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  1. QUESTION 1 : FUNCTIONAL WRITING                                                                    (20 mks)
    You have recently read an interesting novel which you feel can be recommended as a class reader for the form two students. Write a book review of that novel.
  1. Read the passage below and fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word.   (10mks)

    Addiction is an escape (1)……………………..reality, and different people will find different (2)……………………. to escape from the real word. They can be addicted to food water, power, work, gambling, sex, love (3) …………………… even to destructive relationships. Do these belong in the same category (4)……………… alcohol or drugs? And if so, does recovery from those “people addictions” work the same way as with alcohol and drugs?

    Addicts look for substitutes, and (5)………..…….reason behind this is always the same: to escape, to close one eye and not to (6)………………..the facts. By becoming fat, the overeater insulates himself from the world around. It is better to be rejected (7)………………….the way they look, than for who they are as a person. Thus, being fat becomes a way to avoid the risk of intimacy. There are people who are (8)………………… to work.   (9)……………………………..will go home late, just to avoid interaction with the family. Workaholism is a dysfunctional attempt to earn self – esteem by …………….Productive.
  1. Oral skills (30marks)
    1. Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow. 
      I wonder by the edge
      Of this desolate lake
      Where wind cries in the sledge
      Until the axle break
      That keeps the stars in their round
      And hands hurt in the deep
      The banners of east and west
      And the girdle of light is unbound,
      Your breast will not lie by the breast
      Of your beloved in sleep
      1. Describe the rhyme scheme of the poem. (2mks)
      2. Indentify and illustrate any two sound pattern used in the poem (4mks)
      3. How would you say the last two lines of the poem? (2mks)
      4. Give homophones for the following words used in the poem (2mks)
        Wonder –
    2. Underline the word that is said differently from the sets of words given below. (4mks)
      Fairy             ferry                           furry
      Floor             flower                          flour
      Pear               pare                           peer
      Canal             kernel                         colonel
    3. During a presentation you were interrupted severally by some members of the audience. Give three reasons why the audience would do so.  (3mks)
    4. Classify the words below according to the pronunciation of sounds /s/ and   /z/
      See, raise, miser, pieces, waste, days                                                                                      (3mks)
  2. You have been summoned in a court of law after being arrested in a swoop targeting hawkers. You have been put on your defence       (10marks)
    Prosecutor: is your name James Wambua
    You: (2marks)
    Prosecutor: (addressing the magistrate) sorry for that mix – up your honour the name is James Wambura not James Wambua. ( to the defendant) You are accused of contravening the city by laws CAP 16/2B of the county Government by hawking goods without a license. What is your plea?
    You                                                                                                                                         (2marks)
    Prosecutor: If you were truly coming from school, would you prove to this court that you are really a student?
    You: (2marks)
    Prosecutor: (passing some document to the magistrate) your honour the document looks genuine and has a school stamp (To the defendant) but exactly where were you arrested and what were you doing there at that time?
    You:                                                                                                                                        (2marks)
    Prosecutor: (to the magistrate) your honour since the accused is a minor, I have no intention of proceeding with the prosecution of this case.
    Magistrate: alright: case dismissed.
    You:  (2marks)


  1. NB: but have a layout of a book review
    Format: title of the book
    Year of publication
    Number of pages
    1. Mention setting of the text i.e. when and where?
    2. Give a brief summary of the plot
    3. Highlight the main characters
    4. Highlight the main theme(s) 
    5. Mention the stylistic devices used 
    6. Give the strengths (1mk) and weaknesses (1mk) of the work.
    7. Conclude by giving a recommendation of the book eg whether or not you can recommend the book to other readers (1mk)
      Language: (06 marks)
      NB; Format (6mks)
            Content (8 mks)
            Language (6 mks)
            Total (20mks)
  2. Cloze test
    1. from
    2. ways
    3. and
    4. as
    5. the
    6. face
    7. for
    8. addicted
    9. They   (T must be a capital letter)
    10. being
      1. furry
      2. floor
      3. peer
      4. canal
    2. - if they did not hear what you said.
      - when they strongly disagree with you (the speaker)
      - when they wished that you clarify unclear issues
      - when they wanted to make an additional to the speakers point
      - when you ( the speaker) had misinterpreted certain known facts.
      /s/                                             /z/
      See                                          raise
      Pieces                                      miser
      Waste                                      days
      1. ab   ab   cd   ec ed (1mk) irregular rhyme scheme
      2. Alliteration ( 1 mk)
        where wind    
        /hands hurt/
        Breast …..by
        Assonance (1mk)
        the    edge (1mk)  
        /wind …….in
        Rhyme (1mk)  
        edges} deep
        Sledge} sleep
        1. I would wear/ put on a sad facial expression
          To bring out the unhappy/sad/forlorn/cheerless mood of the persona.
        2. would say them in a low and sad tone to bring out the persona’s sadness
          I would say them in a falling intonation because they are statements
          NB: any one explained point 1x2 = 2 marks
      4. – wander
  4. - No, your honour, I am James Wambura (2mks)
    - Not guilty your honour (1mk) I am not a hawker, I am a student and on that day I was coming from school. (1 mk)
    - Your honour, I have with me a leave out chit that I was given at school. (2mks)
    - Your honour, I was arrested at the open air markert where I had gone to have a hair cut. ( 2 mks)
    - thank you very much your honour (1mk) I promise to be always at the right place at the right time


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