Home Science Paper 1 Questions and Answers - KCSE Prediction Papers 2022

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Instructions to Candidates

  • Write your name and index number in space provided
  • This paper consists of three sections a, b and c.
  • Answer all questions in section C.


SECTION A: (40mks)

  1. Name two ways of enhancing personal appearance (2mks)
  2. List any four parts of the dermis (2mks)
  3. Give two reasons for carrying out first Aid (1mk)
  4. Name six common accidents that can happen at school (2mks)
  5. State two advantages of living in Bungalows. (2mks)
  6. Give two disadvantages of renting a house (2mks)
  7. Mention two factors that influence the cleaning of a home (2mks)
  8. Name two food lifting tools made of metal (1mk)
  9. Give two reasons why woolen must be dried flat (2mks)
  10. Give the functions of the following parts of a sewing machine (3mks)
    1. Spool pin
    2. Feed dog
    3. Balance wheel
  11. List three groups of permanent stitches, with appropriate example (3mks)
  12. Define Environmental Hygiene (1mk)
  13. Identify three dangers of poor sanitation (3mks)
  14. State three ways for caring a washing machine (3mks)
  15. State four factors which affect the efficiency of laundry soap (2mks)
  16. Mention three ways of providing variety in a meal (3mks)
  17. State two benefits of breastfeeding to the mother (2mks)
  18. Identify four forms of arranging flowers (2mks)
  19. List down four qualities of good lighting (2mks) 


  1. You are planning to host small children who will attend your younger brother’s birthday party.
    1. Giving reasons outline the procedure you will use to thoroughly clean a plastic table to be used by the children (6mks)
    2. Outline the steps to follow when laundering your brother’s acrylic socks. (9mks)
    3. Outline the procedure to follow when cleaning a plain wooden chopping board that you will use (5mks)

SECTION C: (40mks)
Answer only 2 questions in this section.

    1. Explain 3 factors to consider when choosing a method of disposal of fullness (6mks)
    2. Suggest 6 uses of fruits in cookery (6mks)
    3. Mention four ways in which one can advertise the potatoes they have harvested to get buyers (4mks)
    4. List four ways of minimizing Covid-19 in school (4mks)
    1. Fill in the missing information above (10mks)
    2. Mention five reasons why teenage girls become Anorexic (5mks)
    3. Give five points to consider when introducing new foods to an infant (5mks)
    1. Outline four importance of facings on a garment (4mks)
    2. Give two similarities between a French seam and a double stitched seam (4msks)
    3. Suggest four ways of conserving charcoal when cooling. (4mks)
    4. Explain four ways of introducing air into flour mixtures.









