C.R.E Trial Exams Paper 1 Questions - Alliance Boys High School Mock December 2020

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  • Write your name and class in the spaces provided
  • This paper consists of six questions.
  • Answer any five questions.
  • Each question carries 20marks.
  • For marks entry only:
    Question  3 4 Candidates total score % 
    Candidates score               


    1. State seven ways in which the study of Christian religious education promotes the goal of national unity in Kenya. (7marks)
    2. Give reasons why man is considered special creation in Genesis 1 and 2. (7amrks)
    3. Outline six ways in which wrong-doers are punished in the traditional African communities. (6marks)
    1. Describe the covenant between God and Abraham (Genesis 15:1-19). (8marks)
    2. State the similarities between the Jewish and the traditional African practice of circumcision. (6marks) 
    3. List six qualities a Christian can learn from the call of Moses. (6marks)
    1. Outline the achievements of David as king of Israel. (7marks) 
    2. Identify six activities performed by king jeroboam which made the people of Judah turn away from Yahweh (1kings 12:25-30). (7marks)
    3. State six ways in which Christians use their talents to promote evangelism in Kenya today. (6marks)
    1. Describe the religious background to the call of prophet Amos. (7marks)
    2. Explain Amos' teachings on Israel's election. (7marks)
    3. Identify six roles a Christian can play in national elections, (6marks)
    1. Identify five challenges Nehemiah faced as a plot against his life in Judah. (Smarks)
    2. Outline four measures Nehemiah took to address the anti-social conduct. (8marks)
    3. Give seven reasons why Christians build churches today, (7marks)
    1. Explain the traditional African understanding of the hierarchy of beings. (7marks)
    2. Identify factors which contribute to harmony and mutual responsibility in traditional African communities. (7marks)
    3. State the role of a mid-wife in traditional African communities. (6marks)
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