English Paper 3 Questions and Answers - Lanjet Mock Exams 2021/2022

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  • Answer three questions only
  • Questions one and two are compulsory
  • In question three choose only one of the optional texts you have prepared on.
  • Where a candidate presents work on more than one optional text, only the first to appear will be marked
  • Each of your essay must not exceed 450 words
  • Candidates must answer ALL questions in English
  1. Imaginative Composition (Compulsory)
    1. Write a composition beginning:
      I anxiously carried the parcel to my house……….
    2. Write a composition to illustrate the proverb.
      “Still waters run deep."
  2. Compulsory set text.
    H.R Ole Kulet, Blossoms of the Savannah
    Using your knowledge of the text Blossoms of the Savannah show how women have been subjected to the men's tyranny.
  3. Optional set text
    Answer any one of the following three questions.
    1. Memories we Lost and other Stories
      Sickness affects both the sick person and the family members. Write a composition to validate this statement citing illustrations from Lidudumalingani Mqombothi’s Memories we Lost.
    2. Drama
      “Lacuna is to blame for the suffering of the Kutula citizens.” Using Juda Zen Melo’s family, write an essay depicting the truth of this statement.
    3. The novel
      John Steinbeck, the Pearl.
      Kino's fortune stirred something evil in the town. Basing your illustrations on Steinbeck's novel The Pearl, write an essay to show how selfishness was provoked by “The Pearl of the world.”


  1. Imaginative Composition 
    1. Write a story beginning; I anxiously carried the parcel to my house...
      • Expect a narrative.
      • It should begin with the sentence given
      • The candidate should come up with a credible story.
      • The candidate must use the first person narration “I” to explain the events
    2. Write a story to illustrate the saying:
      Still waters run deep.
      • Expect a narrative
      • The candidate must come up with a story that brings out the meaning of the proverb.
    In the society, women have suffered under the authoritative rule of men. They have been subjected to forced early marriages, female circumcision, denial of rights to make their own decisions and being looked down upon by men. This is also evident in Blossoms of the Savannah where men such Ole Kaelo, Oloisudori and Olarinkoi show aspects of chauvinism towards some female characters.

    Ole Kaelo coerces his wife Mama Milanoi to submission to force her follow his decision without any resistance. When his wife reasons that they should think of the family interests first with regard to adhering to Nasila culture, he irritably gets angry and when she realizes that, she beats a hasty retreat. At some point she ended up betraying her own daughter Taiyo to fulfill her husband’s order and Oloisudori’s tyrannical desires to have her circumcised and married off to the latter. She has no say over the decisions made by her husband over their daughters.

    The ancient Ilarinkon were sadist and despotic. According to Resian they forced women to mutilate their sexuality to escape from sexual exploitation. She is of the view that the current Ilarinkon are worse and that they are despotic oppressive tyrants who oppress women by ensuring that they are subjected to FGM forever. The current Illarinkon include Ole Kaelo, Oloisudori and Olarinkoi. Ole Kaelo orders Resian to attend and serve his friend Oloisudori. Her mother says nothing about it. Oloisudori laughs off Resian’s refusal to marry him and divisively informs her that she was now his wife and nobody plays games with him.

    Olarinkoi’s chauvinism is seen when he turns from Resian’s rescuer to a beasts. When he takes her to his house far from Nasila, he orders her to prepare a meal and walks out. He also tries to rape her when he comes back drunk. His true intention was to make her his wife without her consent. Women have no choice when a man has decided on something.

    The man made the decisions as to which direction their lives took. It was ole Kaelo who made the decision to business with Oloisudori a man known for his criminal nature. He did not consult his family. Now the family had to bear the unpalatable consequences. In pursuit of success Ole Kaelo reasoned that the end justified the means. The women are expected to submissively accept this.

