English P3 Questions and Answers - Nambale Mock Exams 2021/2022

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  • Answer three questions only
  • Each of your essays must not exceed 450 words
  • Candidates should check the question paper to ascertain that all the pages are printed and no questions are missing
  • Candidates must answer the questions in English


















  1. Creative (Imaginative composition)
    1. Write a composition that ends in: ……………………… that was a lesson learnt the hard way (20marks)
    2. Write a composition that illustrates the saying: A bird in hand is worth two in the bush (20marks)
  2. Compulsory set question: Blossoms of the Savannah by Henry Ole Kulet. (20 marks)
    “people who do bad deeds to others never go unrepaid”
    Show the validity of this statement with reference to Henry Ole kulet’s novel “Blossoms of the Savannah”.
    Choose one of the three optional questions given.
    1. Memories we lost (20 marks)
      Using Leila Aboulela’s story ‘missing out’ write an essay on how Majoly’s stay in London alienates him from his people.
    2. Pretenders are worse than murderers. Write an essay to show the truthfulness of this statement basing you answer to Inheritance by David Mulwa.
    3. The novel: The Pearl by John Steinbeck
      ‘The society has lost its moral values: using the Pearl by John Steinbeck. For your illustrations show the truth of the above statement.


    • Paper 101/3is intended to test the candidate’s ability to communicate in writing. Communication is established at different levels of intelligibility, correctness, fluency, pleasantness and originality. Within the constraints set by each question.
    • Examiners should not hesitate to use the full range of marks for each essay.
    • It is important to determine first how each essay communicates and which category A, B, C or D it fits. (the marks indicated below are for question one)

The candidate either does not communicate at all or his language ability is minimal that the examiner practically has to guess what the candidate wants to say. The candidate fails to fit the English words she knows into meaningful sentences. The subject is glanced at or distorted. Practically no valid. Punctuation. All kinds of errors “broken English”
01 – 02:
Chaotic, little meaning whatsoever. Question paper or some words fro, it simply copied.
D 03:
Although the English is often broken and essay is full of errors of all types we can at least guess what the candidate wants to say.

The candidate communicates understandably but only more or less clearly. He is not confident with his language. The subject is always undeveloped. There may be some digressions. Unnecessary repetitions are frequent. The arrangement is weak and the flow jerky. There is no economy of language: mother tongue influence is felt.
The candidate obviously finds it difficult to communicate his/her ideas. He/she is seriously hampered by his/her very limited knowledge of structure and vocabulary. This results in many gross errors of agreement, spelling, misuses of prepositions, tenses, verb agreement and construction.
C 08:
The candidate communicates but not with consistent clarity. His/her linguistic abilities being very limited, he/she cannot avoid frequent errors in sentence structure. There is very little variety or originality. Very bookish English, links are weak, incorrect, repeated at times.
C+9 – 10:
The candidate communicates clearly but in a flat and uncertain manner. Simple concepts sentence form are often strained. There may be an overuse of clichés, unsuitable idioms errors of agreement, tenses and spelling

This class is characterized by greater fluency and ease if expression. The candidate demonstrates that he/she can use English as a normal way of expressing himself/herself. Sentences are varied and usually well constructed. Some candidates become ambitious and sentences are varied and usually well-constructed. Some candidates become ambitious and even over-ambitious. There may be items of merit of one word or one expression type. Many essays in this category may be just clean and unassuming but they still show that the candidate is at ease with the language. There may be a tendency to under mark such essays. Give credit for tone.
B 11 – 12:
The candidate communicates fairly with some fluency. There may be little variety in sentence structure.
B 13:
The sentences are varied but rather simple and straight forward. The candidate does not strain himself/herself in an effort to impress. There is a fair range of vocabulary and idiom. Natural and effortless and some item of merit, economy of language.
14 – 15:
The candidate communicates not only fluently , but attractively, with originality and efficiency. He/she has the ability to make us share his deep feelings, emotion enthusiasms. He/she expresses himself freely and without any visible constraint. The scripts give evidence of maturity good planning and often humor. Many items merit which indicate of “whole sentence” or the “whole expression” type.

The candidate communicates not only fluently, but attractively, with originality and efficiency. He/she has the ability to make us share his deep feelings, emotion, enthusiasms. He/she expresses himself freely and without any visible constraint the script gives evidence of maturity good planning and often humor. Many items of merit which indicate that the candidate has complete command of the language. There is no strain, just pleasantness, clever arrangement felicity of expression.

