English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Bondo Mocks 2021 Exams

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  1. You are the head student, Bar Muofu Secondary School in Bondo. Of late you have realized that the students have lost discipline, and this has made the school to have a bad name.
    1. Write an internal memo to them, warning them of dire consequences if they do not change their behavior and attitude.
      Some of the areas you wish to address are:
      1. Punctuality 
      2. Language policy
      3. Lack of courtesy
      4. School uniform
      5. Any other relevant area from your observation (13 marks)
    2. Design a Card inviting the students to a motivational talk with an aim of changing their behavior and attitude. (7 marks)
  2. Read the passage below and fill in each blank space with the most appropriate word.  (10 marks)
    Poaching is increasingly (1)   ____________________ a menace, not just in Kenya, (2) _______________ also in other parts of the continent, (3) _________________ a grave danger to the survival of various animal species particularly the elephant. Whereas, there have been (4) ___________________   to raise awareness about the danger posed by the menace, not enough has been done to (5) ______________ it out and punish offenders.
    As it is, poaching is becoming a crisis, threatening species like elephants, which are hunted (6) ____________ for their ivory, rhinos which are targeted because of their horns and other game like lions.
    The Kenya Wildlife Service has been doing well to combat (7) _____________   but it appears that more is needed if the criminals (8) _______________ to be stopped. If the killers have more sophisticated weaponry, then KWS must (9) _____________ its game or call (10) _________________ the military to assist.
  3. Oral Skills (30 marks)
    1. Read the poem below and then answer the questions that follow.
      Her lip suckle the nipples
      Milk bubbles, foams and ripples
      Little hands up in the air
      Catch on the mother’s hair
      Sweet sensation rises in pressure
      Tiny legs kick with pleasure
      Sleep comes gently and strong
      Sleep whispers softly and long.
      (Emusara Ossie Enekase)
      1. Describe the rhyme scheme of the above poem. (2 marks)
      2. Identify and illustrate what makes the poem pleasant to recite and listen to? (2 marks)
      3. Which words will you stress in line 3 of the poem and why?(2 marks)
      4. How would you perform the last two lines of the poem? (3 marks)
    2. Suppose you were asked to make a speech at a friend’s graduation party. Mention five things you would do to capture the audience’s attention?  (5 marks)
    3. Your father who stays in the village wants to visit you in Siaya town. He has never visited you before. Your house is not far from the stage. 
      1. Mention two ways you would specify to him the distance from the stage to your house.    (2 marks)
      2. Apart from specifying the distance, how else would you ensure he reaches the house when giving him the direction? (3 marks)
    4. Give a word with a similar pronunciation(4 marks)
      1. Muscle
      2. Prophet
      3. Come
      4. Which
    5. The following is a conversation between a father and his daughter. Read it then answer the questions that follow.
      DAUGHTER: (Shortly after having arrived home from school) Good afternoon, Daddy.
      FATHER: (Sitting complacently in the sofa, reading a newspaper. Looking up……..)
      Good afternoon. (Resumes reading).
      DAUGHTER: (Holding out her school report form) Daddy, I’m excited. My class teacher said 
      I was the best improved.  I was…
      FATHER: Oh, you were? Me, I used to be number one. I was absolutely unbeatable.
      DAUGHTER: Chemistry has been a particular headache (now looking at the report form which she thought her father would want see), but this time…
      FATHER: (Stretching his arms, looking preoccupied)
      Chemistry for me was particularly easy. I never scored anything less than 90%.
      DAUGHTER: Dad, I was going to tell you that this time…
      FATHER:  (Absent-mindedly) By the way, where is your mum?
      DAUGHTER: Mum is in the garden picking vegetables. But Dad, you are not listening to my story.
      I was   telling you about Chemistry.
      FATHER: You mean you have a story about Chemistry? Chemistry is not about stories. It is hard Science.
      DAUGHTER: It’s about my improvement…
      FATHER:  (Laughing)Me, it wasn’t a matter of improvement. I was always at the top of the class.
      DAUGHTER: Daddy, I give up. You are not listening.
      FATHER: (looking surprised) Listening? I heard you: you were talking about improvement in chemistry, weren’t you?
      DAUGHTER: Anyway, Dad. Thank you for paying attention. Enjoy your newspaper.
      FATHER: Ooh yes, I’m reading an interesting story about politics.
      1. Explain any shortcomings in the father’s listening skills.(4 marks)
      2. Suggest ways the father can improve his listening skills.            (3 marks)


Internal Memo
Sample Memo
Format F = 4
Content C =5
Language L =4 

    1. Internal  memo
      Language Interpretation
      • The learner communicates with ease. No tense, or spelling errors.
      • Subject- verb agreement rule observed
      • good paragraphing.
      • Good use of sentence structures.
      • A flawless writing.
        2 mks
      • A few spelling and tense errors present. A few errors in sentence construction.
      • Has a number of general errors but the student still communicates.
        1 mk
      • Has all types of serious errors in tenses, spelling and poor paragraphing.
      • The learner can’t communicate and one has to guess what he means.
        NB: Do not award 0 (zero) mark for language
        Better Your Best.
        Internal Memo F ½
        REF/NO: 651/3/2015 F ½
        To : All StudentsF ½
        From : The Head StudentF ½
        CC : The Principal
        Date : 25th Nov, 2021 F ½
        Subject:Students’ Discipline and General Conduct.F ½
        It has come to my attention that most studentsare of late displaying a lot of indiscipline.
        Majority of them arrive late,C-1use foul language/break language policyC-2and lack courtesy C-3 even among themselves.
        Sadly, others have been caught roaming the village, carrying food to class and failure to wear school uniformC-4which are all against our school rules and regulations.
        You are therefore sternly warned C-5that failure to change your behavior and attitude will lead to dire consequences.
        Remember your education is your lifeline.
        The Head StudentF ½

