Computer Studies Trial Exams Paper 1 Questions - Alliance Boys High School Mock December 2020

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Instructions to Candidates

  1. Write your name class and Adm no in the spaces provided above.
  2. This paper consists of TWO sections, A and B. 
  3. Answer ALL the questions in section A 
  4. Answer 16 (Compulsory) and any other three questions from Section B
  5. All answers should be written in the spaces provided on the question paper,
  6. This paper consists of 9 printed pages. 
  7. Candidates should check the question paper to ascertain that all the pages are printed as indicated and that no questions are missing.

For Examiner's Use Only

Section  Questions  Candidate's Score 
 A  1-15  
 B      16  


Answer ALL questions from this section

  1. To process an instruction, a central processing unit (CPU) goes through a cycle that has three main stages. Name each stage in this cycle. 3 marks
    Stage 1
    Stage 2
    Stage 3 
  2. Complete the paragraph by choosing six best correct terms. 3 marks
    A computer has two different types of storage................................. storage is not directly accessed by the CPU, but it allows a user to store data that can easily be accessed by applications. Two examples of this type of storage are ................ and. .......................... The second type of storage is This storage is directly accessed by the CPU. It allows the processor to access data and instructions that are stored in this storgare. Two examples of this storage are ........... and............
    1. Describe what is meant by the term File Organization 1 mark
    2. Name any two File Organization methods 1 mark
  4. Differentiate between Data Processing and Data Processing Cycle 2 marks
  5. Computers can use different methods of transmission to send data from one computer to another. Parallel data transmission is one method that can be used. 
    1. Explain what is meant by parallel data transmission. 2 marks
    2. Give one benefit and one drawback of parallel data transmission, compared to serial data transmission, over short distances. 2 marks
  6. David has installed anti-virus software on his computer. (a) State three tasks carried out by anti-virus software. 3 marks
    Task 1
    Task 2
    Task 3
  7. State four functions of an operating system. 4 marks
  8. Describe two application areas of computers in the Hospitals other than record keeping 2 marks
  9. Passwords are used to keep data safe. Explain the differences between a text-based password and a biometric password. 2 marks
  10. Alexandra is wearing gloves because it is cold. She presses an icon on her touch screen but her action is not registered. 
    1. Explain why the touch screen will not register her touch. 2 marks
    2. Alexandra does not want to remove her gloves. Explain how Alexandra could use her mobile device whilst still wearing gloves. 2 marks
  11. State three roles of an Internet Service Provider (ISP). 3 marks
  12. Name four computer generations and state the main characteristic of each 4 marks
  13. Distinguish between formatting and editing as used in word processing 2 marks
  14. Name the software application used in designing Cards, Newsletters, books etc. 1 mark
  15. What is the role of the legend as used in spreadsheets 1 mark

Answer question 16 (compulsory) and any other Three questions from this section 

  1. Programmers can use a high-level language to write a computer program.
    1. Explain what is meant by the term 'high-level language 2 marks
    2. A program written in a high-level language is translated into machine code. This is so that it can be processed by a computer. Name one type of translator that can be used. 1 mark 
    3. What is a syntax error? 1 mark.
    4. Explain why it is difficult to identify run-time errors 2 marks
    5. Write an algorithm (using flowchart) that calculates the amount of fuel a train will need to complete a journey 9 marks
      The algorithm must:
      • ask the user how many kilometres the journey will be 
      • only continue if the user enters a value greater than zero
      • set the amount of fuel to a number 100 times greater than the number of kilometres
      • not to allow the amount of fuel to be less than 1500
      • finally, display the amount of fuel needed
    1. Explain, with reasons, two disadvantages of using the ring topology in a computer network. 4 marks
    2. Draw a line to connect each term to the correct application. 3 marks
      q17 uyguyg
    3. State four advantages of the star topology 4 marks
    4. Describe how a packet switched network operates 4 marks
    1. Steffi has a number of files of different sizes that contain her work. Tick (3) to show whether each statement is true or false. 3marks
      Statement  True   false
      47KB is larger than 10MB.    
      250bytes is smaller than 0.5MB.    
      50GB is larger than 100MB.    
      1TB is smaller than 4GB.    
    2. Some types of software can be described as free software or freeware. Draw lines to link each description to a correct type of software. A description can be linked to more than one type of software. 4 marks
      q18 uuiyguy
    3. Parallel running can be used to implement a new system. Describe what is meant by parallel running and give two advantages of this implementation strategy. 3 marks
    4. List five computer based careers 5 marks
  3. The two tables Product and Supplier form a relational database used by a shoe shop.
    Product Code  Name  Cost  SupplierCode  Quantity 
     101AA  SandySole  21.50  32  105
     321FD  Flipperty-Flop  5.80  51  19
     423FF  RunFasterStripes  19.99  32  87
     321FD  ComfyLoafers  38.99  51  43
     431ED  SharpSpats  20.00  51  9
     454CB  ArmyBoot  25.00  51  47
    SupplierCode  Name  Postcode 
     32  BillsBigBoots  CG46UP
     51  Trainers4US  RC23 5XA
    1. State the primary key of the Supplier table and justify your answer 2 mark
    2. List the results of executing the following query on the database above. 3 marks
       Field Name  Name  Quantity PostCode 
       Table Product  Product   Supplier
       Criteria  Trainers 4US  >15  
  4. A Company transmits data to external storage at the end of each day. Data can sometimes be corrupted when it is transmitted from one computer to another, causing errors to be present in the data. Parity checks can be used to check for errors during data transmission
    1. Describe how a parity bit overcomes this problem. 2 marks
    2. The system uses odd parity. (i) Tick (✔) to show for each of the received bytes whether they have been transmitted correctly or transmitted incorrectly. 4 marks
       Received byte Transmitted correctly  Transmitted incorrectly 
    3. Describe the purpose of these validation checks used in fields 4 marks
      1. Range check
      2. Length check
    1. Convert the following numbers from the indicated bases to the one in parentheses.
      1. 74116(base 2) 2 marks
      2. 42510(base 8) 3 marks
    2. Perform the following operations using the type of complement indicated in the parentheses.
      1. 1210-2610 (Two's complement). 3 marks
      2. 2710 - 1110 (One's complement) 3 marks
    3. Bit patterns can be interpreted in a number of different ways. A computer word contains the bit pattern 0011 0111
      What is its decimal value if it represents: 
      1. a pure binary integer 2 marks
      2. a BCD (Binary Coded Decimal)? 1 mark
    4. Give one advantage of BCD over pure binary. 1 mark

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