A – 16 – 17:
The candidate shows competence and fluency in using language. He may lack imagination or originality which usually provide the “spark” in such essays. Vocabulary idiom, sentence structure, links, variety are impressive. Gross errors are very rare.
A 18:
Positive ability. A few errors that are felt to be slips. The story or argument has a definite impact. No grammar problem. Variety of structures. A definite spark. Many margin ticks.
A -19 – 20:
The candidate communicates not only information and meaning, but also and especially the candidates whole self: his/her feelings, tastes, points of view, youth, culture. This ability to communicate his deep self may express itself in many ways; wide range C effective vocabulary, original, approach, vivid and sustained account in the case of narrative, well developed and ordered argument in the case of a debate or discussion. Errors and slips should not deprive the candidate of the full marks, he deserves. A very definite spark.




A – A+



19 – 20


16 – 17

B – B+



14 – 15


11 – 12

C – C+



09 – 10


06 – 07

D – D+



04 – 05


00 – 02

“people who do bad deeds to others never go unrepaid”
Show the validity of this statement with reference to Henry Ole kulet’s novel “Blooms of the Savannah.

In the text, characters like Oloisudori, Ole kaelo and others perpetuate evil towards other characters, but they also receive their equal measure of pain and suffering as discussed below.
Oloisudori is a businessman but with questionable deals. Despite his age, and being polygamous, he shamelessly wants to marry Ole Kaelo’s teenage daughter. He blackmails Ole Kaelo into giving his daughter Resian in marriage to him or forgets his numerous business contracts which Oloisudari had helped Ole Kaelo to secure. He further puts Ole kaelo in a tight corner where he has to forcibly circumcise. Taiyo and give her to him in marriage after Resian runs away from home. However, his actions never go unpaid, in a bid to forcibly take his bride from Minik’s ranch, his convoy of vehicles is attacked and several of hi cars burnt. He ends up losing both Resian and Taiyo, his money and his property.
Ole kaelo betrays their trust of his daughter Resian. He openly resents Resian and is quick to scold her for the slightest of mistakes. He insults her just because he expected a boy child for his second born and not a girl child. He readily agrees to marry off Resian to Olisudori rather than forfeit his numerous business contracts which Oloisudiri had helped secure. He also turns down her request to join Egerton University saying that he had already received her dowry. However, Ole kaelo pays dearly for his decisions since Resian openly comfronts him at his shop and turns down the marriage deal with Oloisudari, she later escapes from home and leaves Ole kaelo with no option but to give out Taiyo in marriage to Oloisudori.
Mama Milanoi’s bad deeds towards her daughters leaves them with a strong dislike for their mother. As a mother, she never comes to the defense of her daughter when Ole kaelo constantly scolds her. She further colludes with her husband to marry off Resian to Oloisudori. They collect gifts and dowry from Oloisudori and even shamelessly hatches a plan on how Olisudari will collect his bride Mama Milano also colludes with the Enkamuratuni to have Taiyo forcibly circumcised thereby causing her a lot of physical and emotional pain. All her actions never go unrepaid as her two daughters all run away from home and vow never to copy her example as their mother.
Oloisudori bad deeds towards Resian never go unpunished. He rescues Resian just before her attempted suicide promising to take her to Minik’s Ranch. He however turns on his words, forcibly abducts her with the intentions of marrying her. She endures a long torturous journey at the back of an old pick – up track. She forced to stay in a lonely dark hut and even physically assaults her when his attempted rape on her backfires. He however pays dearly for his actions as Resian bites off his thumb to near amputation during the attempted rape. He is rebuked by his mother for his actions and forced to go into hiding for a number of days.
In conclusion bad deeds are always paid with bad deeds as seen above.