        Cordially invite, F ½
        Mr./Mrs./Miss………………………………………………………………… F ½
        To a motivational C-½ talk that will be held on 28th Nov, 2021 C-½ in the Bidii HallC-½ at 10.00am. C-½
        The Guest Speaker will be:
        Mr. Nicholas Buteti, C-½ the C.E.O, Future Children, Siaya.
        The theme C-½ of the talk will be: Behavior and Attitude change.
        Kindly observe punctuality.
        F ½
        The Head Student
        Bar Muofu Sec School F1/2
        P.O BOX 10000-001
        TEL NO: 0727722700
        The head of Department
        Guidance and Counselling
        Bar Muofu Sec School
        P.O Box 112-006
        Format   F = 2
        Content C =3
        Tone      T =1
        Borders B = 1
  2. Cloze test
    1. becoming
    2. but
    3. posing
    4. attempts/efforts
    5. stamp
    6. down
    7. poaching
    8. are
    9. up
    10. in      
      1. aabbccdd 1mk…..regular rhyme scheme 1mk (2mks)
        (Award zero for a candidate who says “regular rhyme scheme” without the scheme)
      2. Alliteration…. “Sweetsensations rises in pressure”(2mks)
         “Sleep whispers softly and long”
        Rhyme/rhyming words…nipples/ripples;air/hair;pressure/pleasure;strong/long
        Assonance…. “Tiny legs kick with pleasure”
        “….softly and long”
        Consonance… “Milk bubbles, foams and ripples” 
        The nature of lines in the poem…they are short and almost of the same length.
        (Award 2mks to any well illustrated device; award 0 for identification without illustration)
      3. Little, hands, up, air1mk….They are content words that show the excitement/joy/happiness/satisfaction of the baby as it breastfeeds.1mk (2mks)
      4. -Verbal….with a falling intonation to mark finality/end.1mk (3mks)
        ….by lowering my tone/voice/in a whisper to avoid interrupting the baby’s approaching sleep.1mk
        ….I would also say it in a slow pace, to create the onset of the approaching sleep.1mk
        -Non-verbal…I will close my eyes as if falling asleep (facial expressions) 1mk
        …I will put a finger across my lips/mouth as I say the words “whispers” (Gestures)
        (Award any 2 well explained verbal and 1 non-verbal cues or vice versa; award max 2mks if 
        All answers are verbal/non- verbal)
      1. Maintain eye contact.
      2. Adopt a posture that is authoritative because this might elicit a positive response
      3. Do something unexpected like referring to a specific person by name, without embarrassing them.
      4. Begin by clearing the throat.
      5. Clap or ring a bell.
      6. Begin by telling a joke.
      7. Begin with a famous quotation or a proverb.
      8. Greet the audience.
      9. Sing a relevant chorus/song.
        (Only award the first 5 points; draw a line after the 5th point and don’t award)  
        (Any first 5 points × 1= 5mks)
        • Time taken from stage to the house e.g. 5 mins (2mks)
        • Estimates in meters or kilometerse.g.   200 meters from the stage
        • Mention landmarks e.g. bridges,hills,rivers(3mks)
        • Use specific turns/directions e.g. left,right,straight
        • Use compass directions such as South,North
      1. muscle – mussel
      2. Prophet - profit
      3. come- cum
      4. which- witch
        1. The father fails to prepare to listen,i.e. does not adopt a listening posture.
        2. He interrupts severally i.e. does not adhere to the turn-taking rule.
        3. He is fails to be empathetic – he does not put himself in the shoes of his daughter in order appreciate where she is coming from.
        4. He is full of self-importance / self-praise/pride. This prevents him from reaching out to his daughter.
        5. He is absent-minded – he changes the topic abruptly thus interrupting the flow of the conversation.
        6. He has pre-conceived ideas about Chemistry. He doesn’t give the daughter a chance to explain herself.
        7. He is unwilling to see his own shortcomings as far as listening skills are concerned. e.g. he says, “I heard you” – he believes he was listening.
        8. He insensitively responds to the daughter – he does not realize he has hurt his daughter by not listening to her.
          (Mark all,award any best four;do not award for character traits)  4pnts=4mkS
        1. He should take a listening posture e.g. leaning forward, putting the newspaper aside to attend to the daughter   
        2. He should observe turn-taking/be patient for the daughter to have her say.
        3. He must be more empathetic and relate to the daughter’s feeling of achievement
        4. He shouldexhibit some level of humility and avoid praising himself a lot.
        5. He must stick to the point of discussion i.e. avoid interrupting the flow of conversation.
        6. He must concentrate on the discussion at hand and avoid distractions/have an open mind.
        7. He should be willing to acknowledge his own listening shortcomings by even asking for clarification.
        8. He should be sensitive/considerate in his response to the daughter.(any 3 points x1=3Points)
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