Art and Design Paper 1 Questions and Answers - KCSE 2022 Mock Exams Set 2

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Instructions to candidates:

  • This paper consists of THREE sections A, B and C.
  • Answer ALL the questions in section A and B.
  • Answer any ONE question in section C.
  • Answer the questions in English


      1. Identify the subject matter of the artwork below. (1mark)
      2. Name the most outstanding element and principle in the art work above. (2mark)
    2. Differentiate tinting from shading as used in Art and Design (2mks)
    3. Identify the type of eye level/view in the diagram bellow. (1mark)
    4. Name the primary and secondary sources of Colour? (2mark)
    5. Name the art work bellow with reference to technique. (1 mark)
    6. Define a mordant and its function (2mks)
    7. What differentiates shapes and forms? (2marks)
    8. Describe the art work technique of photomontage (1marks)
    9. )what is grouting and under which art technique is it used?[1mk]
    10. In the space bellow, illustrate using letter T showing serif and san serif (2mks)
    11. Give two causes of pinholes (2marks)
    12. What is a view finder? (1mk)

Answer all questions from this section in the spaces provided.

    1. Name the artwork below and identify the source of inspiration (2marks
    2. Using the artwork above, create a mirror image in the space above (3mks)
    1. Name 2 ways of spacing in typography (2mks)
    2. Using any relevant drawing, create any three typographic illustrations in the space bellow (3marks)
  3. Study the art work composition below and answer the questions that follow:
    1. Critique the painting with reference to elements and principles(3mks)
    2. Identify any one psychological impression and characteristics of cool and worm colours.(2mks) cool...
    1. what is printing? (2mark)
    2. Explain registration with reference to screen printing(3marks)
  5. Study the art process bellow:
    1. Identify the decoration technique (1marks)
    2. What is the significance of firing clay items when born dry?(2mks)
    3. Differentiate grog from Slip(2mks) 

Answer any one question from this section.
Write your answers in spaces provided at the back

    1. Differentiate warp and weft faced fabrics (4mks)
    2. What causes wasting and sagging in a weaving process (4mks)
    3. Give four ways of achieving firmness on a fabric while weaving (4mks)
    4. Give three finishing techniques in a woven mat (3mks)
  2. The illustration below represents an art activity in progress
    1. State the activity illustrated/technique above. (1mark)
    2. Describe the process of producing and using the above technique (14mks)
    1. what is a design brief? (3mks)
    2. State and describe the aspects under the following design processes:
      1. Research (4mks)
      2. Layout (4)
      3. Client presentation (4mks)

