Computer Studies Trial Exams Paper 2 Questions - Alliance Boys High School Mock December 2020

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  1. Type your name and index number at the top right hand corner of each printout.
  2. Write your name and index and Admission number on compact Disk Provided
  3. Write the name and version of the software used for each question attempted in the answer sheet.
  4. Save all the work done on the compact disk given. 
  5. Hand in all the printouts and the Compact disk.


Use an electronic spreadsheet package to solve the question below.

Vodafone Co. Ltd
     1986 1987  1988  1989  1990 
Revenue   100000        
Proiected % Growth      0.15  0.2  0.25  0.3
Operational Expenses            
Rent 10% Increment   20000        
Salaries 10% Of Revenue          
Miscellaneous 3% Of Revenue          
Total Operational Expenses            
Total Profits            
Rent 10%          
Salaries 10%          
Miscellaneous 3%          

The worksheet above describe a firm whose start-up capital was 100,000 in 1986. The firm is then projected to grow at the rate (%) shown i.e. by 15% in 1987, 20% in 1988 and so on.

  1. Enter the labels and figures as shown above. Save workbook as Vodafonel. (5 marks)
  2. Duplicate the above worksheet to a new one renamed to Vodafone2. (5marks)
  3. Use absolute cell reference to calculate projected Revenue, Rent, Salary and Miscellaneous figures for the years 1986 to 1990 using the percentages below the data table. Copy your formula to fill for other years above and save changes. (15 marks)
  4. Duplicate the Vodafone2 worksheet to another one named Vodafone3. Use a function to sum up the Total Operational Expenses for 1987 to 1990. Calculate the Total Profits for 1987 to 1990. Format the Total profit to 2 decimal places and Zambia Kwacha symbol (ZMK) currency. (10 marks)
  5. Inset a line graph to show the profit trend for the five years. The graph should have a Title, X and Yaxis labels and should be in its own worksheet named Graph. (10 marks)
  6. Put your name, Index Number and Admission Number at the right side header section of the graph. and Vodafone3. (3mks)
    Print Vodafone 3 and the Graph which must fit properly in an A4 sized paper without overflowing to other pages. (2mks)


  1. Using a desktop publishing application, create the publication below. The publication dimensiors to be 3.7 inches by 8.5 inches. Save the publication as two files
    2. Mentorship.jpg (30 marks)
  2. Format the publication appropriately such that two of the above publications are printed on one A4 paper size. Save the new publication as (10marks)
  3. Print the and (10marks)
    Use any images/graphics to represent what you can't get in your computer. Be creative.
    Q2 ASDS
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