English Paper 3 Questions and Answers - Butere Mock Exams 2021

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  1. Imaginative composition (Compulsory) (20 mks )
    1. Write a composition with the ending: ….this experience taught me to give is more blessed than to receive.
    2. Write an argumentative composition in support of herbal medicine.
  2. The compulsory text.
    Blossoms of the Savannah by Ole kulet (20mks)
    “Self-interest is a vice that whoever engages in it is bound to fail” Using Blossoms of the Savannah, write an essay to support this assertion. (20mks)
  3. The optional set texts.
    Answer any one of the following three questions.
    1. Memories We Lost And Other Stories .
      Though now independent, African countries still face many challenges. Using illustrations from Benjamin Branoff’s Window seat, write a composition in support of this statement.
    2. Inheritance by David Mulwa
      “Nothing good comes easy” Using illustrations from David Mulwa’s Inheritance, show how true this is.
      The Pearl by John Steinbeck.
    3. Great expectations make frustrated men”. Using illustrations from the novel write an essay supporting this statement.


(Imaginative Composition and Essays based on Set Texts)

    1. Must be a narrative
      Must end with the statement
      Must be part of this story not just tagged on.
      Otherwise deduct 2mks.
    2. Argumentative essay
      Must be in support of the statement if not deduct 2mks.
      Must show the importance of herbal medicine.
  2. “Self-interest is a vice that whoever engages in it is bound to fail”
    When one does something in the hope of benefiting himself or herself, the person is most likely not to succeed in his or her endeavors. This is well illustrated by Ole kulet in Blossoms of the savannah. (2mks)
    Accept any other valid introduction.
    Ole Kaelo’s self interest make him to engage in things which later on make him regret his decisions. Ole kaelo is advised by a friend Ole supeyo about the kind of man Oloisudori is. He is told that Oloisudori is not a man of integrity and warns him about doing business with him. He is even warned to keep his daughters away from him. Later this man causes him great worry when he threatens to bring his business down if he does not give him his daughter in marriage. Since Ole Kaelo does not want to lose his business and the money given to him by Oloisudori he accepts to offer Resian to oloisudori, leading to him losing his two daughters in end when Resian escapes to Miniks place and later Taiyo who was rescued by Minik’s men.
    Mama Milanoi decides to participate in offering her two daughters to Oloidudori. First Resian who ecapes then Taiyo. She fears going against ole Kaelo since she knows what is at stake if she does. This action makes her lose the trust of her daughters and they are angry with her and vow that they would not want to be like her marriage. In the end she also loses her two daughters.
    Olarinkoi seems to be a mystery in Ole Kaelo’s house, though he has his hidden intentions. He pretends to be of help to Resian when he finds her by the river after being disappointed by Ole kaelo the father. After taking Resian to his place, he turns into a beast by trying to rape Resian and even planning to circumcise her by force before marrying her. But Resian protects herself by biting his thumb when it was later known that he had to rape Resian, he was admonished and he later lost Resian when she was helped to escape by Nabaru
    Oloisudori is also another person who perpetuates self-interest when he extorts his clients. He has made Ole kaelo sign up to several contracts just to extort him at the end. He then changes his mind when he comes over at Ole Kaelo’s for his pound of flesh. He demands that Ole Kaelo gives him his daughter
    instead. Later on he still insists on his demands even after Resian escaping to Minik’s place and Taiyo being rescued, he proceeds to the ranch when Minik was having a farewell party for the 2 girls. This decision which he made out of self interest sees his convoy being reduced smoldering shelf and acrid smell of burning tires clobbered thoroughly.
    Mark 3:3:3:3
    In conclusion we can therefore agree that self –interest can lead to failure to anyone who engages in it.
    (2mks) (Accept any valid conclusion).
    Font – 12
    Grammar – 8
    Introduction – 2
    Conclusion – 2
    Total - 20
    1. ”Though now independent, African countries still face many challenges” window seat.
      Most African countries still face many challenges even after attaining self rule as depicted in window seat by Benjamin Brannoff.
      Corruption and inefficiency is quite rampant in the country the sentry who guards the gate at chuo is inefficient. We see him inspecting the van but he never seems to be trying hard and even if something were amiss he could not even notice it. He is however given a bribe and the van moves on.
      The traffic police are seen to be corrupt. The only language they understand is money. This is seem as they extort money from the buses. The police officers do not come about the condition of the bus or passengers.
      There is so much pollution as described by the narrator. Mwenge town points a picture of noise pollution. In the town there is incessant shouting by the conductors for passengers board their buses and vans. There is also so much smell that they have to contend with along the way, “ a rancid smell fills my nostrils. It smells of the garbage and human forth and decomposition.
      The public transport is a menace and has a myriad of challenges. There’s overloading in the daladalas.
      The van that the narrator uses is meant for 10 individuals, however it is carrying about twenty-five people. The public transport has a lot of discomfort. The passenger’s are so squeezed in the van that the narrator says he had to sit in a foetal position with his knees wedged between his abdomen and the seat in front of him.
      There is also lack of courteousness among the public. The conductors shout tor much, when the noise is unnecessary. The conductors also hurl insults and obscenities with impunity. There is also theft in the public transport system. The narrator’s wallet is stolen by a lady she was fantasizing on. He only gets to notice at the end of the journey when payment is demanded from him and he can’t find his money.
