CRE Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Eagle II Joint 2021 Mock Exams

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  • This paper consists of six questions.
  • Answer any five questions in the spaces provided.
  • Each question carries 20 marks 



















    1. Outline Jeremiah’s prophecy about the Messiah. (Jeremiah 23:5-6) (6mks)
    2. State the content of Benedictus (Luke 1:67-79). (7mks)
    3. How do Christians solve the issue of childlessness? (7mks)
    1. Give seven reasons why Jesus was rejected in Nazareth. (7mks)
    2. What are the importance of temptation of Jesus to Christians today? (7mks)
    3. Identify six challenges that the church leaders face today. (6mks)
    1. Describe the transfiguration of Jesus. (Luke 9:28-36). (7mks)
    2. State the significance of the transfiguration to Christians today. (6mks)
    3. Why do Christians find it difficult to pray? (7mks)
    1. State six ways in which Peter’s life was transformed during the day of Pentecost. (6mks)
    2. Explain the vine and branches as a symbol of unity of believers (John 15:1-10). (8mks)
    3. What causes disunity in the church in Kenya today? (6mks)
    1. Explain the Christian attitude to human sexuality. (7mks)
    2. State four differences between the Traditional African and modern attitude towards marriage. (8mks)
    3. List five disadvantages of single parent family today. (5mks)
    1. Outline eight rights of employees. (8mks)
    2. What are the factors that lead to child labour (6mks)
    3. Give six reasons why Christians condemn idleness (6mks)


