grave iiee Malya
    For interring me in iiee Malya

    The girl dashed towards the direction of the voice, repeated her cries and again got the same response. She came to the conclusion that whoever was responding was definitely underground somewhere in the house. Immediately the father came that day (before the arrival of the mother), she told them what had happened. After hearing the song, the father dug up the place and pulled out an extremely weak and disfigured daughter. All three, wailed and wailed. Eventually, the father gave her a mixture of blood from a goat and milk to drink after which she vomited all the soil she had eaten. He gave her some more of the mixture after which he hid her.

    When the wife eventually came back, the man did not let her get into the house but sent her for a cow in a far-off place. He explained away his action by telling her that he had decided to host a feast for relatives (including his in-laws). In the meantime, he sent for all of them. When the woman came back with the cow, she found everyone waiting for her. Uneasy now, she sat down in the place she was shown by her husband. He then called upon the wife to explain the circumstances leading to the sad episode. She hauntingly repeated the now commonly known story. When she sat down, the husband told this woman’s daughter to repeat her earlier wails after which all heard:
    Maalya Maalya
    Maalya Maalya
    Na mwenvu niwe mwai iiee malya
    Ekwinza muthiko iiee malya
    Wakwisa kunthika iiee malya

    All were surprised to hear the words of the other girl’s song and at that moment, the ‘dead’ girl joined them. The woman was as though paralyzed by shock. The husband then explained the truth of the matter and told the in-laws to take their daughter with them. They said that if that was what she had done to the girl, they couldn’t have such a monster in the house. The woman was disowned by all and chased away.


    1. If you were performing this story what oral skills would you use? (4 marks)
    2. As a story teller, how would you deliver the two songs to portray the different contexts.    (2 marks)
    3. If you were one of the relatives invited by the girl’s father, how would you portray your reaction towards the revelation of the step-mother’s behaviour? (1 mark)
  2. In each of the following groups of words, three words begin with the same consonant sound while one does not. Underline the words that begin with a different consonant. (3 marks)
    1. Wrist, Write, Rattle, Wasp
    2. Fish, Psychology, Phantom, Physics
    3. Chase, Cheat, Chord, Charm
  3. Underline the stressed syllables in the following words                   (3 marks)
    1. Palatial
    2. Rejuvenation
    3. Police
  4. You are attending a debate club competition in your neighbouring school. When a student from your school takes the podium. You notice that she/he is afraid.
    Write down three indicators that would tell you the student is afraid and suggest how to overcome them.    (6 marks)
  5. Identify the odd one out for each of the following according to the pronunciation of the underlined part.     (3 marks)
    1. Garage, Passage, Damage, Rummage
    2. Expect, Explosive, Extract, Exploration
    3. Jealous, Heavy, Thread, Meal
  6. Read the following conversation between a teacher and a student and answer the questions that follow:   (8 marks)
    Student:          Excuse me sir, I would like you to give me permission to go out.
    Teacher:           Why do you need to go out just when I have entered the class?
    Student:          I am sorry about that sir, but I suffer incontinence.
    Teacher:           Stop using big words! Do you think that you can impress me with that?
    Student:          I did not mean to offend you sir. All I am trying to say is that I am unable to control my bladder.
    Teacher:           So now you take me for a simpleton!
    Student:          No sir!
    Teacher:           Now get out of my sight before I lose my temper.
    Now rewrite the teacher’s responses in this conversation to show proper etiquette and empathetic listening.  (8 marks)









  1. Functional Writing
    The question tests the candidate’s ability to write a fax, invitation and how to give directions.
    Points of Interpretation
    1. Format of a fax 5mks
      Name of inviting institution (at the top)         ½
      Fax no. (of invited institution)                       ½
      No. of pages                                                ½
      Attention of                                                 ½
      From                                                          ½
      Date                                                           ½
      Salutation e.g. Dear                                     ½
      Closing (yours +Name)                                 ½
      NB if name is missing deny the mark
    2. Body
      • Candidate should state that it is an invitation at the introductory level e.g. welcome you to, I invite you to etc
      • The reason for the invitation- at least 3 emerging issues e.g. ICT, Drugs, HIV and AIDS etc
      • The date, time and venue 4mks
      • The direction 5mks
        Candidates should give brief, clear and precise instructions to guide the invited school to arrive without getting lost.
        What to Mark:
      • Direction – compass directions e.g. left, right, East 1mk
      • Distance – idea of distance expressed in miles and kilometers 1mk
      • Landmarks – rivers, mountains, at least 2 2mks
      • Time- e.g. 2 hrs 1mk
      • Language:       5mks
        Award as follows:
        A         4 – 5                No errors
        B         3                      A few errors
        C         2                      Multiple errors
        D         1                      Broken
    1. Was
    2. Only
    3. Better
    4. Myself
    5. Like
    6. Satisfy
    7. After
    8. Up
    9. Results
    10. What
        • Tonal variation to distinguish the different characters i.e. the narrator, the girl and the mother.
        • Singing the song
        • Use of gestures e.g. digging, covering the hole with a cow’s hide etc.
        • Use of facial expressions e.g. surprise after the girl is discovered, portray weak and disfigured girl, etc.
        • Dramatise – mother quickly filling the hole with soil.
          Any two- 1 mk for identification 1mk for illustration
          No mark for illustration without identification
          4 mks
      2.  1st song – low intonation (weak/pleading tone to show despondency/helplessness/despair/stress 1mk
        2nd song – Higher intonation (confident tone /forceful/tone of malice/condemnation                       1mk
    2. Gesture of surprise
      Shaking of head in disbelief
      Clicking in disgust
      A sign of relief            (Any 1mk)
        • Wasp
        • Psychology
        • Chord
        • Palatial
        • Rejuvenation
        • Police
      • Trembling hands
      • Beads of sweat on the forehead
      • Stammering and trembling lips
      • Avoiding eye contact with audience
      • Shaky paper or the reading material he/she is holding (Any 3 × 1) = 3mks
        How to overcome
      • Taking a deep breath before presentation
      • Mastering the content
      • Organising the presentation/points in a logical manner
      • Looking over the audience instead of looking at them directly
      • Rehearsing well before the presentation with a friend or in front of the mirror. (Any 3 × 1) = 3mks
      1. Garage
      2. Exploration
      3. Meal
      1. May I know why you need to go out just when I have entered the classroom?
      2. I am sorry, but I do not get what you mean by incontinence
      3. I am sorry to hear about that. By the way, thank you for teaching me a new word.
      4. You may go out.
        2 marks for each correct answer: total = 8 marks
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