      Mark 3:3:3:3.
      In conclusion it’s true that an African countries still face challenges as illustrated above. (2mks) Accept any other valid conclusion.
    2. ” Nothing good comes easy”
      There’s a belief that peace can only be achieved through violence. When faced with danger, the only recourse is violence. This is well illustrated in the play inheritance by David Mulwa. (2mks)
      (Accept any other valid introduction)
      The people of Kutula got their independence through violence. There was insurrection, supported by king Kutula as he so readily admits, that targeted the whites and their property. The king explains that nothing will stop the people’s quest for independence. The Kutula people achieve independence through violence.
      After independence the hopes and dreams last for a few years. They had peace as they had food to eat and were totally debt free. When lacuna murders the king, their dreams end. He is cruel, selfish dictator with overwhelming greed. He jails those who resist his rule like Bengo and makes it impossible for others to earn a living like Judah.
      When things go wrong for Lacuna, his only re course is violence. Over the years he has bought the loyalty of his supporters, He advises Meshak that he should enlist men who would even guard his sheep. He believes that as long as he has the support of the army, he is safe. When trouble breaks out, Lacuna orders Meshak to shoot the resistors and demonstrators.
      When the rebels meet, the young among them feel that they should use violence. They feel that the pleas for peaceful resistance are what have kept the people oppressed for long. When the country is unable to pay up the debts the colonialists show their faces. In amazing show of subservience, Goldstein’s ascends to the throne and Lacuna becomes a groveling servant at Goldstein’s feet.
      The revolution changes things. The puppet is deposed and the people make it clear that they do not consider themselves indebted to the whites. The loan have been procured by Lacuna were his personal business and the creditors should know because it was an individual who borrowed and misappropriated the funds. The people make a choice to have Sangoi and the white men have been told the truth and things are looking up.
      Mar 3:3:3:3.
      In conclusion we can say that good kings must be taught for just like true independence of the people of Lacuna. (2mks)
      (Accept any valid conclusion) .
    3. “ Great expectations make frustrated men”
      Kino is a man with great expectations that eventually makes it impossible to make a success of his life. He expects so much from the pearl and in the end making him frustrated. (2mks)
      (Accept any other valid introduction)
      Kino is obsessive, the fact that the doctor refuses to see his sick child because he is poor, makes Kino obsessed with the thought of getting the Pearl. “ That might be that would make him a man again, a man capable of feeding and protecting his family. Hence when he comes into possession of the Pearl, he simply won’t let go, whatever the price he has to pay to keep it. The first time he is injured, his wife begs him to get rid of it, but he will hear none of it. He flatly refuses to part with his fortune even when the wife juana tells him the thing is evil and would destroy them. He eventually kills to keep the Pearl and it is only after his son Coyotito is killed that he agrees to throw it back to the sea.
      Kino stubbornly faces and confronts mountains of danger cost against him. He lacks the caution, the reason and the sense of self preservation. He adamantly rejects the counsel of his wife and actually turns violent and assaults her when she tries to get rid of the Pearl. In the end his expectations make him condemn his family to misery.
      1. The doctor also demonstrates self- interest. When the Kinos take their sick child to him, he refuses to treat him as he claims he has no time to treat “little Indians; He asks his servant whether they have money and when the answer is negative, he feels him to report that he has to go somewhere urgently. The doctor changes tune when the news of Kino’s sudden fortune reaches him, he visits them in their brush house. The doctor administers fake treatment by feeding the child with something poisonous. When he comes back in an hour’s time to correct the deliberate damage he has done in the treatment he tricks Kino into revealing where he has buried the Pearl. To the doctor, the Pearl is a ticket to a luxurious life in Paris. However, his attempts to get the Pearl are not successful hence making him a frustrated man.
        The priest in the church too has self interest as the rest. Apparently he cannot preside over Kino’s betrothal to Juana because they are and can’t afford the wedding. When the family discovers the Pearl, he even has time to visit them in their humble brush house. In his mind he wants to carry out repairs in the church. He reminds them of the need to thank the giver of their good fortune. He never forgets to remind his servants of the need to be satisfied with their humble circumstances, to hold first as destined by God. His intention is to subdue and make them accept their continued subjugation. He however becomes frustrated when the Pearl does not meet his expectations.
        The pearl dealers too have great expectations when news of the Pearl reaches them. We have been told that twice the Indian Pearl fishers have tried to attempt to break the yoke of greedy Pearl dealers when they heard of Kino’s Pearl they collude to cheat him of the true value of the Pearl. They are later on frustrated when Kino refuses their offer and decides to go to the capital for a better price.
        Accept any4 well illustrated parts.
        Mark 3:3:3:3
        In a nutshell can deduced that great expectation will obviously make frustrated men as illustrated above.
        (Accept any valid conclusion). (2mks)
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