      • A righteous branch of David
      • He will reign as a king
      • Rule wisely
      • Execute justice
      • Rule with righteousness
      • During his time Judah will be save
      • Israel will dwell securely
      • He will be called ‘The Lord is our righteousness.
        Any 6 points (6x1=6mks)
      • God is a redeemer
      • God has raised a horn of salvation from the house of David
      • God is faithful/God remembers His covenant
      • God will deliver Israelites from their enemies
      • John will be called the prophet of the most high
      • He will go before the Lord to prepare his ways
      • He will give knowledge of salvation to his people
      • He will give light to those who sit in the darkness and in shadow of death
      • He will guide our feet into the way of peace
        Any 7 points (7x1=7mks)
      • Pray to God to bless their marriage
      • Seek medical advise to establish the problem
      • Remain faithful to each other
      • Be patient and less anxious
      • Seek advise from experienced couples with children
      • Uphold church doctrine and marriage
      • Adopt children
      • Accept their state
      • Read literature on childlessness as a way of getting a solution to their problems
      • Visit children’s home to offer their services to this needy children
      • Love each other dearly
        Any 7 points (7x1=7mks)
      • He declared that he had come to fulfil Isaiah’s prophecy concerning the Messiah
      • They knew him as the son of Joseph the carpenter yet he said he was the Messiah
      • He failed to perform the kind of miracle that he had performed in Capernaum
      • He told the people the prophets are ignored in their own country
      • He annoyed them by telling them that their forefathers rejected God’s prophets
      • He compared the Jews unfavorably to the Gentiles
        The First 6 points (6x1=6mks)
      • Christians should be ready to face temptation in their lives as Jesus faced temptation
      • Only the living true God should be worshipped
      • Christians should not put God to test
      • It is not wrong to be tested but it is wrong to give in to temptations
      • Fast and pray so as to overcome temptations
      • Christians should seek the help of the Holy Spirit when faced with temptations.
      • Temptation strengthens Christian faith in God.
      • Christians should be conversant with scriptures so as to overcome temptations
      • Jesus fully understand our needs and is ready to help
      • God cannot tempt us beyond our ability
        Any 7 points (7x1=7mks)
      • Opposition/rejection/persecution /discrimination
      • Leadership wrangles
      • Lack of co-operation from church members
      • False teachings/prophets/cults/witchcraft/black magic
      • Lack of resources to spread Good news
      • Lack of professional training
      • Moral decadence/permissiveness in the society
      • Negative influence from mass media/pornography
      • Poor infrastructure
      • Family problems
      • Temptations in their duties
      • Language barrier
      • Political interference
        The First 7 points (7x1=7mks)
      • Jesus took Peter, John and James to mountain to pray
      • As he was praying his appearance changed /was transfigured.
      • Two men appeared(Moses and Elijah) in glory and talked with him
      • They talked about his departure which he was to accomplish in Jerusalem
      • When the disciples awoke they saw Jesus glory and the two men standing with Jesus
      • Peter told Jesus that they make three booths one for Jesus ,one for Moses and one for Elijah
      • A cloud then came and overshadowed them and they were afraid.
      • A voice came from the cloud saying ’This is my son ,my chosen listen to him’
      • After the voice had spoken Jesus was found alone
      • They did not tell anyone what they had seen.
        Any 7 points (7x1=7mks)
      • Appearance of Moses and Elijah represent the law and prophets respectively.
      • Jesus was the fulfilment of the Old Testament prophecies and the law.
      • God had approved the suffering and death of Jesus.
      • The booths represents terbernacle of the Old Testament where God lived among his people when they were in the desert.
      • The voice heard from the clouds confirmed that whatever Jesus was undertaking was in accordance with God’s will.
      • It strengthen the faith of the disciples in the work ahead of them.
      • It confirmed Jesus as the son of God.
      • Appearance of Moses and Elijah shows that the holy people of God continue to exist in another form after their death/there is hope for eternal life.
      • It pointed out to the coming death and resurrection of Jesus to glory
        Any 6 points (6x1=6mks)
      • Lack of faith in God
      • Laziness
      • Frustrations at personal/family level
      • Discouragement from peers
      • Sins in their lives
      • Loss of hope due to unanswered prayers
      • Lack of knowledge of scriptures
      • Shyness
      • Trusting wealth and education instead of God
      • Lack of training from an early age/lack of role models
      • Devil attacks/humiliation
      • Permissiveness
      • Too busy in their work
        Any 7 points (7x1=7mks)
      • He was filled with the Holy Spirit
      • He started speaking in tongues
      • He became courageous /defended the disciples that they were not drunk
      • He was able to remember Old Testament prophecies/teachings.
      • He began witnessing the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.
      • He called people to repentance
      • He was empowered to perform miracles
        The First 6 points (6x1=6mks)
      • The vine refers to Jesus Christ the son of God
      • The branches are Christians/believers who are united through the vine
      • The branches are attached to the vine just as Christians are attached to Jesus Christ
      • The gardener/vine dresser is God
      • The fruits are acceptable Christian behavior such as love for one another
      • The vine(Jesus) links all branches (Christians) to the vine dresser (God)
      • The fruitless branches that bear fruits represent the faithful Christians
      • Christians must remain united in Christ
      • Jesus used the vine to show close relationship between him and his followers
      • Unfaithful Christians are like unfruitful branches they are punished
        Any 4 points (4x2=8mks)
    3. What causes disunity in the church in Kenya today?
      • Formation of splinter groups
      • Misunderstanding of the use of spiritual gifts
      • Discrimination against some members of the church
      • Settling disputes in civil courts
      • Misuse of freedom of worship
      • Different attitudes towards the administration of sacraments
      • Differences in the belief about resurrection
      • Leadership wrangles
      • Cultural differences among members of the congregation
      • Conversation/ permissiveness in the church/dressing
      • Misuse of the church’s resources/funds
      • Arrogance/pride among some members of the church
      • Generation gap
        Any 6 points (6x1=6mks)
      • Sex is sacred/Gift from God
      • Man and woman are created for companionship
      • A woman was created to complement man
      • The man and woman share the image of God /are equal
      • They become one in marriage
      • Sexual intercourse is life giving and procreation
      • Human beings have the ability to control sexual desires
      • All forms of irresponsible sexual behavior are condemned/Bodies are God’s temple and should be kept holy.
        Any 7 points (7x1=7mks)
      • In Traditional African Communities marriage is rhythm of life through which everyone must undergo /compulsory while today a person can decide to marry or not to marry/celibacy.
      • Procreation as a purpose for marriage is more emphasized in Traditional communities than modern society where marriage is regarded complete even without children
      • Polygamous family is highly respected in Traditional while today monogamous marriage is emphasized.
      • In Traditional society husband is the head of a family but in modern society the husband and wife tend to be seen as complementary.
      • Choosing a marriage partner and marriage arrangement were a collective responsibility in Traditional communities but today marriage is mainly seen as individual affairs.
      • In Traditional African Communities the significance of dowry was social and religious while today too much economic significance is attached to dowry
      • In Traditional African Communities people looked for a marriage partner who was hardworking/strong/healthy while today focus is on external beauty/riches/education.
        The First 4 points (4x2=8mks)
      • Loneliness
      • Lack of mother/father figure
      • Experience identity crisis/psychological problems.
      • Social problem /humiliation /teasing
      • Lack of acceptance by community
      • Economic hardships/financial constraints
      • Problems in adopting to marriage life/when they finally marry.
      • Lack of sexual satisfaction.
        The First 5 points (5x1=5mks)
      • Right good pay
      • Must have good working environment
      • Given time to rest/leave
      • Right to be promoted
      • Right to joint trade unions
      • Right to be given industrial security
      • Right to be treated fairly and respected
      • Right to expression
        The first 8 points (8x1=8mks)
      • Source of cheap labour
      • Irresponsible parenthood/lack of parental guidance
      • Poverty
      • They are easily hired and fired
      • Lack of schooling
      • Greed for material wealth
      • Death of parents
      • Lack of role models
      • Negligence by relatives/parents
        Any 6 points (6x1=6mks)
      • Encourages dependence on other people
      • Undermines the development of God’s given talent
      • Seen as disobedience to God’s command for human beings to work
      • Lead to anti-social activity/crime
      • Lead to lifestyle diseases/ unhealthy
      • Leads to poverty/ lack of basic necessities
      • May lead to conflicts/ quarrels/fights among people
      • Its failure to uphold the image of God as a worker
        The first 6 points (6x1=6mks)

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