English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - KCSE 2022 Mock Exams Set 1

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Instructions to the candidates

  1. Write your name and admission number in the spaces above.
  2. Answer all the questions in the spaces provided.
  3. Check to ascertain that the paper has all questions.





1.Functional Writing



2. Cloze Test



3. Oral Skills








  1. Imagine you are the principal at Kilimambogo Teachers Training College. Lydia Moraa, a former employee at the college, has been invited to attend an interview at Rift Valley Institute of Technology. The principal has written to you requesting that you provide information about Moraa’s; professionalism, inter-personal relationship, reliability, mastery and content delivery and her general conduct. Send this information to the principal via an email. Copy in, the chairperson of the board Rift Valley Institute of Technology without the principal knowing that the chair has the same information.


2. Read the passage below and fill the blanks provided with a suitable word. (10 marks)
Conducting a job search 1__________________the Internet has definitely 2____________________how job seekers contact hiring 3______________________. The availability of copying and pasting a text version CV into a format 4_________________________company’s Website has laid the foundation for an easier and 5_______________________ convenient process. 6___________________ the Internet’s convenience, a breeding ground for scam artists continues to 7_____________each year as well. Identity thefts have increased to an overwhelming 10 million 8______________________ per year and many of them are the result of phishing-not surprisingly, the employment industry is 9_____________________ attack as well. Knowing what to look for and how to stop fraud can be the best deterrent to ensuring you have a safe experience while conducting your 10___________________________ search.


  1. Read the narrative below and then answer the questions that follow.
    There was a great famine in the land where Obunde and his wife, Oswera, lived with their nine children. The only creatures who had some food were the ogres and before they would part with their food, they demanded a lot of things.
    One day, Oswera went to one ogre’s home and asked him for some food, for by then her children were almost dying of hunger.
    “I have no more food except sweet potatoes, the ogre told her.
    “I shall be happy to have the potatoes. We have nothing not a grain of food at my house and the children are starving. Please let me have some and I shall repay you after the harvest.”
    “No, if you want food you must exchange with something right now. Will you give me one of your children in exchange for my potatoes? Oswera hesitated, her children were dear to her, but then they would die without food.
    “Yes, I shall let you have one of them for this meal, if only you could let us have some potatoes,” Oswera answered. Then she took a big basket full of potatoes and told the ogre the exact time he could go to her home to collect one of her children for a meal.
    Oswera thought hard and she decided she should not give a single one of her children to the ogre for a meal. She therefore cut young bananas stalks and cooked them nicely.
    When the ogre came, she gave them to him and the beast greedily went away satisfied, Soon the potatoes were finished and she had to go to the ogre again.
    Oswera and Obunde, her husband kept on cooking banana stalks for the ogre each time he came for one of their children, until one day, she had no more banana stalks to cook for the animal.
    “You have now eaten all my children, yet we still need the potatoes. What shall we give you now?” Oswera asked in despair.
    “Then I shall come for you and your husband,” the ogre replied angrily as he helped Oswera to load her basket on her head.
    “Yes, come tomorrow at the usual time in the afternoon and get me. I shall have cooked myself for you,” Oswera said calmly.
    The following day the ogre went promptly as Oswera had told him and he found the home almost deserted. He looked everywhere but a part from Obunde there was no trace of anybody. Then he looked at the usual place and found a huge bowl of a big meal Oswera had cooked for him. The ogre did not realize they had prepared a dog instead of Oswera. When he had eaten the ogre told Obunde he would come for him the following day. Obunde got very worried and the night he could not sleep. The following day he started crying.
    “Ah Oswera my wife, how did you cook yourself and how shall I cook myself for the ogre.” He sat down in the dust of his compound and wept. Oswera became very annoyed with her husband.
    You, you stupid, foolish man! Why sit and cry there all day long? How do you think I cooked myself? Take one of the dogs and quickly prepare it for the ogre!”
    Very quickly Obunde got up, caught, killed and prepared a dog for the ogre. Then he joined his wife and children in a huge hollow part of a tree in his compound where they had hidden. That day the ogre knew he was going to have his last meal of juicy human flesh. Being a generous and unselfish ogre, he brought many of his fellow ogres. They were going to have a feast.
    Suddenly as they were eating, they heard a man singing very happily. No, they could not believe it! It was Obunde singing! And he was boasting of how he had cheated the ogre.
                                    The greedy ogre ate banana stalks
                                    Not my family;
                                    The greedy ogre ate a dog
                                    Not Obunde Magoro!
                                    The greedy ogre at banana stalks
                                    Not my family;
                                    Now come and get Obunde,
                                    His children and wife.
    Obunde sang the words and the ogres got very angry. The first ogre rushed into the hollow of the tree, but Oswera had heated a long piece of iron until it was white. She pushed the iron into the ogre’s mouth. The beast fell down dead. The next one rushed into the hollow and Oswera killed him in the same way. In this way she killed all the ogres and saved her husband and all their children.
    My story ends there.
    1. Identify three features that show that this story is an oral narrative. (3 marks)
    2. Give two ways you would use to capture the audience attention before narrating the story. (2 marks)
    3. How would you say the words of the ogre, “I have more food except sweet potatoes”? (2 marks)
    4. As a narrator, what would indicate to you that your audience is not attentive? (3 marks)
  2. From the list below, classify words according to the sound of the underlined letters. An example of each sound has been given. (4 marks)
    (Branch, Chauvinism, Champagne, Cholera, Cholesterol, Machete, Chaos)
             /s/                 /tf/                    /k/
    machine            chips              charisma
  3. You have just been invited for an interview to work as an accountant in a certain company.
    What would you require to do before and during an interview to ensure you succeed? (4 marks)
  4. In the words below, underline the part that should be stressed. (5 marks)
    1. Chal.lenge
    2. Pro.se.cute
    3. A.larm
    4. A.gree.ment
    5. Ap.proach
  5. Read the following telephone conversation between Mato and the secretary and then answer the questions that come after it.
    Mato: I am Mato and want to speak with the manager.
    Secretary: Why? What do you want with him?
    Mato : That is none of your business. I want to speak with the manager now.
    Secretary: He is not in. Say what you wanted and I will tell him.
    Mato: Why are you wasting my time? Tell him to call me.
    Secretary: How will he reach you? What is your telephone...
    (Phone is disconnected)
    Identify any four instances of lack of telephone conversations etiquette in the above conversation. (4marks)
  6. The underlining indicates the stressed word in the sentences below. Briefly explain what each sentence means. (3 marks)
    1. Amanda rode the bus to school
    2. Amanda rode the bus to school
    3. Amanda rode the bus to school


