English Trial Exams Paper 3 Questions - Alliance Boys High School Mock December 2020

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Instructions to candidates

  1. Answer three questions only
  2. Question one and two are compulsory
  3. Each of your essays must not exceed 450 words. 
  4. This paper consists of 2 printed pages
  5. Candidates must answer the questions in English

For Examiners Use Only

Questions  Maximum Score  Candidate's score 
 1  20  
 2  20  
 3  20  
 Total Score  60  


  1. Imaginative Composition (Compulsory)
    1. Write a composition beginning with the following sentence.
      When I left home that bright Saturday morning. I did not realize that the events of the next few days would completely change my life.
    2. Write a composition on the need to restrict internet content,
  2. The Compulsory Set Text
    Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House.
    "Choices have dire consequences." With reference from Henrik Ibsen A Doll's House, write an essay to affirm the statement.
  3. The Optional Text
    John Steinbeck, The Pearl.
    "Juana's unwavering spirit makes her the rock of her family." Drawing illustrations from Henrik Ibsen, The Pearl, support the statement.
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