  1. Memories we lost
    Using Leila Aboulela’s story ‘missing out’ write an essay on how Majoly’s stay in London alienates him from his people.
      Majoly is at first unhappy when he gets to London.
      He pleads to come home, but his mother pleads with him to stay on and read.
      Eventually, Majoly becomes distant from his people. He drops their practices and sets his mind on staying in London.
    • BODY
      Majoly abandous his people prayer habit while in London.
      When Samra asks him for a prayer mat, he confesses he does not have one. He does not even know the direction of the Ka’ba or where the Qibla is. He does not even observe the mandatory Friday prayers.
      Majoly considers London civilized, and Khartoum backward. He does not want to come back home. He even enrolls for a PHD. He is unable to appreciate the more relaxed, simple and rich family life back home.
      Majdy is so indifferent to his people that he is not able to sympathize with his mother. Samra informs Majoly of her struggle when she went to call him at central post office. She could not get transport due to petrol shortage. Samra accuses him of disloyalty of indifference.
      Majoly is eventually so distant, from his people that he does not desire to go back home. When he is almost done with his PHD, he is invited to a conference in Bath.
      Majoly feels a childish sense of exclusion, of being left out of life at home, however he has no desire to go back home.
      NB; Any four point x 3 =(12marks)
      Language = 4 (marks)
  2. Pretenders are worse than murderers. Write an essay to show the truthfulness of this statement basing you answer to inheritance by David Mulwa.
      In the society, some people may pretend to have moral standard or opinion that they do not actually have. This is a situation we find many characters in the play Inheritance.
      Most people in any society may pretend that everything is alright, yet they do know that something is wrong.this is what David Mulwa demonstrates in his play The Inheritance.
      Lacuna pretends to honour King Kutula xv during his commemoration. He says ‘lets always remember with gratitude what my father the king did for us. On your behalf I shall now walk to the Royal grave to pay our continued National respects.’ Yet he was the one who killed the King in order to pave way for his leadership.
      Lucuna also pretends that Judah’s death was as a result of faulty machines but he is the one who arranged his killing. We get to know this from Robert’s words. It was Murder for poor Judah, not the age of the machines as you would like the world to believe?
      Bishop Menninger calls himself a man of God and teaches and adheres to the teachings of Christianity, but he is involved in plotting and poising of King Kutula xv. “……..it was time to bring Kutula back to dignity ……….” “ ……… An then it happened ……. I must do it for her future… Menninger say so ……….”
      Goldstein pretend to care about Katula citizens yet he advices Lacuna to reduce the work force, thus creating unemployment, more so the wages should be kept low, While the working hours are to be extended. This is unfair to the citizens. He also tricks Lacuna into taking loans and advices him to take drastic actions which will only benefit themselves “you will nationalize that valley and we shall occupy it.”
      Meshack, the commander of Katula’s armedforces, is hypocritical. He pretend to be so much supportive to King Lacuna yet, we know that he is against his rush decisions. “ I know sir. Its hard to be a leader like you.” He flees for his life without notifying his master, when he sees that his end has come.
      Thorne Macay and Bishop Menninger tell King Kutula xv that they have the interest ‘of his people at heart but behind his back, they plot his killing leading to the citizens of Kutula being left in the hands of a bad leader as Lacuna. They see that King Kutula xv doesn’t serve their interest, thus thinking Lacuna will serve their interest better.
      In conclusion Lacuna, Goldenstein, Meshak, Bishop Menninger and Thorne are all hypocritical.
  3. The novel: the pearls by John Steinbeck
    ‘The society has lost its moral values: using the Pearl by John Steinbeck. For your illustrations show the truth of the above statement
      - General introduction or contextual introduction
    • BODY (12MK)
      • Greed
        When Kino gets the pearl, people are greedy to either have the pearl or the money when the Pearl is sold.
        The priest thinks about the church repairs. He also wonders how much the Pearl is worth. He tells Kino to give thanks to one who has given him the treasure. All this translates to him getting part of the money when the Pearl is sold.
      • Materialism
        Kino guards the pearl with all the energy including killing several people who attempt to steal it from him. When Juana wants to throw away the Pearl, he slaps and kicks her.
        The pearl buyers’ are materialistic. They offer the least to Kino to maximize on the profit they make once they sell the pearl.
      • Hypocrisy
        The doctor is hypocrital. When Kino and Juana take Coyotito for treatment at his house, he sends the servant informing them he is not in because they have no money. When he learns about the pearl, he visits Kino and offers to treat Coyotito and wait for money. The reason why he is ready to treat him is because there is hope for money once the pearl is sold.
      • Exploitation
        • The doctor is interested in the money than the lives of the poor villages
        • The priest also exploits his congregation when he learns about the pearl, he thinks about whether he had married them in church and the repair the church needs.
        • The pearl buyers exploit the buyers by buying their pearls at a lower price than the actual.
        • They conspire to cheat Kino off his pearl.
      • Violence
        • Kino attacks Juana who wants to throw back the pearl to the sea.
        • The three trackers carry weapons of war. It ends in Coyotito’s death.
          Any other plausible answer
    • Conclusion (2mks)
      NB: the essay should be written in continuous prose.
      Language (4 marks)

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