Geography Paper 2 Questions with No Answers - Maseno Mock Exams 2020/2021

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Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
312/2- GEOGRAPHY -Paper 2
2 ¾ hours


  1. This paper has two Sections A and B.
  2. Answer all the questions in Section A.
  3. Answer question 6 and any other two questions from Section B.


Answer all questions in this section.

    1. State two advantages of wind as a source of energy (2marks)
    2. Name three geothermal power potential areas in Kenya (3marks)
    1. Apart from shaft mining method, name two other underground methods of mining (2marks)
    2. State three problems facing gold mining in South Africa (3marks)
    1. State three physical factors favouring the growth of oil palm in Nigeria (3marks)
    2. Give two importance of palm oil to Nigeria’s economy (2marks)
    1. Define the term industrial inertia (2marks)
    2. Give three characteristics of cottage industry in India (3marks)
    1. Name two primary sources of population data (2marks)
    2. State three factors that have led to declining mortality rate in Kenya. (3marks)


Answer question 6 and any other two questions from this section.

  1. The table below shows production of horticultural crops in Kenya in the year 2018
      1. Using a radius 3cm,present the above data in a simple divided circle (8marks)
      2. Apart from simple divided circle name three other methods that can be used to present the above data statistically. (3marks)
      1. State three physical factors favoring horticultural farming in Netherlands. (3marks)
      2. Explain four problems faced by horticultural farmers in Kenya in marketing their produce. (8marks)
    3. State three significance of horticultural farming to the Kenyan economy. (3marks)
      1. What is balance of payment (2marks)
      2. Name three leading Kenya’s export commodities (3marks)
      1. Explain four measures the government of Kenya is putting in place to reduce her unfavorable balance of trade (8marks)
      2. State three ways in which the government of Kenya promotes internal trade (3marks)
      1. State three benefits Kenya stands to gain by being a member of COMESA. (3marks)
      2. Explain three significance of trade to the economy of Kenya (6marks)
      1. Name two types of fisheries (2marks)
      2. Identify three nets used in modern fishing (3marks)
    2. The diagram below shows a method of fishing
      netting fishing method
      1. Identify the fishing method above (1mark)
      2. Describe how the method is used in catching fish (5marks)
      3. Name three examples of fish caught using the above method (3marks)
      1. State how the following factors influence fishing in Japan
        1. Nature of landscape (2marks)
        2. Ocean currents (3marks)
      2. Explain three measures the government of Kenya has taken to conserve her fisheries (6marks)
      1. What is agro forestry? (2marks)
      2. Name two forest reserves at the Kenyan coast (2marks)
      3. Explain three characteristics of Tropical hardwood forest making their exploitation difficult (6marks)
      1. Name two exotic softwood tree species grown in Kenya. (2marks)
      2. Explain three factors that influence the development of softwood forests in Canada (6marks)
      1. State three problems hindering forest conservation in Kenya (3marks)
      2. Compare softwood forest in Kenya and Canada under the following sub-headings
        1. Tree harvesting (2marks)
        2. Marketing of forest products (2marks)
      1. What is environmental pollution (2marks)
      2. State four negative effects of uncollected garbage on the environment (4marks)
      1. Apart from floods, name three other climate induced environmental hazards. (3marks)
      2. State four causes of floods (4marks)
      3. Explain three measures used to control floods in Kenya. (6marks)
    3. Some students went for a field study on pollution in Nairobi city.
      1. Identify two causes of air pollution that they were likely to observe (2marks)
      2. Give four follow up activities they would undertake after the field study (4marks)
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