English Paper 3 Questions and Answers - Lanjet Joint Mock Exams 2022

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  • Answer three questions only
  • Questions one and two are compulsory
  • In question three choose only one of the optional texts you have prepared on.
  • Where a candidate presents work on more than one optional text, only the first to appear will be marked
  • Each of your essay must not exceed 450 words
  • Candidates must answer ALL questions in English
  1. Imaginative composition
    1. Write a composition to illustrate the following saying: (20 marks) He who by the mother is not taught shall by the world be taught.
    2. Write a composition to end with the following sentence: (20 marks) ''.....it is then I realized how peace is important.''
  2. Compulsory Set Text,
    Henrick Ibsen, A Doll’s House
    Drawing examples from Henrick Ibsen's "A Doll’s House," write a composition to illustrate the validity of the statement below. (20 marks)
    "True motherhood comes from self sacrifice to one’s family.”
  3. Optional Set texts
    Answer any one of the following three questions.
    1. David Mulwa, Inheritance
      With illustrations from David Mulwa's, "Inheritance," write an essay to illustrate the following statement. (20marks)
      "Corruption and inefficiency breed revolt."
    2. John Steinbeck, The Pearl
      “Greed controls human desires and perpetuates evil against others." Discuss the statement drawing your illustrations from the set text The Pearl by John Steinbeck. (20mks)
    3. Chris Wanjala (Ed), Memories We Lost and other stories
      Cancer is a disease that can be conquered. Using illustrations from the short story, "No Need to Lie," justify the truth of the statement (20mks)


