CRE Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Arise and Shine Mock Exams 2022

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Instructions to Candidates:
  1. The question paper has six questions.
  2. The candidate should answer any five questions.
  3. All the answers should be written in the answer booklet provided.
  4. All the answers must be in English












    1. Explain four ways in which man is a special creation. (8 marks)
    2. Identify any seven historical books in the Old Testament Bible. (7 marks)
    3. Give reasons why Christians should practice forgiveness. (5 marks)
    1. Name five animals used by Abraham during the covenant. (5 marks)
    2. Narrate how God tested Abraham’s faith according to Genesis 22:1-19. (8 marks)
    3. Give seven examples of modern covenants. (7 marks)
    1. State five dangers of kingship in Israel as foreseen by Prophet Samuel. (5 marks)
    2. Identify the contribution of King David to the development of Israel. (8 marks)
    3. Give reasons why Christians build churches. (7 marks)
    1. Highlight the characteristics of false prophets in the Old Testament. (7 marks)
    2. Outline the content of Jeremiah’s letter to the exiles in Babylon (Jeremiah 29:1-32).  (8 marks)
    3. Mention five social evils that a true prophet of God would condemn in the modern society  (5 marks)
    1. Identify seven occasions when Nehemiah prayed. (7 marks)
    2. Outline seven problems faced by Nehemiah. (7 marks)
    3. Why do some Christians find it difficult to pray? (6 marks)
    1. State six roles of spirits towards the living in traditional African society. (6 marks)
    2. Identify eight ways through which ancestors were venerated in traditional African society. (8 marks)
    3. Give six occasions when sacrifices were offered in Traditional African society. (6 marks)


