Music Paper 3 Questions and Answers - Moi Kabarak High School Mock 2020/2021

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Instructions to Candidates

  • Answer all questions in this paper.
  • In question 4 choose any two of the questions numbered (a), (b), (c) and (d)


    1. Starting with the given opening compose a melody of 16 bars for voice modulating to the subdominant, before returning to the tonic. Incorporate a sequence.    (9marks)
      composing a melody with 16 bars
    2. Compose a melody and set to it the given below. Use the treble stave and a key of your choice.   (6marks)
      Siku za wala wengi, hizi siku ni mbaya
      Tujihadhari kwa wingi, hata wema na wabaya
  2. Harmonize the following Soprano melody for soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. Use appropriate chords from I, ii, IV and vi.   (15marks)
    harmonizing a soprano melody


    1. Outline any three roles of music in an African wrestling contest?       (3marks)
    2. Outline any four qualities that make a soloist effective in the performance of an African traditional folksong.     (4marks)
    3. Give the musical function of each of the following parts of a Nyatiti      (3marks)
      1. Strings
      2. Bridge
      3. Resonator
    4. Besides expressing sorrow in the African traditional setup, state four other purposes of dancing at funerals.
    Answer any two of the questions (a), (b), (c) and (d)
    1. Thomas Morley
      1. Outline three ways through which monopoly to print music enhanced Thomas Morley's contribution to the development of music. (3marks)
      2. Apart from Morley's monopoly to print music in England, outline any other three achievements        (3marks)
      3. What is "Triumphs of Oriana?"    (1mark)
    2. Domineco Scarlatti
      1. Outline three characteristic features of Domenico Scarlatti's sonatas.      (3marks)
      2. Outline three ways through which Domenico Scarlatti shared his musical experiences with other people.     (3marks)
      3. What is "Essercizi per gravicembalo?"    (1 mark)
    3. Felix Mendelssohn
      1. State four ways through which Mendelssohn contributed to the development of music. 
      2. Outline Mendelssohn's achievements in leipzig   (3marks)
    4. Vaughan Williams
      1. Outline four sources that influenced the national quality of vaughan Williams music   (4marks)
      2. What was Vaughan Williams contribution to the New English Hymnal?      (1mark)
      3. Ouline two sources that influenced Vaughan Williams musical career.     (2marks) 
  3. Prescribed Traditional African Music
    Siriri from folk music of East Africa
    1. Describe the introductory section in relation to the entries.      (2marks)
    2.  State the role of the voice in the performance.      (2marks)
    3. State the role of each instrument in the performance.     (3marks)
    4. Describe the characteristics of the song.    (1mark)
    5. Describe the ending of the performance.              (2marks)
  4. Prescribed Western:
    Ludwig Van Beethoven: Septet Op. 20 Movement 4(Tema Con Variazioni)-
    1. Describe the medium for which this movement is written      (2marks)
    2. State five devices used to create a wide variety of mood and expressions.     (5marks)
    3. What is the performance relationship among the clarinet, horn, cello and double bass in bars 101-104.    (1mark)
    4. How does the 1st variation differ from the rest of the variations.    (1mark)
    5. Describe the dynamic range of this movement.      (1mark)
  5. Unprepared Analysis
    1. Study the nusic extract below and answer the questions that follow.
      Music extract
      1. Describe the key scheme of this music.       (3marks)
      2. Describe the texture of tthis music.      (1mark)
      3. Where else does the rhythmic pattern in bar 2 appear?      (1mark)
      4. Describe the cadnece in bar 7-8.   (1mark)


    1. Explain the function of the following facilities in a professional recording studio. (4 marks)
      1. Live room
      2. Control room
      3. Isolation room
      4. Headphone
    2. Name four percussion instruments used in the modern orchestra. (4marks)
      1. What is the difference between a consort and a broken consort?   (2marks)
      2. What is a libretto?    (1mark)
    4. Write the following into staff notation.       (5marks)
      staff notation

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