Marking Schemes

  1. Ways of enhancing personal appearance (2mks)
    • Taking proper care of the body
    • weasing clean and appropriate clothes
    •  keeping the hair neat and well groomed.
    • using jewellery and accessories properly.
  2. 4 Parts of the dermis. (2mks)
    • Blood capillaries
    • Seat glands
    • Nerve ending
    • Sebaceous glands
  3. Reasons for carrying out first aid (1mk)
    • To save life
    • To prevent the situation from worsening
    • To reduce pain
    • To promote recovery.
  4. Accidents that can happen at school (2mks)
    • Nose bleeding –choking- cuts
    • Poisoning - Bruises - Suffocation.
    • Sprains – Scalds – Shock
  5. Advantage of living in bungalow (2mks)
    • Convenient for families with young children, elderly and physically challenged since all rooms are on the same floor.
    • Cheap to build and easier to extend.
    • Offer more privacy to the family than maisonettes.
    • It is easier to keep the compound clean.
    • Household pests are limited.
  6. Disadvantage of renting a house.
    • The house may not meet the family needs
    • It is expensive at long run
    • Low quality building materials may be used
  7. Factors influence the cleaning of home of a home
    • Occupants age of people staying in a house.
    • Weather
    • Time available.
    • Materials and equipments available.
  8. Food lifting tools made of materials (1mk)
    • Fish slice
    • Drainage spoon
    • Serving fork
    • Food tongs
  9. Reasons why woolens must be dried flat (2mks)
    • To prevent them pulling out of shape
    • Its weak when wet than when dry.
    • To prevent felting caused by the leaf of the sun
    • They tend to speed up the drying process.
  10. Functions of the following parts of the sewing machine
    • Spool holder/pin –To hold thread while stitching
      To hold the reel of thread during stitching
    • Feed dog – To control movement of the fabric during sewing
    • Balance wheel – To balance the movement of the machines during stitching process
      - Start and stopping of machine during sewing.
    • Permanent stitches with appropriate examples (3mks)
    • Joining Stitches – Running, Back, over sewing, machine sago ting
    • Neatening stitches – Loop, buttonhole, over casting, zigzag over lock.
    • Decorate/ Embroidery- Chain, stem, frenchnote, shell, pin stitch
  12. Define environmental hygiene (1mk)
    • Keeping and maintaining high standard of cleanliness around our environment through proper sanitation refuse disposal, avoidance of pollutants and proper drainage.
  13. Drainage of poor sanitation (3mks)
    • Encourages breeding of disease causing organisms
    • Contamination of water and food
    • It results in an unsightly environment
  14. Ways for caring for washing machine (3mks)
    • Follow manufactures instructions for use and maintenance
    • Never overload the machine
    • Wipe the machine every time after use
    • Remove clothes from the machine as soon as the washing time is over.
    • After washing and drying is over leave the door open to air the interior and remove odours
  15. Factors which affect the efficiency of the laundry soap ( 2mks)
    • Temperature of water
    •  Amount of soap
    • Builders used
    • Hardness or softness of water
    • Washing time
    • Degree of soilage
  16. Ways of providing variety in a meal (3mks)
    • Color, Texture, Flavor, Shape, Presentation
  17. Two benefits of breastfeeding to the mother (2mks)
    • Enables the child and mother to bond
    • Assist the mother’s uterus to return to its normal size and position.
    • Reduces breast engorgement
    • It’s a natural method of family planning
  18. Arranging flowers (2mks)
    • Line arrangement
    • Mass arrangement
    • Line and mass arrangement
    • Miniature arrangement
  19. Qualities of good lighting
    • Should give sufficient light for the task being done
    • Should net cast shadows on working areas.
    • Should not cause a glare
    • Should be appropriate and of good quality
    • Should not have a big contrast with the background.
    • Should not cause eye strain
    1. Washing/cleaning of plastic table (6mks)
      • Wash in hot ½ soapy ½ water to remove fixed dirt ½
      • Using a soft ½ cloth or sponge to prevent scratching ½
      • Rinse ½ thoroughly in hot ½ water to remove traces of soap ½
      • Dry ½ completely and sub or buff with a soft cloth ½ to shine ½
      • Store appropriately ½
    2. Laundering acrylic socks (9mks)
      • Soak ½ in cold ½ water for a short time
      • Wash ½ in warm soapy ½ water
      • Using kneeding and squeezing method ½
      • Rinse ½ thoroughly ½ in warm water ½
      • Give final rinse ½ in cold water ½ to refresh
      • Add fabric conditioner ½ in the final rinsing water
      • Drip dry ½ under a shade and secure with pegs ½ by the toes ½
      • Press ½ using a warm ½ iron
      • Air ½ to dry completely
      • Store ½ appropriately
    3. Cleaning a plain wooden chopping board. (5mks)
      • Clean with warm soapy ½ water and a scoring ½ pad to
      • Scrap ½ the surface
      • Rinse ½ thoroughly in warm water ½
      • Give a final rinse ½ in cold water ½
      • Wipe ½ with a dry cloth
      • Leave in warm airy place ½ to dry completely
      • Store appropriately ½
    1. Factors to consider when choosing a method of controlling fullness (6mks)
      • Effect desired
      • Type of fabric
      • Type of garment
      • Part of garment
      • Style of garment
    2. Uses of fruits in cookery (6mks)
      • Making of juices
      • As a dessert i.e fruit salad
      • As a filling for a dessert with a cake or pastry base
      • For making jams, jellies/ marmalade
      • Enriching cake mixture and porridge
      • For flavoring
      • For making sauces
      • As an accompaniment to dishes e.g chicken Maryland
    3. Ways of advertisement on potatoes
      • Person to person
      • Use of posters that can be put up at places.
      • Point of sale e.g boot sale
      • Use of radio in the local stations
    4. Ways of minimizing Covid-19 in schools
      • Wash hands regularly with soap and water
      • Wear a mask correctly
      • Keep rooms well ventilated
      • Do not hug or shake hands
      • Avoid overcrowded places
    1. Filling the table (10ks)
      • A- Natural fibres
      • B- Regenerated
      • C- Animal
      • D- Cotton
      • E- Asbestos
      • F- Linen
      • G- Jute
      • H- Polyamides (nylon)
      • I- Polyester (terylene)
    2. Reasons why teenage girls can become anorexic peer pressure to be slim. (6mks)
      • Parents neglecting to advice youth on proper nutrition
      • Poor role model especially from the fashion industry
      • Desire to join modeling
      • Low self esteem
      • Depression which reduces a person’s appetite
    3. Points to consider when introducing new foods to an infant (5mks)
      • New foods should be introduced gradually
      • Start by giving small amounts at first with a spoon.
      • Do not force the baby to eat food that he/she dislike
      • Feed from a cup using a spoon
      • The first food should be soft
      • Ensure all feeding utensils are thoroughly sterilized by boiling
      • Give Food after breastfeeding
      • Prepare the food in a hygienic environment so that the food is not contaminated
    1. Uses of facing in garment construction (4mks)
      • To neaten raw edges
      • To decorate the garment
      • To provide enough thickness for attaching fasteners
      • To shape and give body where applied
    2. Similarities between French seam and double stitches seam (4mks)
      • In both are strong seams thus can withstand frequent washing
      • In both they raw edges of the seams are enclosed
      • In both they are supposed to be flat and free from bubble
      • In both there are two rows of stitching
    3. Ways of conserving charcoal when cooking (4mks)
      • Light when you are about to cook
      • Use a sufuria that fits well
      • Cover the food with a well fitting lid while cooking
      • Close the door of the jiko when cook
      • Put off when not in use
    4. Ways of incorporating air into floor mixture
      • Sieving , Creaming , Beating , Whisking , Rubbing in ,Folding

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