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  1. Name the intermediate hos t of the following parasites:.                                                             (1mk)
    1. Tape worm 
    2. Liverflluke                                                                                             
  2. Why are goats suited to dry parts of Kenya                                                                                          (1½mk)
  3. State three practices that make ranching an improved system of pastoral nomadism.     (1½mk)
    1. Give four precautions taken by farmers when using tools for farm operations                    (2mks)
    2. Give two examples of plumbing tools.                                                                                                   (1mk)
  5. State three factors that influence the digestibility of food in livestock.                                    (1½mk)
  6. Differentiate between cross breeding and out crossing                                                 .               (1mk)   
    1. What is embryo transplant.                                                                                                                         (1mk)
    2. Give two advantages of embryo transplant.                                                                                        (2mks)
  8. How does docking sheep help prevent spread of diseases in sheep management.                           (1mk)
  9. State three reasons of feeding calves on colostrum                                                                         (1½mk)
  10. List two types of calf pens.                                                                                                         
  11. State four qualities of eggs for incubation                                                                                             (2mks)
  12. Outline any three digestive processes that occur in the rumen of cattle                                 (1½mk)
  13. State three disadvantages of a hedge as a fence                                                                                               (1½mk)
  14. State four roles of worker bees in a colony.                                                                                         (2mks)
  15. Give two signs that would indicate that a cow died of anthrax                                                     (2mks)
  16. Give two examples of succulent roughages                                                                                         (1mk)  
  17. State the functions of the following tractor parts                                                                              (1mk)   
    1. Carburrator   
    2. IInduction coil 
    3. Spark plug      
    1. State four ways of controlling cannibalism in a deep liter poultry house                                  (2mks) 
    2. Name any one dual purpose breed of cattle                                                                                        (½ mk)

      SECTION B (20MKS)
      Answer All questions in this section in the spaces provided

  19. The diagram drawn shows the cross section of a fish pond. Study it and answer questions that    follow.
    1. State the function of the parts A ,B, and C (3mks)
    2. State three practices carried out in the structure before stocking it.                 (1½mks)
    3. What is cropping in fish rearing? (½mrk)
  20. Below is a diagram of a sheep with some parts labelled J, K and L. Study the diagram and answer the question that follow
    agric qqqq20
    1. Name the operation usually carried out on the part labeled J during the early stages of sheep life                                                                                                   (½ mk
    2. Give two reasons for carrying out the above operation ie in (a) above           (2mks)
    3. Name two methods of carrying out the above operation ie (in (a) above). (1mk)
    4. Which routine operation is usually carried out on the part labelled K.            (½mk)
  21. Name two tools used in the construction of a rabbit hutch.      
    1. Name the tools labeled 1-6                                                                                                         (3mks)
    2. What is the function of the tool labeled 1 and 2
  1. The diagram below represents the reproductive system of a ball. Study it and answer the questions that follow.
    1. Identify the parts A, B and D.                                                                                                                      (3 mks)
    2. What is the function of part A                                                                                                                    (1 mk)
    3. Name the type of cell division that occurs in the part labeled D (1mk) 

      SECTION C (40mks)
      Answer Both questions from this section in the spaces provided
    1. State factors considered when choosing building materials on the farm.                                   (6mks)
    2. Describe the operational mechanism of a four stroke cycle engine (12mks)
    3. State two disadvantages of a two stroke engine (2mks)
    1. Explain six physiological body functions of a healthy animal.                                                         (6mks)
    2. Explain eight general disease control measures (8mk s)     
    3. Explain six ways of controlling tsetse flies                                                                                   (6mks)
    1. Describe the process of milk let down                                                                                                    (6mks)
    2. State eight characteristics of indigenous cattle.                                                                                  (8mks
    3. State the differences between ruminants and non-ruminants (4mks)
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