English Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Sukellemo Joint Mock Examinations July 2020

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Question 1: Comprehension
A lot of students think that learning is only in class. If students use two extra steps, most students will not forgot what they learned in class. To achieve effective learning, students needed to follow two extra steps in the three strategic learning processes. The key to success is by following these three strategies. Review is essential to student success. Unless content is reviewed by students shortly after is learned, it will soon be forgotten. To avoid forgetting what you leamed, it is recommended to review daily. It is also recommended to reduce large volumes of notes into point form and to paraphrase what you have learned other helpful tips include creating concept maps and diagrams; creating fact, concept or vocabulary cards using visualization to better connect what you learned. These are all important tools to helping students better understand and memorize lesson content The key to achieving academic success cannot be directly correlated to one specific area. Rather it requires students to be overall rounded in many different aspects. This includes attending class regularly to keep pace with the class. Falling behind in studies or homework can be detrimental to academic success and can induce onto students. Participating in class activities and discussions are also vital parts of learning and applying concepts learned. On the other hand, taking good, concise notes will always help in the long run when reviewing for tests and exams. To sum it all up strategic learning is the password for many academic achievements. Being exposed to knowledge is the first step in the journey, the fact that young scholars can learn and be a part of history is a phenomenal step in furthering their search for success, reviewing notes, in the way the young individual wishes, by him/herself, or with a good friend, this will help him/her to understand what has been learned in a way he/she understands. Lastly practice is a great way to memorize what has been learned, when practice achieves its full potential, the individual wont only be entitled for a good mark, but also a way to view, under and think of things. Those three attributes will help scholars become more successful, but it's important to one as it is to the other, and each and every person should find the learning strategies effectual for him/herself and in extremely exceptional occasions even invent or innovate new strategies.


  1. What does the writer fault in the students' thinking according to the first paragraph? (2 marks)
  2. Explain the three stages that are key to success according to the passage (6 marks)
  3. Unless the content is reviewed by students shortly after it is learned, it will soon be forgotten
    Begin: if..... (1 mark)
  4. The key to achieving academic success cannot be directly correlated to one specific area. (Add a question tag) (1 mark)
  5. Comment on the tone of the passage (3 marks)
  6. How, according to the passage, does practice help memorize what has been learned? (3 marks)
  7. Explain the meaning of the following words and phrases as used in the passage. (4 marks)
    1. Detrimental 
    2. Correlated 
    3. Effectual 
    4. Exceptional

A Doll's House - Henrik Ibsen
2. Read the excerpt below and then answer the questions that follow,
Nora: No; yesterday it was very noticeable. I must tell you that he suffers from a very dangerous disease. He has consumption of the spine, poor creature. His father was a horrible man who committed all sorts of excesses; and that is why his son was sickly from childhood, do you understand?
Mrs. Linde: (dropping her sewing). But, my dearest Nora, how do you know anything about such things?
Nora: (walking about). Pooh! When you have three children, you get visits now and then from--from married women who know something of medical matters, and they talk about one thing and another.
Mrs. Linde: (goes on sewing a short silence). Does Doctor Rank come here every day?
Nora: Every day regularly. He is Torvald's most intimate friend, and a great friend of mine too. He is just like one of the family.
Mrs. Linde: But tell me this is he perfectly sincere? I mean, isn't he the kind of man that is very anxious to make himself agreeable?
Nora: Not in the least. What makes you think that?
Mrs. Linde: When you introduced him to me yesterday, he declared he had often heard my name mentioned in this house; but afterwards I noticed that your husband hadn't the slightest idea who I was. So how could Doctor Rank-?
Nora: That is quite right, Christine. Torvald is so absurdly fond of me that he wants me absolutely to himself, as he says. At first he used to seem almost jealous if I mentioned any of the dear folk at home, so naturally I gave up doing so. But I often talk about such things with Doctor Rank, because he likes hearing about them.
Mrs. Linde: Listen to me, Nora. You are still very like a child in many ways, and I am older than you in many ways and have a little more experience. Let me tell you this--you ought to make an end of it with Doctor Rank.
Nora: What ought I to make an end of?
Mrs. Linde: Of two things, I think. Yesterday you talked some nonsense about a rich admirer who was to leave you money
Nora: An admirer who doesn't exist, unfortunately! But what then?
Mrs. Linde:  Is Doctor Rank a man of means?
Nora: Yes, he is.
Mrs. Linde: And has no one to provide for?
Nora: No, no one; but _
Mrs. Linde: And comes here every day?
Nora: Yes, I told you so.
Mrs. Linde: But how can this well-bred man be so tactless? 
Nora: I don't understand you at all.
Mrs. Linde: Don't prevaricate, Nora. Do you suppose I don't guess who lent you the two hundred and fifty pounds.
Nora: Are you out of your senses? How can you think of such a thing! A friend of ours, who comes here every day! Do you realize what a horribly painful position that would be? 
Mrs. Linde: Then it really isn't he?
Nora: No, certainly not. It would never have entered into my head for a moment. Besides, he had no money to lend then; he came into his money afterwards.


