C.R.E Paper 1 Questions - Alliance Girl's High School Mock December 2020

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    1. Give seven reasons why C.R. E as a subject is incorporated into curriculum in Kenyan schools today. (7marks)
    2. Describe the translation of the Bible from the original languages to Kenyan languages (7marks) 
    3. Identify ways in which Christians can use the Bible in their evangelization ministry (6marks)
    1. Outline Abraham's acts of faith (7marks)
    2. Give similarities between Jewish and African rite of circumcision (7marks)
    3. State ways in which Christians identify themselves in the society (6marks)
    1. Outline the achievements of king Solomon (7marks)
    2. Outline the factors which led to the division of the kingdom of Israel after the death of Solomon (8marks) 
    3. Give reasons why leaders could be rejected in the society today (5marks)
    1. Describe the hypocritical worship of the Israelites during the days of prophet Amos (7marks) 
    2. Identify the sins committed by other nations that God sent Amos to proclaim their judgement and punishment. (6marks) 
    3. Outline the evils perpetrated by church leaders in Kenya today (7marks)
    1. Outline the measures taken by Nehemiah to restore the Jewish community after the completion of the wall of Jerusalem 8marks) 
    2. Explain why Nehemiah introduced the policy of separation of Jews from foreigners (6marks) 
    3. Identify four ways in which the government of Kenya support leaders in their work (6 marks)
    1. Describe how initiates are prepared for adult life in traditional African communities(7marks)
    2. Give reasons why initiation rites are still practised today (7marks)
    3. State the responsibilities of the youth in the church today (6marks)
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