    To sum it up, it is true to say that women in this society have no say where men rule and have suffered under the tyranny of men.
    Introduction = 2mks
    Body 3:3:3:3 =12mks
    Conclusion =2mks
    NB: for Grammar, award basing on the marks earned in the body
    0-4= 1mk
    5-6= 2mks
    7-8= 3mks
    9-12= 4mks
    For conclusion, the same
      Sickness affects both the sick person and the family members. Write a composition to validate this statement citing illustrations from LidudumalinganiMqombothi’s Memories we Lost.

      When a person falls ill, the family members too become sick as well. The family members have to alter their engagements in order for them to adequately take care of the sick person. The story Memories we Lost has clearly proven this.

      Both the patient and the sister’s education is disrupted due to mental illness. She has to drop out of school. When she is attacked by a bout of schizophrenia, she swings a desk across the room and smashes a window. She smashes a chair against a wall and screams words which are incomprehensible. When her sister sees her reaction, she also goes truant and fakes illness so that she can stay at home with her sister. The sister says, “I want to be in the same class with you”. They stay together doing sketches. Over the years, they miss so much education that the younger sister goes two grades higher than the sick girl.

      The sickness causes the patient to not only injure herself but also her sister. She bleeds after smashing herself on the wall. When her sister grabs her trying to protect her, she becomes quite strong and overpowers her sister. She even cracks the wall open with her hand. The sick girl throws hot porridge on her sister scalding her chest. The sister, however, protects the sick girl by saying that she accidentally poured hot water on herself yet she had to run for safety when her sister had flung the pot with hot porridge across the room. The sick girl does it unconsciously and does not mean to hurt her sister. When she gains consciousness, she is shocked and devastated by her actions. Had she known what she had done, she would never have forgiven herself. Both the sick girl and her sister suffer because of the schizophrenia.

      The patient runs away from home in the middle of the night. The mother and the entire village are abducted from their sleep. Men and boys organize a disoriented search party in small uncoordinated groups. Even the children are frightened. As they search for her, the village is risking plunging down a cliff. They would search and search for the whole night.

      The sisters are forced to run away. When the narrator finds out that the mother is planning to take her to Nzuki, a traditional healer, they opt to run away. The healer lives in a remote village moles away from their home. He is famous for “baking” mentally ill people claiming to cure them. He would make a fire from cow dung and weeds then tie the sick person on a zinc roofing and place it on fire. This resulted to death of the ‘demon-possessed’ since the narrator does not know anyone who survived Nzuki’s ‘baking’. They therefore flee home at sunset. They wander to a village, Philani where she takes her sister to hospital.

      Sick people and those around them experience a lot of challenges due to illnesses. It is good if we can stretch a helping hand to them.
      Lacuna is to blame for the suffering experienced by Kutula Citizens. Using Judah Zen Melo’s family, write an essay depicting the truth of this statement.

      Lacuna’s harsh rule causes untold suffering to the citizens of Kutula Republic and especially the family of Judah Zen Melo. They suffer physically, financially and emotionally.

      Judah Zen Melo loses his job and life because of disobeying Lacuna. When Lacuna ascends into power, he orders Judah to kill his bother RomanusBengo whom he terms as a thorn in his political side. Judah refuses to do so even after Lacuna promises wellness to his family, causing him to lose his job as a right hand of Lacuna. He also has to vacate the government house and his land taken. He says he cannot betray his mother and brother by committing this act. Judah Zen Melo finds it hard to get employment since he is a marked man and nobody wants to associate with him. When he is approached by Lacuna’s men at the mines in order for him to give consent to Lulu and Kasoo’s marriage, he again refuses. This costs him his life in a well- orchestrated murder that is made to look like an accident. Judah loses his job and eventually his life as a result of going against Lacuna.