  1. "No, yesterday it was very noticeable......."
    Explain what and who Nora is referring to in this utterance. (3 marks)
    Identify the humor in Nora's answer on how she came to know anything about such things. (3marks)
  2. Why does Mrs. Linde ask so many questions about Dr Rank's character? ( 3 marks)
  3. Referring to events that take place later in the play, explain the irony in Nora's words of an admirer who doesn't exist, unfortunately." (4 marks)
  4. What does this excerpt reveal about the personality of Doctor Rank? (4 marks)
  5. He is just like one of the family (1 mark) (Add a question tag)
  6. Identify the issue that is evident in this excerpt (2 marks)
  7. If you were a director of a theatre group, how would you cast Doctor Rank? (2 marks)
  8. Explain the meaning of the following words and phrases as used in the excerpt. (3 marks)
    v. Excesses
    vii.Make an end of it

3. Poetry
The whiskey on your breath,
Could make a small boy dizzy,
But I hung on like death,
Such waltzing was not easy,
We romped until the pans.
Slid from the kitchen shelf,
My mother's countenance,
Could not unfron itself,
The hand that held my wrist,
Was battered on one knuckle,
At every step you missed,
My right ear scrapped a buckle,
You beat time on my head,
With a palm caked hard by dirt,
Then waltzed me off to bed,
Still clinging to your shirt.

  1. Identify the persona in the poem (3 marks)
  2. What is the poem about? (4 marks)
  3. What is the attitude of the persona towards Papa? (2 morks)
  4. Identify and explain one figure of speech used in the poem. (3marks)
  5. Briefly explain the general atmosphere created in the poem (3 marks)
  6. Explain the meaning of the following phrases as used in the poem. (3 marks)
    1. My mother's countenance
    2. With a palm-caked hard by dirt
    3. He waltzed me off to bed
  7. What is the economic status of the persona's family (3 marks)

4. Grammar (15 marks)

  1. Fill in the blanks using a preposition.
    1. We know how proficient Aruko is his work.
    2. I shouted at Joe who was engrossed watching television.
  2. Select the appropriate pronoun to fill in the blank spaces. 
    1. ........................Kenyans have a dark skin. (Us/We) 
    2. I cannot believe that they never found out about Emmy and ........................(him/he)
  3. Rewrite the sentences using the instructions given after each.
    1. All of us want to pass this examination. (Begin: None........................)
    2. I know that one of your daughters is here. (Begin: That.............)
    3. They will look after Bakari (Begin: Bakari..........)
    4. Explain the difference in meaning between the given sentences. 
      1. I bought three pens for thirty shillings
      2. I bought three pens at thirty shillings
  4. Explain the meaning of the following idiomatic expressions.
    1. Face the music
    2. From the horse's mouth
  5. Replace the underlined words with the most appropriate phrasal verb formed from the words given in brackets.
    1. I was shocked by the performance of the young girl(take)
    2. My friend cannot tolerate her neighbor's noise any longer. (put)
  6. Write the sentences in the passive voice (2 marks)
    1. Sue returned my book to the library.
    2. The cow bore two calves.