    1. He who by the mother is not taught shall by the world be taught.
      • Should demonstrate understanding of the proverb
      • Should bring out a clear moral lesson
      • Should be about self, a friend or somebody who got themselves in a regretful situation.
    2. Write a story to end with the sentence;
      " .......it is then that I realized how important peace is."
      • Should end with the given statement, otherwise deduct 2AD
      • The statement should be a continuation, not a new sentence. -1AD
      • Should be first person narration.
      • Should present a situation of conflict.
  2. COMPULSORY SET TEXT " A Doll's House."
    "True motherhood comes from self sacrifice for ones family."
    Many have failed in their responsibilities to their families as many more succeed. Motherhood goes beyond giving birth or siring a child. It includes actively being involved positively in their life. At the family level, it includes the provision of meaningful sustainability to ones entire family. That is what is seen in the set text, A Doll's House, by Henrick Ibsen in the following instances.
    • Nora, out of love and concern, takes a loan from Krogstad to enable her travel to Italy for the husband to get well.
    • Christine sacrifices her love for Krogstad in order to find a way of helping her ailing mother and two younger siblings.
    • Nora, convinced that her children aught to grow in a clean family environment, sacrifices her marriage,and walks out of her marriage.
    • Nora, sacrifices her personal comfort to enable her family get all they need. She buys clothes and gifts for her children,and house provisions, and making her house be exactly as Tovarld wants it. These she does by denying herself good clothes as any woman would want. She also works hard and late on typing and crocheting to enable her meet her monthly loan repayments obligation.
    • The nurse fails as mother for failing to be available for her daughter. Blaming it on the father of her daughter, she claims if working as Nora's nurse could give her good prospects then it was better. She an obvious an absent mother. The evidence we have is only the letters she(daughter)writes during her confirmation and when she was getting married respectively.
    • Tovarld, from a professional point of view, states that those who have gone under( failed) early in life have had a bad mother. Asked by Nora why not father, he says mothers have a greater role and influence on children but agrees that fathers too. He gives example of Krogstad who is struggling to cleanse his reputation and image for the sake of his growing children. He has been a failure to them.
      As demonstrated above, true motherhood is in proper upbringing of children,conscious desire to provide to ones family, and being present to ones family members.
  3. optional Set texts
    1. Drama: David Mulwa, Inheritance
      Corruption and inefficiency breed revolt
      Inefficiency in government offices coupled with corrupt practices deny citizens government services and opportunities they deserve. Following such frustrations, many, especially the youth, revolt to show their displeasure. In the set text, inheritance by David Mulwa, Juda Zen Melo's sons are some of the young people who join forces with others to rebel against the corrupt government of Lacuna Kazoo under their uncle Bengo and Sangoi.
      People are organized under Bengo and Sangoi, and many have joined them including those who were initially sceptical, pg 98.
      The rebels are everywhere. They are planted in government institutions, churches as well as homes and key positions, pg 102.
      Chipande has acquired land that belonged to ordinary citizens by paying peanuts. Further more, he gets a licence from Lacuna that makes him a monopoly producer of coffee thereby denying the peasants the right to cultivate coffee. This escalates citizens anger and desperation leading to revolt, pg 29.
      Lacuna has been in power for long but he has never known anyone apart from his clansmen, and a bevy of concubines. This promotes nepotism and tribalism. Those denied their rightful share of the national cake, resort to organizing revolt against leader Lacuna Kazoo,pg 29.
      Lacuna entrenches tribalism and nepotism. People are hired despite their educational ability which in turn entrenches inefficiency. Promotion is based on whom they can trust with their safety. Such actions on the part of government officials, push citizens to rebel against the government,pgs 95,96.
      Corruption and inefficiency create despondency, desperation and anger that lead to uprising and revolution with unimaginable consequences to those who oppress others.
    2. John Steinbeck, The Pearl
      Greed controls human desires and perpetuates evil against others
      Many people have suffered in the hands of others as a result of greed. Greed for wealth, power or fame. To acquire all or any of these, some have committed hienus acts against those they perceive to stand between them and what they want. The following instances in John Steinbeck's The Pearl, show this.
      The doctor is driven by his greed for Kino's pearl that he poisons Coyotito in order to pretend to be treating him later so that he can get money from Kino, pgs 51,52,53,54,55. The pearl buyers collectively agree to cheat Kino of the true value of his pearl's worth. Their plan to pay little for Kino's precious pearl, however, backfires for Kino refuses to sell it. It evil for them to swindle Kino when they do not stand to gain anything apart self gratification on their part.
      Kino exhibits greed in his possessive nature. He sees the pearl as the sure way to a better life. He shuns all advice against his possessed view and becomes so aggressive and fights his wife who, on seeing dangers of their continued keeping the pearl, tries to throw it back into the sea. His change into a violent man is brought about by his greed to keep the pearl in spite of the obvious dangers.
      The trackers follow Kino on his journey to the capital with one desire; to take his Pearl, and possibly kill him. This desire is perpetuated by greed. They end up killing Coyotito, and all of them are single handedly killed by Kino, pg 102,115.
      The pearl is said to have stirred something evil in people. Neighbors, traders and people unknown to Kino all see their dreams fulfilment in Kino's pearl. Between them and the fulfilment of these dreams is Kino. A case in hand are those who attack him the first night and the next where he ends up killing one. These people are driven by greed to attempt to take Kino's pearl. In their frustration, they puncture Kino's boat, probably to immobilize him and prevent his escape to the capital. Further more,they burn down his heart when they fail to get the pearl there.
      Unchecked greed can bring untold miseries to the victim as to the culprit.
    3. Chris Wanjala; Memories We Lost.
      "Cancer is a disease that can be conquered."
      Thousands of people suffer from, and die of cancer; and thousands more, probably millions, suffer from it, defeat it and live to share their experiences. The story, "No need to lie," by Rolf Schmid bears this out.
      Determination and positive thinking are important as personal defence to an infected person. The narrator keeps positive thoughts coupled with strong will to live; he would summon the faces of his children one by one as a visual reminder of the reasons he had for living. Moreover, he kept telling himself, "you can't die, not now." Further more, as a theuparatic measure, he carry on with his everyday activities like playing polo with his friends in spite of his condition. His determination play a great role in his healing process.
      The narrator's trust in God, and his wife's constant prayers for him plays an important role too. Asmahan, his wife constantly says a prayer for him, "Bismillahi rahmani Rahim," as he drives himself to Nairobi Hospital. More over, on their way to the airport the wife reminds him, "God
      will be with you, and we shall all pray." His faith and trust enables him to have a settled mind which in turn contributes to his body responding to treatment well.
      Support from his spouse and friends helps him to accept his condition. Terminal illnesses become a challenge when people around you discriminate or stigmatize you. This is not the case in Rolf's situation. The wife encouraging him and friends like Gideon coming to visit and making contributions towards his medication help him to accept his condition, and move to various stages of treatment without a problem.
      Cooperating with the medical personnel is key to conquering the disease. From the moment Rolf goes to hospital thinking that he has tonsillitis, he begins a long medical journey which starts at Karen Surgery. His reference to Nairobi Hospital by Dr Mrs Van Enk to see a specialist, Dr Rupani, is accepted though it raises in him questions about his condition. More so, he goes through radiation processes and later chemotherapy at Nairobi Hospital without any objections. When he is later referred to Katharinen Hospital in Germany in the last stages of his treatment, which would involve operation, he cooperates. This cooperation enables treatment procedures to be completed on schedule.
      Food and food drinks are essential components in the fight against cancer as it helps the body gain from food nutrients that build body's strength against diseases. Though taking them can be a challenge because of open wounds on the throat, gums or lips, the narrator divices a method with the help of his medicare team to use a pipe inserted in his throat through which he would pour the fluid food and water right into his food pipe. This requires perseverance and endurance but it is advised in order to help the patient stay strong. The narrator's ability to persevere and endure all the pain is what finally brings him healing and full recovery.
      With early diagnosis, detection, and adherence to the doctors' advice, and self acceptance, and the will to live, cancer can be conquered.

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