      Tamina Zen Melo, Judah Zen Melo’s wife, suffers a lot because of Lacuna’s leadership. Her husband, Judah Zen Melo, is beaten up by Lacuna’s men and left to die at her doorstep. She loses her government house and cars when her husband is fired for disobeying Lacuna. Moreover, her farm is bought for peanuts by Chipande- Lacuna’s political advisor. Together with other Kutula women, they have to travel six hours to the mountains to fetch water since water from the rivers have been channeled to the dam in the mountains as part of Lacuna’s “development” plan. She struggles to raise school fees for Lulu and suffers when Lulu is detained by Lacuna in his palace. She is separated from her sons who have gone to look for jobs. She undergoes excruciating pain when her husband is killed at the mines by Lacuna. Tamina undergoes severe torture because of Lacuna’s ruthless leadership.

      RomanusBengo, Judah’s brother, is unlawfully detained for being Lacuna’s political enemy. During the campaigns, Bengo stood to oppose Lacuna. He tells Tamina that he was headed for a landslide against Lacuna; something that threatened Lacuna’s leadership. This is proven when Lacuna orders Judah to kill Bengo to prove his loyalty. He says that Bengo is a thorn to him. Kasoo then opts to jail Bengo in order to silence him and his fight for liberation. Consequently, RomanusBengo is separated from his family and suffers seclusion in prison for antagonizing Lacuna’s regime.

      Lulu Zen Melo is held at the palace on Lacuna’s orders against her wish. After King Kutula XV commemoration ceremony, Lacuna insists that Lulu must stay and sap with him in his private chambers. He intends to sleep with Lulu and marry her forcefully. Lulu refuses on moral grounds stating that Lacuna has a wife besides, he is old enough to be her father. She refuses to be lured by promises of wealth and riches to herself and her family. She is embittered by her father’s death who, unknowingly to her, was killed by Lacuna. Lacuna denies her a chance of paying her last respect to the deceased. Lacuna even slaps her when she becomes persistent about wanting to leave the palace. Lulu’s forced stay at the palace causes her and her family to suffer greatly.

      The suffering experienced by Judah Zen Melo is a clear indication of a tyrannical regime. Kutula citizens suffer greatly under the leadership of Lacuna Kasoo.
    3. THE PEARL.
      Sudden wealth/richness can attract evil men such as thieves, murderers and schemers towards the lucky person, all in an attempt to get a share of the wealth, it can also change the individual who acquires it. This is also true in the novel The Peal. When Kino finds the great pearl, most people think only of how the pearl will benefit them. Everyone suddenly became related to his pearl in their schemes, dreams, wishes and lusts. They want to achieve their own dreams through the pearl but Kino stands in their way and therefore he becomes everyone’s enemy.
      (Accept any other relevant introduction)

      The doctor wants to acquire the pearl for himself. When he hears the news about Kino’s pearl, he grew stern, declared that Kino was a client of his and immediately thought of Paris. He remembered the luxurious life he had once lived in Paris and now knew that with the pearl, he could live that life once again. In an attempt to get the pearl’ he poisons Coyotito so as to appear to treat him. This proves that he is greedy, selfish and callous.

      The pearl sellers decide to cheat Kino of the true value of the great pearl. They want to trick Kino of the Pearl by agreeing to declare the Pearl almost worthless. They had all made prior arrangement on what price they would offer, how high they would bid and which method each one would use. They offer him a maximum of 1500 pesos knowing well that it was worth more

      People try to steal the pearl from Kino and in the process injure him twice. They seem ready to destroy and kill him. They burn down his house, his canoe is destroyed and trackers go after him and his family with the intention of getting the pearl. His son Coyotito is killed in the process.

      Kino was a well-liked man who lived harmoniously with his wife and child. When Juana wanted to throw the pearl back to the sea, Kino became violent towards her, struck her in the face and kicked her in the side causing her a lot of pain. He ends up killing four people in the attempt to protect and retain the Pearl.

      The priest who is supposed to be godly and selfless turns out to be a hypocrite. On learning of the pearl, he thinks of the repairs of the church yet he does not remember whether or not he has baptized Coyotito. He visits Kino and flatters him to endear himself so as to gain the most from Kino’s Pearl.

      In conclusion it is true to say that the finding of the great pearl activates negative emotions and schemes amongst many people around Kino. This in turn causes Kino’s family suffering.

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