Question 1 

  1. He faults the fact that students think that learning is only in class.
  2. Review to avoid forgetting what you leamed Reducing large volumes of notes into point form for better understanding and to memorize lesson content. Paraphrasing what you have learnt. 
  3. If content is not reviewed by students shortly after it is learned, it will soon be forgotten 
  4. The key to achieving academic success cannot be directly correlated to one specific area, can it?
  5. Informative. The writer is informing the students about the strategies to use in learning.
  6. When practice achieves its full potential the individual wont only ne entitled to a good mark but also way to view, understand and think of things. 
    1. Damaging 
    2. Connected 
    3. Effective 
    4.  Outstanding

Question 2 Excerpt- A Doll's House - Henrik Ibsen

  1. Nora is answering Mrs Linde's question (1 mark) as to why Doctor Rank looked so depressed (1 mark) the previous day (1 mark)
  2. The fact that her knowledge of medical matters (1 mark) is based on gossip (1 mark) from married women amd not a reliable source such as a medical doctor. She says without any proof to back her claim that Doctor Rank's illness was caused by (1 mark) his father's excesses when he was young.
  3. Mrs. Linde is concerned (1 mark) that Doctor Rank's frequent visits may lead to a love affair (1 mark) between him and Nora, thereby threating Nora's marriage.
    1. Nora says that no secret admires exists, yet in actual sense Doctor admires her secretly.
    2. He is hypocritical (1 mark) insincerehe says she heard Mrs. Linde's name mentioned yet Torvald had never heard of her (1 mark) He is untrustworthy (1 mark) Mrs Linda casts doubt about him- .... is he perfectly sincere?'' (1 mark) 
  5. He is just like one of the family, isn't he? (If no comma and question mark, award no mark) 
  6. Immorality
    Doctor Rank is said to suffer from a very dangerous disease-consumption of the spine. His father is said to have been a horrible man who committed all sorts of excesses and that's why Dr Rank was sickly from childhood. (1 mark) 
  7. I would present a frail - looking (1 mark) characters (men) who has a walking stick to support him as he walks around with a limp (1/2 mark) to show the sickly Doctor Rank.
    1. Harmful/unacceptable/ immoral actions
    2. Beat about the bush
    3. Stop the developing love relationship

Question 3 

  1. A small boy (1 mark)
    "Could make a small boy dizzy
  2. The poem is about a small boy (1 mark) whose father comes home drunk (1 mark) and dances with him as he takes him to sleep. (1 mark)
  3. Loving (1 mark) / affectionate attitude
    He clings to (1 mark) Papa's shirt because he does not want to let go of Paps even though Papa wants him to sleep. He affectionately refers to him as 'Papa' (1 mark) 
  4. Simile - hung on like death (1 mark) just like death is inseparable to all human (1 mark) beings, the boy will remain close to with Papa.
  5. Happy atmosphere (1 mark) Unlike the mother who appears disheartened by Papa's behavior, the persona seems to enjoy (1 mark) every happening.
    1. Mother's facial expression
    2. Very dirty hand
    3. He dances as he takes me to bed.
  7. Poor/Low Economic status (1 mark) The father is a manual laborer (1 mark) "... palm jacked hard by dirt", They have a small house (1 mark) "... waltzing causes pans to slide off the kitchen shelf (1 mark)

Grammar (15 marks) 

    1. at
    2. in 
    1. we
    2. him
    1. None of us wants to fail in this examination
    2. Bakari will be looked after (by them)
    1. All the three pens cost thirty shillings
    2. Each pen costs thirty shillings 
    1. taken aback 
    2. put up with
    1. My book was returned to the Library by Sue.
    2. Two calves were borne by the cow.

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