English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Kigumo Mocks 2021 Exams

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  1. Answer all your questions in the question paper


















    Following a spate of arson cases in schools, the County Director of Education requested the formation of committee in all schools comprising of the members of Board of Management, Parents Association, teachers, Students Council and the local administration to investigate the causes and make appropriate recommendations As a principal and the chairperson to your school committee, write a report that will be forwarded to the County Director (20 Marks)
    Fill the blanks in the passage below with an appropriate word (10 marks)
    The chorus of praise for the Meteorological Department for (1)……………… predicting when the rains would begin is a public vote of confidence in the institution The weatherman (2)……………… the exact day of the first deluge of the new rainy season and the duration (3)……………… , it is disappointing that despite the accuracy, the country has once again been caught napping This is, (4)……………… partly due to the skepticism arising from the past predictions But more worrying is the exposure of the lack of (5)……………… to deal with floods A country whose vast (6)……………… of land have been ravaged by a lengthy drought is now awash with water it does not know how to deal with It is a sorry state (7)………………suffering and agony when it rains and also when it shines The perennial utter (8)……………… of the people, agencies and the national and county leadership is astounding and costly Seven people have died in the past two days and there is every indication (9)……………… there will be more deaths and destruction of (10)………………
    1. Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow

      Make me a grave where’er you will,
      In a lowly plain, or a lofty hill;
      Make it among earth’s humblest graves,
      But not in a land where men are slaves

      I could not rest if around my grave
      I heard the steps of a trembling slave;
      His shadow above my silent tomb
      Would make it a place of fearful gloom

      I could not rest if I heard the tread
      Of a coffle going to the shambles led,
      And the mother’s shriek of wild despair
      Rise like a curse on the trembling air

      (by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper)

      1. Describe the rhyme scheme of the poem above (2mks)
      2. Apart from rhyme, mention two other ways they have achieved rhythm(4mks)
      3. Mention four ways in which you would know that your audience is fully participating during the recitation of the poem above (2mks)
      4. How would you perform the last line of the poem? (2mks)
    2. For each of the following words underline the part that is stressed (5 Marks)
      1. Dislike
      2. Approach (noun)
      3. Agreement
      4. Contest (verb)
      5. Prosecute
    3. Identify the odd one out based on the pronunciation of the underlined letter(s) (3 Marks)
      1. Quay quaint quack quality
      2. Chain character flinch champion
      3. Sachet packet ticket thicket
    4. Underline the silent letter in each of the following words (3 Marks)
      1. Cologne
      2. Exhaust
      3. Indictment
    5. Provide a word that is pronounced the same as the following words (3 Marks)
      1. Come-
      2. Colonel-
      3. Coup-
    6. Read the following conversation between Mutiso and Kemboi and then answer thequestions that follow (6 Marks)
      Mutiso: Before she died of liver cancer, my sister felt a lot of pain and lost a lot of weight
      Kemboi: Talking about that, I had a toothache last night I tell you I couldn’t sleep
      Mutiso: Yes, so about my sister
      Kemboi: (scrolling through his phone) You remind me about my sister In fact, she wrote to me last week telling me about her son’s fees She believes I have more money than I need, and that I should give her some
      Mutiso: Well, maybe you have a lot of money But thank you for being such a good listener! (Stands up to go)
      Kemboi: What! Have I offended you?

      1. Explain any 3 shortcomings in Kemboi’s listening skills (6 Marks)


    Heading – It should bear the subject of the report and the setting e.g. A REPORT ON … AT… SCHOOL (2 mks)
    Introduction – It should include the subject, terms of reference (Purpose) (1 mk)
    Collection of information – It should highlight at least 2 methods of data collection (1 mk)
    Findings – It should list down at least 3 findings of the investigation (1 mk)
    Conclusion – The report should have a general overview of the findings. (1 mk)
    Recommendations – These should be direct answers of the findings. At least 3 recommendations. (1 mk)
    Signing off – It should have the signature, name and designation of the person who prepared the report e.g.
    Compiled by: -
    Sign …………….
    Name …………….
    Secretary …………….             (2 mks)
    Total = 9 Mks
    Introduction – Subject – ½ Mk
    Terms of reference (Purpose – ½ Mk)
    - List of committee members and positions – 1 Mk
    Collection of information
    - 2 methods @ ½ Mk
    - 3 findings @ ½ Mk
    (Must be numbered)
    Conclusion – Must be a summary of the findings (1 Mk)
    Recommendations – Must be at least 3 recommendations @ ½ Mk
    Total = 7 Mks
    A- 4 Mks
    B- 3 Mks
    C- 2 Mks
    D- 1 Mk
    TOTAL = 20 Marks


  1. accurately
  2. gave
  3. However
  4. perhaps
  5. capacity
  6. swathes/tracts
  7. of
  8. helplessness
  9. that
  10. property


    1. aabbccddeeff – The poem has a regular rhyme scheme (2 mks)
    2. Repetition – Make… make
      • I... I…
      • I could not rest if…
        Alliteration – Make… me
        Assonance – Rise… like
        Consonance – not… rest
        (No mark without underlining)
        (Any 2 well illustrated answers = 4 marks)
      • Nodding their heads
      • Clapping
      • Laughing or expressing sadness where necessary
      • Stamping their feet
      • Maintaining eye contact with the reciter
        (Any 4 points ½ Mks = 2 Marks)
      • I would use a falling intonation (verbal)
      • I words stress the words rise, curse, trembling and air since they are the content words (verbal)
      • I would wear a sad face when saying e.g. Make me a grave where’er you will. (non-verbal)
      • I would raise my hands gradually when saying “rise like a curse on the trembling air” (non-verbal)
        (Any 2 answers (1 verbal and 1 non-verbal)
    1. Dis.like
    2. Ap.proach
    3. A.gree.ment
    4. Con.test(verb)
    5. Pro.se.cute
    1. Quay
    2. Character
    3. Sachet
    1. g
    2. h
    3. c
    1. Cum
    2. Kernel
    3. Coo
    1. Kemboi is selfish - He diverts attention from the concerns of Mutiso to his own concerns e.g. “you remind me about my sister…”
    2. He is insensitive/rude/impolite - He interrupts Mutiso speech without excusing himself e.g. “so about my sister”
    3. He lacks empathy – He makes no effort to put himself in the shoes of Mutiso after being told of how painfully Mutiso sister died. E.g. Talking about that, I had a toothache last night.
      (any 3 well illustrated and explained points @ 2 Mks = 6 marks)

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