Agriculture Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Mokasa II Mock Examination 2021/2022

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Paper 2


  • This paper consists of three sections A, B and C.
  • Answer all the questions in section A and B.
  • Answer any two questions in section C.
  • Candidates should answer all the questions in English.


Answer ALL the questions in this section in the spaces provided.

  1. Give two reasons for washing the udder with warm water before milking. (1mk)
  2. State four pre-disposing factors of scours in calves. (2mks)
  3. Name the livestock disease associated with deficiency of the following in the diet. (1½mks)
    1. Iodine
    2. Copper
    3. Manganese
  4. Name three kinds of livestock which can be castrated using a rubber ring. (1½mks)
  5. State three disadvantages of natural method of calf rearing. (1½mks)
  6. Give four reasons why proper feeding of livestock is important. (2mks)
  7. State four maintenance practices of a jack plane. (2mks)
  8. State four control measures of cannibalism in poultry. (2mks)
  9. State four advantages of a four stroke cycle engine. (2mks)
  10. Give four disadvantages of inbreeding in livestock. (2mks)
  11. State four practices that should be carried out on wooden fencing posts to make them last long. (2mks)
  12. Give four physiological body functions used as indicators of ill-health in livestock. (2mks)
  13. Name three dual purpose breeds of sheep. (1½mks)
  14. State four disadvantages of natural incubation. (2mks)
  15. State four harmful effects of ticks on livestock. (2mks)
  16. Outline four advantages of farm mechanization. (2mks)
  17. Give two factors that can lower the quality of concrete. (1mk)

Answer All the questions in this section in the spaces provided.

  1. The diagrams K, L, M and N below show four possible ways of drawing milk from the teat of a cow during milking.
    1. Which diagram shows the proper way of drawing milk. (1mk)
    2. How long should it take to milk a cow from the start to the end of milking. (1mk)
    3. How would a milkman ensure that no milk remains in the udder at the end of milking?
    4. Give two practices carried out on milk immediately after milking. (2mks)
  2. Describe the procedure for castrating a male piglet using a surgical knife. (5mks)
  3. The diagram below shows a livestock parasite.
    1. Identify the parasite. (1mk)
    2. In which organ in livestock is the parasite found. (1mk)
    3. Name the intermediate host for the above parasite. (1mk)
    4. Outline two symptoms of attack in livestock by the above parasite. (2mks)
  4. Study the tools below and answer the questions that follow.
    1. Identify the tools labelled A and C. (2mks)
    2. Give one advantage of tool B over A. (1mk)
    3. Give one advantage of tool C over tool A and B. (1mk)
    4. State two maintenance practices of tool C. (2mks)

Answer Any two questions from this section in the spaces provided after question 21.

    1. Describe short term tractor servicing practices. (10mks)
    2. Explain five factors influencing milk composition in dairy animals. (10mks)
    1. Give six reasons why embryo transfer use should be encouraged in dairy cattle breeding.
    2. Explain ten measures used to control livestock diseases. (10mks)
    3. Outline four functions of water in livestock nutrition. (4mks)
    1. Describe the causes of stress in poultry production. (7mks)
    2. State eight uses of fences in farms. (8mks)
    3. State five care and maintenance of a water cooling system of a tractor. (5mks)

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