      • Among all the creatures it is only man that God moulded or used hands to create.
      • He was created in the image and likeness of God.
      • . Man was given responsibility over the rest of God’s creation.
      • Man was given ability to communicate with God.
      • Man has conscience to differentiate right from wrong.
      • Man received God’s breath.
        (Any 4X 2 = 8 marks)
      • Joshua
      • Judges
      • Ruth
      • 1 and 2 Samuel
      • 1 and 2 Kings
      • 1 and 2 Chronicles
      • Ezra
      • Nehemiah
      • Esther
        (Any 7x1=7 marks)
      • It promote peace/harmony among people
      • It is a way of winning people to Christ.
      • It is a way of showing love to others
      • It is a way of tolerating people
      • In order for us to be forgiven by God.
      • Strengthens relationship among people.
      • Shows obedience to Christian’s teachings/command.
      • In order to emulate Christ
        (Any 5x1=5 marks)
      • A heifer
      • A she-goat
      • A ram
      • A turtle dove
      • A young pigeon
      • God told Abraham to take his son to mount Moriah and sacrifice him.
      • Abraham obeyed God’s command and took his son to where he was told.
      • Isaac asked his father “where is the lamb of the sacrifice”
      • Abraham built an altar.
      • He laid his son on the altar for a sacrifice
      • He took his knife and when he was about to kill Isaac, God told him not to do any harm to Isaac.
      • God then provided a ram for the sacrifice.
      • Abraham took a ram and offered it as a burnt offering
      • Abraham named the place “God will provided”.
      • Thereafter Abraham returned to his men.
        (Any 8 x1=8mks)
      • Marriage
      • Land buying/selling agreement
      • Peace treaties
      • Adoption of children
      • Baptism
      • Oath of allegiance/loyalty.
      • Ordination of pastors/priests.
      • On becoming an employee of the government or private sector.
        (Any 7x1=7 mark)
      • Israelites would forcefully be recruited into the army
      • The king would enslave them.
      • The king would overtax them.
      • The king would introduce force labour to them.
      • He would make their daughters maid/perfumers
      • He would lead to harsh rules/oppression
      • It was seen as a way of rejecting Yahweh their unseen king hence Yahweh would reject them too.
      • Their vineyards/lands would be taken by kings
        (Any 5x1=5 marks)
      • Composed songs used in praise of God
      • He knew and obeyed God
      • He established the most powerful state with geographical boundaries
      • He captured Jerusalem from Jebusites
      • He united the people of Israel.
      • He encouraged trade with other nations.
      • He decentralized the government by creating administrative system.
      • He was a shrewed administrator who choose wise elders to help him rule.
      • He make Jerusalem the capital city/centre of Jewish worship.
        (Any 8x1=8mks)
      • Used for worshipping God.
      • Signify God’s presence/house of God
      • Used for meetings/place of gathering for members.
      • Religious functions takes place in the church e.g. festivals
      • Places where Christians receive the word of God/preaching.
      • Act as a sign of prestige/recognition/identification.
      • To demonstrate their faith in the existence of God.
      • Can be used as a place of refuge in times of danger/calamity
        (Any 7x1=7 marks)
      • They ask for payments for services/material gain.
      • They were self-appointed/had no call from God/did not receive vision from God.
      • Their prophecies were not fulfilled/lied to the people.
      • They spoke what people wanted to hear/wanted to please people.
      • They did not speak with authority when challenge.
      • They spoke about doctrines/teachings that were contrary to the covenant.
      • They were not ready to suffer for the truth
      • Their lives were not exemplary/hypocrites/practiced necromancy.
      • They waited favours from the kings/political leaders.
      • They undermined the work of prophets/challenges the work of the true prophets
        (Any 7x1=7mks)
      • To build houses and live in them.
      • Plant garden and eat their produce
      • To marry and have children
      • To live in peace and promote the welfare of the cities where they were living
      • To pray for their masters
      • Not to listen to the words of false prophets and diviners.
      • God would restore them back to their land after 70 years.
      • God would punish those who remained in the Judah for failing to listen to him.
      • To trust in God and not to give up.
      • God was accessible even in Babylon.
        (Any 8x1=8)
      • Corruption
      • Sexual immorality
      • Murder
      • Abortion
      • Land grabbing
      • Oppression of the poor
      • Discrimination
      • Cheating in business
      • Nepotism/tribalism/Racism/Ethnicity
        (Any 5x1=5mks)
      • After learning of the suffering of Jews back in Judah
      • Before requesting for permission from king Artextexers.
      • Alter condemning oppression of the poor.
      • When he faced opposition from Tobias and Sanballat.
      • When he asked God to remember him for his work
      • After chasing away the son-in-law of Sanballat from the temple.
      • After reinstating the true worship of Yahweh.
      • When he learnt of the plot against his life.
      • Before cleansing the temple.
        (Any 7x1=7mks)
      • Ridicule /mockery from his enemies
      • Opposition in re-building of the wall.
      • The royals of Tekoa refused to do work assigned to them.
      • Plot by his enemies to attack the builders and cause confusion.
      • He was falsely accused to planning a revolt against the king.
      • Oppression of the poor.
      • His enemies wanted to kill him.
        (7x1 = 7 marks)
      • Lack of faith
      • Failure to create time to pray
      • Material comfort
      • Discouragement by their situation
      • Same don’t know how to pray
      • Spiritual weakness
      • Lack of guidance in spiritual matters
      • Unanswered prayers
      • Feeling guilt from unconfessed sins
        (Any 6x1=6mks)
      • Acted as mediators between the living and God.
      • Warned the living of the impending dangers.
      • Punished wrong doers.
      • Protected the living from the evil.
      • Revealed secrets of the living.
      • Arrested calamities.
      • Received sacrifices from the living on behalf of God
      • Through sacrifices/offerings
      • Pouring libation
      • Naming children after them.
      • Consulting them in times of crisis.
      • Welcoming them to the community/family ceremonies
      • Observing community tradition
      • Protecting ancestral land
      • Conducting respectful funerals for them
      • Taking care of their graves.
      • Fulfilling their wishes
        (Any 8x1=8mks
      • During rites of passage
      • During harvest time/after harvesting
      • During calamities
      • Before going to war.
      • To appease the spirits
      • During religious festivals
      • When thanking God for blessings
        (Any 6x1=6mks)

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