C.R.E Paper 2 Questions - Alliance Girl's High School Mock December 2020

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    1. Describe Mary's visit to Elizabeth as recorded in Luke 1:5-56 . (7marks)
    2. Outline Isaiah's prophecy concerning the suffering servant of Yahweh.(Isaiah 53).(7marks)
    3. How do Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus today? (6marks)
    1. Narrate the healing of the centurion servant in Luke 7:1-10 (8marks)
    2. Give reasons why Jesus performed miracles (6marks) 
    3. Identify virtues that Christians learn from the miracle of feeding the five thousand (6marks)
    1. Describe the healing of the Gerasene demoniac (7marks)
    2. Outline the causes of conflict between Jesus and Jewish leaders in Luke 20:12 21:1-3 (7marks)
    3. What are the causes of conflicts between the youth and the old in the church today (6marks)
    1. Identify seven gifts of the Holy Spirit  (7marks)
    2.  Describe four factors that led to disunity among Christians in Corinth  (8marks)
    3. How is the fruit of love exercised by Christians today  (5marks)
    1. State factors that have led to misuse of drugs in Kenya today (7marks) 
    2. Identify rules that govern participants during recreational activities in Traditional African Communities (8marks) 
    3. Explain how an alcoholic parent can affect a Christian family (7marks)
    1. State seven importance of the laws in as country (7marks)
    2. Give reasons why corruption is widespread in Kenya (7marks) 
    3. Identify six obstacles to effective maintenance of law and order in Kenya (6marks)

Answer any 5 questions above

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