English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Maranda Mocks 2021/2022 Exams

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(Functional Skills)

Instructions to candidates

  • Candidates MUST answer all the questions in English.


  1. You recently read and analyzed the novel ‘Blossoms of the Savannah’. Write a book review of the text. (20 marks)
  2. Read the passage below and fill each blank space with an appropriate word. (10 marks)
    An idiom (1)………………………….a group of (2)………………………..in a particular syntactic relationship. It has a special meaning(3)…………………………………is different(4)……………………..the meanings of all or some of the individual words. For example, you cannot guess the meaning of out of lunch (too strange or confused to know what is really happening) from the meaning of the words of the idiom.
    Idioms are normally used in a very (5)…………………………..and limited way. If you want to say that someone is behaving in a strange (6)……………………….., you can say that they are out of lunch but not that they ‘have gone out to lunch.’
    If you say, for(7)………………………………..that someone is cold towards you, you are not(8)…………………..the word ‘cold’ in its literal (9)………………………… you are
    speaking in a(10)……………………………….. way.
    1. Read the poem below and then answer the questions that follow:

      The Song of the Engine
      Worsely Benison
      With a snort and pant the engine dragged
      Its heavy train uphill,
      And puffed these words the while she puffed
      And laboured with a will:

      “I think-I can-I think-I can
      I’ve- got- to reach- the top.
      I’m sure- I can- I will- get there
      I sim-ply must-not stop.”

      At last the top was reached and passed,
      And then-how changed the song!
      The wheels all joined in the engine’s joy,
      As quickly she tore along.

      “I knew I could do it, I knew I could win,
      Oh, rickety, rackety, rack!
      And now for a roaring rushing race
      On my smooth and shining track!”
      1. How has the poet made the above poem rhythmic? (4 marks)
      2. How would you say the last two lines of the poem? (2 marks)
    2. The underlining indicates the stressed word in the sentences below. Briefly explain what each sentence means. (3 marks)
      I bought a camera for you.
      I bought a camera for you.
      I bought a camera for you.
    3. Write another word with a similar pronunciation for each of the ones given below. (4 marks)
      1. Clime
      2. Packed
      3. Blew
      4. Serial
    4. Your friend wishes to visit you over the December holidays but she has never been to your place. She requests you to give her directions that will enable her reach your home. How would you ensure that the directions you give enable her to reach her destination? (4 Marks)
    5.  Imagine you have been invited to give a speech on the topic “Devastating effects of Covid 19.” State three introductory strategies of your speech. (3 Marks)
    6. Imagine that you are part of an audience listening to a health talk. How would you as a good
      listener encourage the speaker to continue speaking? (3 Marks)
    7. Read the following dialogue between Felix and the principal then answer the questions that follow:
      PRINCIPAL: Hallo Felix. Welcome, please have a seat and don’t be anxious. FELIX: (After sitting down) Sir, why did you call me?
      PRINCIPAL: I would like us to have a little chat about…
      FELIX: I have not done anything wrong; you can even ask Bruno, the class secretary. I was with him the whole day yesterday.
      PRINCIPAL: Actually, the reason I called you is because…
      FELIX: Speak louder, I can’t hear you.
      PRINCIPAL: (In a louder voice) The reason I sent for you is because I have just received news from…
      FELIX: (shouting) Bruce! I knew that fool couldn’t be trusted with a secret. Okay, it’s true that Bruno and I sneaked out of school yesterday but we were hungry. All we did was buy a loaf of bread then come back to school.
      PRINCIPAL: Felix, I wish you could listen to me. The reason I called you here is because I have received news that you have won an award in the creative writing contest that you entered last year. I have a cheque for you. However, I have a matter that I would love to attend to without further delay. Please go and call Bruno. By the time you get back, I will have decided on the best punishment for you two.
      1. How does the principal create rapport with the student? (2 marks)
      2.  Prove that Felix is a poor listener. (2 marks)
      3. What evidence is there in the dialogue to suggest that Felix demonstrates lack of etiquette? (3 marks) 

Marking Scheme

  1. Functional Writing
    • Format (06 Marks)
      • Heading 01
      • Book title 01
      • Author 01
      • Genre (optional)
      • Publisher 01
      • Year of publication ½
      • Number of pages ½
      • Price ½
      • Where found (optional)
      • Reviewer ½

    • Content (08 Marks)
      • mention the setting of the text i.e when and where? S
      • give a brief summary of the plot P
      • highlight the main character(s) C
      • highlight the main theme(s)T
      • mention the stylistic devices used D
      • give the strength(s) of the work ST
      • give the weakness(es) of the work W
      • conclude by giving a recommendation of the book e.g. whether or not you can recommend the book to other readers.(R)

    • Language (06 Marks)
      • A 06
      • B 04-05
      • C 02-03
      • D 01

  2.  Cloze test
    •  is
    • words
    • that/which
    • from
    • fixed
    • manner
    • example/instance
    • using
    •  sense/meaning
    • metaphorical

    1. Oral Skills
        • Alliteration-rickety, rackety, rack
                            Roaring rushing race
        • Use of rhyme/use of rhyming words
          Dragged           uphill            top            track
          Puffed                 hill            stop            rack
        • repetition-I think I can I think I can
        • the phrase ‘I think I can’ has been repeated
        • consonance-roaring rushing
        • use of short lines e.g. I simply must not stop
        • onomatopoeia-roaring, puffed, rickety rackety

      2.  I would use;
        • a falling intonation-to show satisfaction at the victory achieved
        • for finality/end of the poem/end of the performance
        • a smiling face to show how happy I am at the success/achievement
        • happy tone-excited at the victory achieved

      • I-to show the emphasis is on the subject/it was I and no one else
      • Bought- shows that the emphasis is on the action/ the action was bought and nothing else.
      • Camera- to emphasize on the object/ it was the camera and nothing else

    3. Climb, pact, blue, cereal

      • permanent landmarks e.g. rivers, permanent buildings
      • use words like turn left, right
      • physically point out the direction or compass points-north, south
      • give approximate distance e.g. walk for 5 metres
      • give approximate time
      • use colours-buildings, gates etc.
      • repeat the instructions where necessary
      • use clear language

    4. I would:
      • start with a relevant anecdote
      • start with shocking/startling/relevant statistics
      • give background information on the topic
      • use a famous quotation
      • refute a misconception
      • use proverbs/wise sayings
      • give a personal testimony
      • ask relevant questions/rhetorical questions
      • use a dramatic skit/statement
      • cite authorities e.g. health experts
      • sing a relevant song

    5.  I would:
      • nodding your head either in agreement or disagreement
      • Stamping your feet
      • clapping/applauding
      • asking relevant questions
      • smiling /laughing
      • answer questions asked
      • raising eyebrows

        • the principal welcomes Felix-welcome Felix
        • invites him to sit down-please have a seat
        • greetings- Hello

        • rudely interrupts the Principal-I would like us to have a little chat about...
        • quickly jumps to conclusions-...Bruce! I knew that fool couldn’t be trusted

        • shouts at the principal-(shouting)
        • speaks rudely to the Principal-Speak louder. I can’t hear you
        • rudely interrupts the principal- I would like us to have a little chat about…
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