Agriculture Paper 2 Questions with No Answers - Maseno Mock Exams 2020/2021

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Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
2 hours


  1. This paper consists of THREE Sections A, B and C.
  2. Answer ALL questions in Section A and B.
  3. Answer ANY Two questions in Section C in the spaces provided.


Answer all the questions.

  1. State four causes of egg eating in a flock of layers (1mark)
  2. Name two practices that are carried out when preparing ewes for mating (1mark)
  3. State three advantages of fold system in poultry rearing (1½marks)
  4. Outline two disadvantages of artificial Insemination in livestock production (1mark)
  5. Outline four characteristics of a good layer (2marks)
  6. Give the appropriate term that refers to the following:
    1. Castrated chicken…………………………………… (1/2 mark)
    2. Mature male goat… .(1/2mark)
    3. Young one of a rabbit… (1/2 mark)
  7. List any four significance of steaming- up in sows (2marks)
  8. State three reasons for candling eggs in poultry production (1½ marks)
  9. State four reasons why a calf should be feed on colostrum (2marks)
  10. State the functional differences between the following :
    1. Cross-cut saw and Rip saw (1mark)
    2. Dosing gun and Bolus gun (1mark)
  11. State three reasons why honey harvesting should not be done at night (1½ marks)
  12. Distinguish between cross breeding and up-grading (1mark)
  13. Highlight three qualities of eggs for incubation (1 ½ marks)
  14. List four breeds of rabbit commonly reared in Kenya (2marks)
  15. State the role of each of the following parts of a poultry digestive system (1½ marks)
    1. Gizzard
    2. Caecum
    3. Crop
  16. Outline the four categories of farm Tools and Equipment (2marks)
  17. State four symptoms that will show that a cow is suffering from milk fever (2marks)
  18. Define Hybrid Vigor. (1mark)


Answer all the questions in this section

  1. Study the diagram of a cow shown below and answer the questions that follow
    identification in a cow
    1. Identify the livestock equipment marked E (1mark)
    2. State the use of the equipment you have identified (1mark)
    3. Name any two identification marks applied on the animal shown (1mark)
    4. Give one disadvantage of each of the identification mark you have given in (C) above (2marks)
  2. Study the illustration of a tractor drawn implement shown below and then answer the questions that follow
    tractor drawn implement
    1. Identify the implement (1mark)
    2. Name the parts labelled E,F,G and H (2marks)
    3. State two main uses of the implement (1mark)
    4. State any four maintenance practices carried out on the implement (2marks)
    1. State two characteristics of concentrates (1mark)
    2. Using a person’s square method, compute a 200kg ration with 20% DCP from Oats which contain 10% DCP and Simsim seed cake containing 60% DCP (4marks)
  4. Study the diagram shown below and answer the questions that follow
    agricpaper2q22 maseno
    1. Identify the structure (1mark)
    2. State the function of the part labelled A (1mark)
    3. State two other factors not observed in the diagram that have to be provided (2marks)


Answer any Two questions from this section

    1. Describe the management of one day old chicks in a brooder until they are eight weeks old (10marks)
    2. Explain the process of egg formation in the reproductive system of poultry (10marks)
    1. Describe East Coast Fever under the following sub-headings
      1. Causal organism (1mark)
      2. Predisposing factors (1mark)
      3.  Symptoms (5marks)
      4. Control and Treatment (3marks)
    2. Describe the control of stress in poultry production (8marks)
    3. Differentiate between stress and vice in chicken (2marks)
    1. Describe the procedure for establishing a fish pond (10marks)
    2. Describe the extraction of honey from combs using heat method (7marks)
    3. State three factors that affect the quality of honey (3marks)
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