English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Bungoma Diocese Mock Exams 2021/2022

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Instructions to Students

  • Answer all the questions in the paper.
    You are the secretary of the Young Youths Farmers Club in your school. In consultation with the chair, you called a meeting for 22nd, August 2021, at 3.00pm. Out of a total membership of fifteen, ten attended, four absent with apologies, and one does not sent any apology. (20marks)
    The following are the agenda.
    1. Preliminaries
    2. Confirmation of minutes of the previous meeting.
    3. Matters arising
    4. Negotiations with the bursar for the purchase of vegetables
    5. Schedules for the harvesting of the vegetables
    6. Formula for sharing the income
    7. A.O.B
      Record the minutes of the meeting, giving details of discussions and resolutions made.
  2. CLOZE TEST (10marks)
    Read the passage below and fill in each blank space with the most appropriate word. (20marks)
    Every year, the government 1 hundreds of millions of shillings in tax revenue . 2 ___________smuggling. Dumpling of sub-standard goods 3 __________counterfeit products poses another 4 threat 5 ____________the stability of the economy. Local traders say smuggling 6 _______________further fuelled be economic growth registered in the last two years. They attribute this 7 to rising demand for imported goods, especially electronic 8 cars and petroleum products. And while import volumes 9 __________increased substantially in the past two years, facilities and equipment 10 ____________the Kilindini harbour, Mombasa and Kenyatta international Airport (JKIA) overstretched.
  3. ORAL SKILLS (30marks)
    1. Read the following poem and answer the questions that follow.
                                   The Seed Shop
                Here in a quiet and dusty room they lie,
                Faded as crumbled stone or shifting sand,
                Forlorn as ashes, shriveled scentless dry,
              Meadows and gardens running through my hand.

                   In this brown husk a dale of hawthorn dreams,
                          A cedar in this narrow cell is thrust,
                 That will drink deeply of century's streams,
                    These lilies shall make summer on my dust,

                    Here in their safe and simple house of death,
                    Sealed in their shells, a million roses leap,
                       Here I can blow a garden with my breath,
                          And in my hand a forest lie asleep.
      1. Describe the rhyme scheme of the poem above. (2 marks)
      2. What is the effect of the rhythm in the poem (1marks)
      3. How else has the poet achieved the effect in( ii) above?(4marks)
      4. Which words would you stress in the last line of stanza 1 and why?(3marks)
    2. For each of the set of words below, underline the odd one out. (3marks)
      1. Cough     Bought      Dough
      2. Think         Thy          Thigh
      3. Not            Note          Knot
    3. Provide another word that is pronounced the same way for each of the words listed below. (3marks)
      1. Bean -
      2. Wear -
      3. One -
    4. For each of these words make two sentences to bring the differences in their meaning. (4marks)
      1. Beat
      2. Produce
    5. Read the conversation below between Judy and a Peer Counselor and then answer the questions that follow. (6marks)
      Peer counselor: (Mentioning her to a sit?). Hallo Judy. How are you getting on?
                                Please have a seat and don’t be anxious.
      Judy: Don’t tell me it’s all over school now. I will kill you...
      Peer Counselor: (Interrupting) Please relax. Well, you swore me into secrecy and I have kept my part of the again.                              No cause of alarm.
      Judy: So then, why do you want to see me? You mean it can show?
      Peer Counselor: Calm down, you are just in early stages and please keep up appearances. The school closes next                               month.
      Judy: (Looking disturbed). One month and the whole world will know. I need to procure...
      Peer Counselor: Don’t even go there.... will you be able to live with the guilt? Remember things can also go wrong                             and you die.
      Judy: (Visibly agitated) Then, tell me what to do.
      Peer Counselor: Please calm down. All is not lost. You just tripped; You never fell. These days Judy, girls are                                       accepted back to school after giving birth so you need not worry. All will be fine. In the meantime,                               just relax for your baby.
      Judy: (Sighs) Thank you for being there for me. Remember not a word to a sou.
      Peer Counselor: You can trust me Judy, Good day.
      Judy: Good day.
      1. How does the peer counselor establish good rapport with Judy? (2marks)
      2. What good conversational skills does the peer counselor portray? (2marks)
      3. Identify two shortcomings in Judy's speech (2marks)


  1. Functional writing
    Title – Young Farmers Club ½ mark, Venue ½ mark, Date ½ mark, Time ½ mark
    Present – 1 Mark
    (Ten names)
    Absent with Apologies – 1 mark
    (four names)
    Absent – I mark
    (one name)
    Min 1/8/21 – Preliminaries – ½ mark
    Min 2/8/21 – Confirmation of previous minutes – ½ mark
    Min 3/8/21 – Matters arising – 2 marks
                     –  Report (Ref. min 2/2/21)
                     –  Reported (Ref. min 4/2/21)
    Min 4/8/21: – Negotiations with the bursar for the purchase of vegetables – 2 marks
    Min 5/8/21 – Schedule for the harvest of vegetables – 2 marks
    Min 6/8/21 – Formula for sharing income – 2 marks
    Min 7/8/21 – Any other business – ½ mark
    Min 8/8/21 – Adjournment – ½ mark
    Confirmation of minutes – 1 mark
    Chair Date .__________________
    Secretary Date. _____________
    Language – 4 marks
  2. Cloze Test (10marks)
    1. looses
    2. Through 
    3. and 
    4. serious 
    5. to 
    6. is
    7. trend
    8. appliances/gadgets
    9. have
    10. at
  3. Oral skills (30 marks)
    1. The seed shop
      1. ababcdcdefef
        It is a regular rhyme scheme
      2. Creates rhythm
        • Repetition for examples ‘Here’ is repeated in stanza 1 and 3
        • Sibilance for example :
          Line 1 – Stone sand
          Line 3 - as scentless;
        • Alliteration for example :
          Line 3 stanza 3 blow, breath
          Line 1 stanza 3 safe and simple.
      4. Meadows gardens running hard:  they are content words
      1. cough
      2. thy
      3. note
      1. been
      2. ware
      3. won
      1. I like the beat of that music, (noun)
        I will beat you now. (verb)
      2. They sell their farm produce to the cooperative in town. (noun)
        The cows produce ninety litres of milk daily. (Verb)
        Note: The forms must note change – it’s the stress that will bring out the meaning.
        • Greetings - Hello Judy
        • Motioning her to a seat
        • Asking her to relax
        • Mentioning Judy by name helps create rapport
        • The peer counselor is polite, she uses words such as calm down.
        • The peer counselor is emphatic, she says don’t even go there.
        • The peer counselor allows turn taking and reads the agitation in Judy. She interrupts politely by asking ‘please relax’.
        • She is impatient, she uses words like: so then, why do you want to see me?
        • She is rude, she says ‘I will kill you…
        • Suspicious/anxious – Don’t tell me it’s all over the school now.

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