Marking Scheme


      1. Subject matter-mother’s love[1mk]
      2. Most outstanding element-Tone/value [1mk]
        Principle-Rhythm and movement [1mk]
    2. Shading –The process of darkening a surface/Colour by adding a dark medium while
      Tinting is the process of brightening a surface/Colour by adding a lighter medium. [1mrk @=2mks]
      Bird’s Eye view-the photo/drawing/illustration is seen from above such that everything is below the eye level (the horizon is presumably above the drawing (1mk).
    3. Explain any one additive and subtractive techniques of sculpture. (2marks)
      • Additive-Mas is added in bits, to build up a sculptural form such as modelling, while in subtractive techniques, some mas and pieces of sculptural material are removed/scooped out to come up with the desired form e.g. curving.(1mk@)
    4. Primary source of colour
      • light (1mark)
      • Secondary source-Pigment (1mk)
    5. Technique-Block printing (1 mark)
    6. Mordant-A chemical use in fixing the dyes permanently in a fabric.
      Helps the fabric avoid fading and bleeding on wash. [2mks]
    7. Shapes are basic figures that exist in flat/2 D and descried by the number of sides e.g. rectangles triangles, circles etc.
      Forms are 3D figures formed out of shapes joined spheres, cylinders, prism, etc.[2mks]
    8. Photomontage is an artwork/ technique that uses cutout photographs which are superimposed and pasted on a surface /support to create a composition. [2mks]
    9. Grouting-The process of filling in between the cracks left when setting tesseraes. Used in Mosaic artworks [1mk]
    10. T-serif T-Sanserif [1mk @=2mks]
    11. Causes of pinholes
      • Touching the screen while it’s still wet
      • Application of a blocking media (e.g. photo coat) with dirt or dust on the screen.
      • uneven application of a blocking media on the screen.[2mks]
    12. View finder-a device used in drawing that helps to block parts of the scenery that are not wanted in a drawing so that specific features as a focal point are captured. [1mk]
    1. A Motif[1mk]- a hawk/eagle/bird flying[1mk]=2mks
    2. A student draws the identical motif on the right side, facing the left so that it creates a mirror image. Should be proportional and identical [1mk]
    1. -Letter to letter spacing
      -Word to word
      -Line/sentence to line/sentence [any two-2mks]
    2. Any three well drawn/constructed and illustrated word e.g. cracked, broken, fat, dripping, flame, hot, soccer, etc.
    1. -Warm and cool colours used harmoniously and they show contrast
      -Subject matter not specific as the items (presumably traditional) are mixed up.
      -Unity and harmony not well executed since some items are scattered and no overlap observed [Any 2=2mks]
    2. Cool colours appear restful, calm, symbolize coldness, life and tend to recede [any 1=1mk]
      Warm colours are vibrant, ‘shouting’ associated with heat, anger, violence and tend to advance. [Any 1=1mk]
    1. printing-The process duplicating a design/image by transferring it from a prepared surface to another. [2ms]
    2. Registration is the use of grids /grid lines/squares which guide the printer to accurately place the pattern/image on to the surface so that the final impression is same as the original design. [3mks]
  6. Inlaying [1 Mk]
    1. All moisture is gone which would otherwise lead to explosion of clay items due to sporadic and instant drying. [3mks]
    2. Grog is ground fired (bisque) ceramic powder used to stiffen leather hard clay while slip is porridge-like and less viscous clay used to join pieces of ceramic articles and slabs together [2mks]
    1. Warp faced-weave structure is where a greater number of warp threads are more pronounced/visible than wefts. The warps dominate
      While weft faced woven materials have greater number of weft threads packed together and visible than warps. The warps are more spaced, less pronounced. (2mks each=4mks)
      • Waisting-a weaving defect/anomaly caused by
      • Too tight weft threads pulled at tension over warp threads as it goes through the shed hence to causing a concave-like shape inwards the sides of a woven material
      • Over loosened warp threads.
      • Not enough slat in the weft to allow for bending as it goes over the warp threads.
      • Sagging is the drooping effect on a woven material caused by
      • Use of warps that are not in tension
      • Wefts that are not firmly beaten down. [2mks each =4mks]
    3. Firmly tying up the yarns/threads to avoid sagging
      • Using thick yarn instead of thin yarns/threads.
      • Allowing minimum spacing between the warps
      • pulling the weft threads firmly at the end of each woven end/line.
      • Beating down the weft threads with a beater after every row [any 4=4mks]
    4. Ways of finishing a woven mat/fabric:
      • fringes/Knotting
      • Hemming warp/folding
      • sewing the warps
      • Binding/overcast [any 3=3mks]
    1. Silk screen printing [1mk]
      • Prepare a wooden frame.
      • Join four pieces of frame in a rectangular/square shape/according to the format of the design.
      • Stretch the silk mesh/organdie on the frame and fix it using staples or pins
      • Develop a design on a paper and there after transfer it onto the scree
      • -Using shellac, glue, vanish or photo coat, block out the marked areas according to the design (negative areas) leaving positive areas.
      • In case photo coat is used [photosensitive solution] expose the design on a transparent paper in a dark room and let it dry, and thereafter, use a spray gun with clean water to wash and expose the positive designs.
      • Allow the screen to completely dry before it is used to avoid creation of pinholes
      • Once it is dry, use the squeegee to push the printing paste through the screen to create the desired image on to the fabric. (Any well explained steps chronologically=14mks)
    1. Design brief-a summary of the information and requirements a designer gives to the client after investigating the problem to be solved. [3mks]
      1. Research-Gathering information from the client
        The client and the designer meet to discuss the specific problem-theme/subject matter, purpose, target audience, time frame/schedule, materials and tools and the budget. [4mks]
      2. Lay out-arranging the visual elements such as letters, illustrations, etc.
        Making preliminary sketches, refining, alterations, corrections and adjustments to making the complete work, [4mks]
      3. Client presentation. The artist presents to the client the exact copy of the required work in terms of colour, techniques, measurements/dimensions,
        Explains on the elements and features in the design to enlighten the client
        The client ma suggest some changes, improvements, alterations and adjustments
        The final artwork is then printed [4mks]

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