Business Studies Paper 2 Questions - Alliance Girl's High School Mock December 2020

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    1. Explain five factors which influence the level of National income of a country.(10mks)
    2. Explain five sources of government revenue. (10mks)
    1. Explain five essentials of a good warehouse. (10mks) 
    2. On 1 July 2018 had the following balances cash in hand 32,500 and cash at bank 1,365,000. During the month, the following transactions took place.
      July 2: cash sales banked 4,263,000
            3: received a cheque of 141,000 from white in full settlement of her debt.
            8: Bought goods worth 262,400 and paid by cheque.
            12: Cash sales 424,500
            14: Paid Waina by cheque of 237,500 in full settlement of his account less 5% cash discount.
            15: Paid wages 240,000 in cash.
            16: Withdraw 360,000 from bank for office use.
            18: Bought stationery in cash. 7,500
            20: Cheque received from white was dishonoured.
            28: Paid salaries by cheque 486,000
            29: Received a cheque of 95,000 from Abu after deducting 5% cash discount.
            30: Banked all the cash except 50,000.
      Prepare a three column cash book duly balanced. (10mks)
    1. Explain five sources of monopoly power. (10mks)
    2. Explain five features of Economic resources,(10mks)
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      Prepare a profit and loss account for the year ended 31 June 2012 (21/2mks)
      The balance sheet as at 31" June 2012. (7 1/2mks)
    2. Explain five factors that lead to an increase in supply of a product. (10mks)
    1. Explain five factors that a trader would consider when choosing office Equipment.
    2. Explain five methods in which the government involves itself in Business activities.
    1. Explain five importance of Economic intergration to a country like Kenya (10mks)
    2. Explain five factors that hinder economic development in most less developed countries (10mks)

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