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Answer all the questions in this section in the spaces provide  

  1. Give the terms used to refer to the following farm animals
    1. Mature female goat ½ mk
    2. Mature castrated male cattle ½ mk
    3. A young female pig from weaning up to the first parturition. ½ mk
    4. Young female bird from eight weeks to point of laying. ½ mk
  2. State four characteristics of Romney Marsh sheep breed.             2mks
  3. State three uses of camels in the arid and semi-arid regions. 1 ½ mks.
  4. State three qualities of a creep feed that makes it suitable for piglets. 1 ½ mks
  5. State three reasons for spreading a polythene paper (PVC) on the slab of a permanent farm building.     1 ½ mks
  6. Classify livestock diseases by cause 2mks ….
  7. How does proper nutrition help in control of livestock diseases? 2mks …
  8. State four reasons why it is important to know the life cycle of a parasite in livestock production.         2mks ….
  9. Define the following terms as used in livestock nutrition.
    1. Starch equivalent ½ mk
    2. Dry matter ½ mk
    3. Digestible crude protein ½ mk
    4. Crude protein                                                 ½ mk
  10. Kadogo secondary school has a deep litter poultry house measuring 10 m x 4m. if the space allocated per bird is 0.28m2, how many birds can the school keep. 2mks
  11. What are the advantages of a spray race over a plunge dip 2mks
  12. Give the most appropriate tools used in the following operations.
    1. Removing metal clippings in files ½ mk
    2. Cutting wood along grains ½ mk
    3. Cutting threads on pipes ½ mk
  13. Give four methods of treating timber 2mks
  14. State the importance of fish farming in Kenya 2mks
  15. Give reasons why bees swarm. 2mks
  16. Give the importance of carrying out identification practice in animals. 2mks ….

Answer all the questions in this section in the spaces provided.

  1. The diagram below shows the internal structure of an egg. Use it to answer the questions that follows:
    1. Name the parts marked P,Q and R 3mks
    2. Give two defects that may be found on the part marked M that can make the egg unsuitable for incubation. 2mks
  2. Study the diagram of a biogas digester plant Shown below and answer the questions that follow.
    1. Name the major component of biogas that is trapped in part L 1mk
    2. Give the name and use of the material deposited in the part labeled M 2mks …………..
    3. What is the component of K in the biogas digester? 1mk …..
  3. Outline two disadvantages of biogas as a source of farm power 1mk
    1. Study the diagram below and then answer the questions that follows
      1. Identify the method of identification shown above ........
      2. Give the identification number of the animal shown above. 1mk
    2. Name three other methods used in identifying animals 3mks
  4. The diagram below shows a farm implement. Study it carefully and then answer the questions that follows:  
    1. Identify the implement 1mk ...
    2. Name the pars labeled A and C 2mks
    3. State the functions of the part labeled B and F 2mks

Answer any two questions from this section in the spaces provided.

  1. Describe the life cycle of round worms. ( AscarisSPP) 10mks
  2. State and explain five factors that influence the power output of draught animals. 10mks
    1. Describe the construction of a rabbit hutch under the following subheadings:
      1. Siting the hutch 3mks
      2. Selection of construction materials. 4mks
    2. Requirements of a rabbit hutch 3mks
  3. Describe the maintenance practices carried out on a tractor before it is put to daily use. 10mks
    1. State the advantages of four stroke cycle engines. 5mks
    2. State the causes of stress in poultry. 8mks
    3. Explain the control measures of cannibalism in poultry. 7mks  


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