English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - MECS Cluster Joint Mock Examinations 2022

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    You are the secretary of the Young Farmers Club in your school. The group intends to have it’s third meeting to discuss the following:
    • Funds drive.
    • Tree planting.
    • Tomatoes harvesting and transportation to the market.
      Six members were present, the whereabouts of two members were unknown but two sent their apology. The Agricultural Extension Officer was confirmed to attend. Two matters from the previous meeting arose. Write the minutes of the meetings deliberations.
    Eat healthy to care for your kidneys. The kidney________________(1) one of the most vital organs of our bodies that ________________ (2) impaired can affect a person’s quality of life, ______________________(3) when no treatment or nutrition intervention is sought.
    The ___________________ (4) is involved in many functions which include removal of __________________ (5) waste products from the blood and ______________ (6) the amount of fluid in the body. Human beings have two kidneys but can survive with ___________________ (7) kidney that is healthy as it is capable of functioning optimally and can rid the body of all _________________ (8) waste products. Having a ___________________ (9) lifestyle and eating well will reduce the chances of compromising your kidneys as many kidney conditions are caused by our unhealthy___________________ (10) or eating habits.
    1. NARRATIVE. (10 MARKS)
      When Abasi, the supreme God, created human beings, he feared that they might become his equals, and therefore he forbade them to settle on the earth but Atai the wife of the first man decided to defy God’s instructions. The humans were allowed to live on earth, but they were not allowed to procure their own food. They had to eat with Abasi in heaven, and when a bell rang summoning them, they had to come for their meal. They were also forbidden to live together as husband and wife and to beget children because this would make them forget God.
      The man obeyed God’s commands, but the woman began to till the soil and she produced her own food. Soon the man found her food sweeter than the food of heaven. Then the man forgot God and he tilled the soil with the woman, and they lived together as a husband and wife.
      One day, Abasi asked about the woman, but the man said that she was ill. He had hidden her away because she was pregnant! The woman bore a son and later a daughter. Abasi knew what had happened. Abasi pointed out to Atai that his fears had been justified. The human beings had forgotten him. Abasi said, “They shall never be equals.” 
      Abasi sent death into the world, and he killed the man and his wife, and he caused discord among their children.
      1. You are to narrate this story during the inter-house drama competition in your school. How would you make your narration more effective and interesting? (4mks)
      2. How would you capture the attention of the audience as you start the narration? (2marks)
      3. During your narration how would you tell that your audience is fully participating in the narration? (4mks)
    2. Underline the silent letter in the following words. (3marks)
    3. Explain the meaning of the following sentences when stress is placed on the underlined word. (4marks)
      1. I wrote Mary a love poem.
      2. I wrote Mary a love poem.
      3. I wrote Mary a love poem.
      4. I wrote Mary a love poem.
    4. Identify the intonation you would use in the following sentences. (5marks)
      Nora: It is just what he is doing.
      Helmer: What?
      Do you know anything about it?
      Nora: He means to shut himself up and die. 
      Helmer: My poor old friend!
    5. Your neighbor is being attacked by thugs in his house. You hear the distress call and decide to call the nearest police station. Below is a part of the telephone conversation. Fill in the missing parts. (8marks)
      You: (2marks)
      Duty Officer: I’m sorry the O.C.S is not at the station right now. Could you please identify yourself and state what I can do for you?
      You: (2marks)
      Duty Officer: That’s very unfortunate. Could you give me the details of your exact location?
      You: (2marks)
      Duty Officer: I’ll get in touch with the O.C.S right away and see what we can do about it?
      You: (2marks)
      Duty Officer: No, no, it won’t take long. We’ll try to be there as soon as we call. Bye for now.
      You: (2 marks)


    • Must be a minute if not, deduct 4marks.
    • In case of three or more items of mixed format deduct 2marks.
    • Title -Name of group that is meeting
      • Date
      • Venue
      • Time
        (If any is missing, award half a mark)
        (Award 1mark for a title with all the above)
    • Members present (Must be six members)    1/2
    • Absent. ( Must be two members) 1/2
    • Absent with apology. 1/2
    • In attendance. (Area Agricultural Extension Officer.) 1/2
    • Preliminaries. (Learner should start numbering here.)1/2
    • Reading and confirmation of the minutes of the previous meeting. 1/2
    • Funds drive. 1/2
    • Tree planting. 1/2
    • Tomatoes harvesting transportation to the market. 1/2
    • A.O.B1/2
    • Adjournment. 1/2
    • Confirmation. (Should be left blank.)
      (Award half a mark.)
      CONTENT(06 marks)
    • Preliminaries(1mark)
    • Reading and confirmation (1mark)
    • Matters arising. (1mark)
      Two issues should be raised. Each half a mark.
    • Funds drive. (1mark)
    • Tree planting. (1mark)
    • Tomatoes harvesting and transportation to the market. (1 mark)
      LANGUAGE (07 marks)
    • Formal language.
    • Should be a minute.
      Group D 01-02MARKS
    • Lack of confidence in language use.
    • Very simple sentences.
    • Mother tongue interference.
    • All manner of grammatical errors.
      (Broken parts must be identified.)
      Group C 03-04marks
    • Lack of confidence in language use.
    • Very simple sentences.
    • Mother interference.
      Group B 05-06marks.
    • Communicates fluently, with ease of expression.
    • Well-constructed sentences.
    • Good use of vocabulary.
      (A few items of merit should be identified.)
      Group A 07marks.
    • Definite spark.
    • Clever use of vocabulary and maturity in language use.
    • Good planning/ organization of ideas.
    1. is
    2. if
    3. especially
    4. kidney
    5. toxic
    6. regulating
    7. one
    8. these
    9. healthy
    10. lifestyles
        • I would project my voice/ be audible.
        • I would vary my tone meaningfully.
        • I would mimic God….’ they shall never be equals’ (must be illustrated)
        • I would use appropriate gestures to gesticulate Atai’s wife being pregnant.
        • I would dramatize the woman tilling the land.
          (All answers should begin …….’I would… if not award zero.)
      2. (Mark two vernal and two non-verbal)
        • I would sing a relevant song.
        • I would pose a relevant riddle.
        • I would clap my hands.
          (All answers should start…I would…  if not award zero
        • They laugh at jokes.
        • They nod in agreement.
        • They clap to show joy.
        • They click their tongues if angry.
        • They make sympathetic sounds.
    2. Pneumonia-   p
      Glisten -   t
      Gnaw    g
      1. It means it was I and not anybody else
      2. It means the poem was written for Mary and not anybody else.
      3. It means it was a love poem that was written and not anything else.
      4. It means it was a poem that was written and not anything else.
    4. falling intonation
      falling intonation
      rising intonation
      falling intonation
      falling intonation
    5. You: Hallo, may I speak to the O.C.S? (2marks)
      You: I am John Peter, my neighbor is being attacked by thugs. (2marks)
      You: Yes, Kalamansi estate phase 1, plot number 10 house number 5.(2marks)
      You:  Please do. Will it take long?  (2marks)
      You: Alright. Thank you very much. (2marks)

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