  1. Functional Writing (20marks)
    FROM: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 1Mk F
    TO: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 1Mk F
    Bc: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 1Mk F
    DATE: 18th September,2022 1Mk F

    SUBJECT: LYDIA MORAA I.D 125578899 1 Mk F

    Dear Sir/Madam, 1Mk F

    1st Paragraph-reason for writing the letter. E.g., I am writing to respond the request to give a report concerning Lydia Moraa ….
    2nd Paragraph – talk about Moraa’s professionalism, inter-personal relationship, reliability, masterly and content and her general conduct. (2Marks per the four areas stated in the question)
    3rd Paragraph- conclude the email.

    Yours faithfully/Sincerely 1Mk F
    No Signature
    Official Full Names 1Mk F

    C- 8
    L- 4

  2. Cloze test (10marks)
    1. using
    2. transformed/changed
    3. companies/organizations/firms/institutions
    4. to
    5. a
    6. with
    7. rise
    8. cases
    9. under
    10. job
  3. Oral skills (30marks)
        • Closing formulae - My story ends there.
        • Use of song. “The greedy ogre ... and wife.”
        • Use of timelessness - That day ...
        • Use of direct address - “You have now eaten all my children, yet ...”
        • Use of dialogue - between the ogre and the woman.
          between the husband and the wife.
        • Use of rhetorical questions - “Ah, Oswera my wife, how did you cook yourself and how shall I cook myself for the ogre?”
          (any 3 x 1 = 3 mks)
        • Clear your throat.
        • Clap your hands.
        • Bang the table or chair.
        • Ring the bell.
        • Blow the whistle.
        • Beat a drum.
        • Sing a song relevant to the topic of presentation.
        • Recite a poem.
          (any 2 points x 1 = 2 mks)
        • I would say it in a deep guttural voice to express finality since he had no more food. (1/2 mk)
        • Use a falling intonation since it is a statement. (1/2 mk)
        • I would also open my hands when saying “I’ve no more food,” to show exmptiness. (1 mk)
        • Is some are dozing.
        • If some are yawning.
        • If some are talking or murmuring.
        • If some are checking on their watches
        • If some are fidgeting on their seats.
        • Some having bad sitting postures.
          (any 3 pints x 1 mk = 3 mks)
    2.                /s/                     /tf/                     /k/
       chauvinism                Branch             Chaos
      champagne                Chore              Cholesterol
       machete                                            Cholera
      (8 x1/2 mk = 4 mks)
    3. Before
      • Psyche oneself about the interview.
      • Revise areas likely to be covered in the interview.
      • Read widely on the professional line.
      • Learn about the company, especially in areas relevant to accounting.
        (any 2 x 1 = 2 mks)
      1. Chal.lenge
      2. Pro.se.cute
      3. A.larm
      4. A.gree.ment
      5. Ap.proach (5 mks)
      • No salutation-at the beginning of the conversation. Eg ‘Hallo….?
      • Mato’s Second response is rude – ‘that is none of your business’.
      • He demands instead of requesting –second response ‘I want to speak with the manager now’.
      • Mato disconnects the call before the exchange is over.
      • Accept any other shortcoming (4mks)
      1. It was Amanda and no one else
      2. Amanda did not walk nor fly but took the bus
      3. Amanda went to school and not any other place. (3mks)
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