Agriculture Paper 1 Questions - Butere Mock Exams 2021

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Attempt all questions in this section

  1. Give four roles of mulches in soil and water conservation? 2 mks
  2. State two differences between field crops and horticultural crops 2mks
  3. Give the reason why Nitrogen, phosphorous and Potassium nutrients are referred to as fertiliser elements 1mk
  4. Mention four advantages associated with the use of seeds as planting materials 2mks
  5. State four advantages of landlordism and tenancy systems of land ownership 2mks
    1. What is solifluction 1mk
    2. Give any two conditions that may increase the speed and intensity of solifluction process 2mks
  7. Give four adaptions that enable weeds to have extremely successful means of propagation 2mks
  8. State four importance for carrying out crop rotation on the farm. 2 mks
  9. Give two conditions that may necessitate roguing on the farm 1mk
  10. State four reasons why strong wind is a threat in agricultural production 2 mks
  11. Mention two conditions that may necessitate irrigation of crops on the farm 2 mks
    1. What is opportunity cost? 1 mk
    2. State four reasons why farmers are encouraged to keep livestock health records 2 mks
    1. Give two major causes of blossom end rot disease in tomatoes. 1 mk
    2. Why are tomato seedlings watered thoroughly before transplanting 1mk
  14. State two reasons why soil testing should be carried out. 2mks
  15. Give four disadvantages of row planting in crop production 2 mks

Attempt all questions in this section

  1. Study the illustration below and answer the questions that follows
    1. Identify the method of propagation shown in the illustration above 1 mk
    2. Give three desirable features that the mother plant from which the part labelled K should have 3mks
    3. Give one factor considered when choosing part L during the practice shown above 1mk
  2. The information 20:10:5 was observed on a bag of fertiliser;
    1. What does ‘20’ on the bag of fertiliser mean? 1mk
    2. What factor determines the rate and amount of fertiliser applied on the farm? 1 mk
    3. A farmer was advised to apply 200kg of the above fertiliser on his one hactare of land under maize production, calculate the amount of nutrients that were applied on the farm. 3 mks
  3. Study the illustration below and answer the questions that follow
    Date Commodity/item Quantity Date Issued to Quantity Bal. in stock
    01/2/21 DAP Fertiliser 150 bags 15/2/21 F/Manager 30 bags DAP 120 bags DAP
    1. Identify the farm document above. 1mk
    2. State four specific importance of the above document being kept on the farm 4mks
  4. The figure represents a structural measure used in soil and water conservation, study it and answer the questions that follows.
    1. Identify the structural measure represented above. 1 mk
    2. under what circumstances is the measure above used? 1mk
    3. Give three special features and precautions taken when the measure above is put into use 3mks

This section comprises of three questions, attempt any TWO questions in this section.

    1. Describe ten factors that influence soil erosion 10 mks
    2. Describe five nursery management practices carried out on the farm 10 mks
    1. Explain eight reasons why weeds are controlled on the farm 8 mks
    2. Describe six basis of field pests classification on the farm 12 mks
    1. Why are farmers encouraged to consolidate their farms in agricultural production 12 mks
    2. What eight advantages will the farmer who keep proper farm records have over the one who does not keep farm records at all? 8 mks
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