Computer Studies Paper 2 Questions with No Answers - Maseno Mock Exams 2020/2021

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Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
2 ½ hours

Instructions to candidates

  1. Write your name and Index No on the CD/ Removable storage medium provided
  2. Write the Name and version of software used in each question attempted in the answer sheet provided
  3. Answer all the questions.
  4. All questions carry equal marks.
  5. Passwords should not be used while saving in the CD/Removable storage medium.
  6. All answers must be saved in your CD/Removable storage medium.
  7. Make a printout of the answers on the answer sheet.
  8. Arrange your printouts and tie/ staple them together
  9. Hand in all the printouts and the CD/Removable storage medium used.


    1. Type the following letter as it appears in a word processor. Use the mail merge feature to produce copies of the same letter to the persons whose details are given below. (12marks)

                                                                                            MASENO SCHOOL,
                                                                                            P.O.BOX 120,
                                                                                            8TH JULY 2020.
      <NAME >, <ADMNO>,
      Dear <NAME>

      REF: 2020 KCSE RESULTS.

                        I am happy to inform you that the KCSE 2020 Examinations are out. Kindly arrange to visit our school on <Date to visit> at 9.00 a.m. in order to know the details. Remember to carry your original KCPE certificate and examination registration card- bearing the index number.

      Your’s Sincerely,

      Chief Principal

      Data source (List of Candidates)
       Name  Adm. No  Address  Town  Date to visit
       Alem Cyril  178398  P.O.BOX 24  Nairobi  04/05/2020
       Odaba Norbert Ian  178409  P.O.BOX 186  Mombasa  08/05/2020
       Andrea M Kelvin  178719  P.O.BOX 48  Voi  24/03/08

      1. Save Main document as Main Doc (1mark)
      2. Save Data source as Datasource (1mark)
      3. Change the addresses and reference font size to 14pts (1mark)
      4. Underline the reference (1mark)
      5. Merge the letter onto main document so as to produce copies for all the three candidates and save it as ‘Results 2020’ (6marks)
      6. Print the letters (3marks)
    2. Using a word processing package, type the document below exactly as it appears.
      Answer the questions that follow.


      An object is said to be recursive if it partially consists (or is defined in terms) of itself. Recursion is encountered not only in mathematics, but also in daily life. Who hasn’t seen an advertising picture which contains itself?

      Recursion is a particularly powerful means in mathematical definitions. A few familiar examples are those of natural numbers, tree structures and of certain functions.
      1. Natural numbers
        1. 1 is a natural number.
        2. the successor of a natural number is a natural number.
      2. Tree structures, e.g., O is a tree (called the empty tree).
      3. The factorial function n! (for non-negative integers).
        1. 0! =1.
        2. If n > 0, then n! = n.(n - 1)!.
          comp p2 recursion
      The power of recursion evidently lies in the possibility of defining an infinite set of objects by a finite statement. In the same manner, an infinite number of computations can be described by a finite recursive program, even if this program contains no explicit repetitions. Recursive algorithms however are primarily appropriate when the problem to be solved or the function to be computed or the data structure to be processed is already defined in recursive terms.
      1. Apply the following formats to the title “RECURSION’
        Capitalization - Uppercase
        Alignment - Centered
        Appearance - Bold
        Font type - Arial Black
        Size - 18
        Underline - Single (2 marks)
      2. onvert the paragraph starting from “The power of recursion ……….” to two columns, and justify them. (3 marks)
      3. Apply borders on the table as shown. (1 marks)
      4. Put a header and a footer. The header should read ‘Learning word’ while the footer should appear as © followed by your first name. (2 marks)
      5. Group the structure diagram s one object (3marks)
      6. Save the entire document as Recursion and in a compact disk. (2 marks)
    1. Create a new workbook and name it as Form Four Computer Results. (1mark)
      excel workbook comp p2 maseno
    2. Design the table as it is and enter the fo1lowng data in sheet I (12marks)
    3. Rename the sheet as Term one results. (1mark)
    4. Using Formula and NOT Function Find:
      1. Totals (2marks)
      2. Average (2marks)
    5. Use the IF function to award remarks as follow (3marks)
      • A student whose average is above or equals 65 is given “Excellent”
      • An average of 55 or above but less than 65 award “average work”
      • An average less than 55 award “work below average”

        - Award position to student basing on the average scored. (3marks)
        - On the last rows enter formulas to count students from both classes (2marks)
    6.  Sort the students list by class position in ascending order. (2marks)
    7. Copy sheet one and rename it as worksheet data management using the subtotal function, find the subtotal and Grand totals of the two classes in terms of CAT TOTAL. (8marks)
      1. Copy the entire worksheet onto sheet 2 and rename it “lower group” (2marks)
      2. Filter “Lower group” sheet to display students from “E” class and whose average score is below 50. (4marks)
      1. Draw a 3D clustered bar graph to display the following information. (3marks)
        - The three cats
        - Names
        - Title as “TERM ONE COMPUTER RESULTS”
      2. Place the legend at the bottom of the graph (lmark)
      3. Save the chart on a new sheet and name it graphical analysis (lmark)
    9. Print:
      1. The filtered lower group (lmark)
      2. The chart (lmark)
      3. Term one results sheet (1mark)
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