Christian Religious Education Paper 1 Questions and Answers - MECS Cluster Joint Mock Examinations 2022

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    1. Outline the major divisions of both the Old and New Testament.(6mks)
    2. From the genesis stories of creation, outline seven teachings about human beings. (8mks)
    3. Why should Christian in Kenya take care of the environment? (6mks)
    1. Describe how God prepared the Israelites for the making of the covenant at mount Sinai(Exodus -9) (7mks)
    2. Give four differences between the Jewish and traditional African practices of circumcision. (8mks)
    3. State five ways in which Christians identify themselves in the society today. (5mks)
    1. State seven functions of the temple in The Jewish community (7mks)
    2. Explain the effects of idolatry in Israel during the time of Prophet Elijah. (6mks)
    3. Give seven factors that have led to the increase of Christian denominations in Kenya today. (7mks)
    1. Explain four categories of true prophets in the Old Testament. (8mks)
    2. State six ways in which God would punish Israel for her evils according to prophet Amos.   (6mks) 
    3. How does the church in Kenya punish errant members  (6mks)
    1. In what ways did Prophet Jeremiah suffer while carrying out his work in Judah  (6mks)
    2. Identify seven occasions when Nehemiah prayed. (7mks)
    3. State the importance of prayer in the life of a Christian. (8mks)
    1. State ways in which people in traditional African communities communicated with God.(5mks)
    2. Give eight reasons for singing and dancing during initiation ceremonies in Traditional African communities.  (8mks)
    3. Outline reasons why witchcraft is feared in traditional African community.  (7mks)


    1. law books
      historical books
      prophetic books
      poetic books
      Gospel books
      Epistle/ letters
    2. Human beings are created in n the image and likeness of God.
      Human beings have dominion and authority over creation
      They fellowship with God.
      They are special creation of God.
      They have a special place to stay; Garden of Eden.
      Man and woman provide companionship to each other.
      Human beings are to procreate through marriage.
      They are to take care of God's creation.
      They are to use God's creation for their benefits.
      They have the ability to make decisions in their lives.
    3. Christians take care of the environment in n obedience to Gods commands.
      In order to maintain its beauty
      to preserve and maintain the natural habitat for God's creation.
      Environment is the source of food, medicine and shelter.
      In order to preserve it for future generation.
      Promote a healthy surrounding.
      To attract tourists for economic and national development. 
    1. God told Moses to remind the people of Israel of how he had brought them out of Egypt.
      God told Moses that He wanted to make Israel a kingdom of priests.
      Moses called all the elders and told them what God had said.
      God told Moses that he wanted the Israelites to obey him.
      The Israelites promised to do all that the Lord had said.
      God promised to come down and meet with people on the third day.
      People were instructed to consecrate themselves by washing their garments.
      People were to abstain from sexual relationships.
      On the third day, there was a thick cloud, a loud trumpet blast and an earthquake on the mountain.
      Moses brought people out of the camp to meet God. People stood at the foot of the mountain. 
    2. In Jewish Community, circumcision is for male only whereas in j African practices, it is for male and female.
      Among the Jews, circumcision is performed on babies of eight days old whereas in traditional African communities, it is done for adolescents.
      In African communities, circumcision is carried out during specific seasons while among Jews, it is continuous.
      It is a communal practice among African communities, but only members of the immediate family participate among Jews.
      Circumcision is a strictly religious ritual among the Jews whereas among Africans, it is both a cultural and religious ritual.
      Jewish circumcision is a test of faith and commitment to God. However, African Circumcision is a test of courage, bravery and endurance.
      In Jews there was no seclusion period after circumcision while seclusion per 
      Was compulsory among Africans. 
    3. Christians wear specific design of clothes.
      They abstain from eating some kinds of food.
      They make personal testimonies.
      They own specific Bible versions and other Christian literature.
      They wear the rosary and badges.
      They have special way of greeting or salutation, for instance, praise the Lord.
      Use of different church architectural church designs.
      Through their way of worship.
      Through different titles such as apostle, evangelist and bishop. 
    1. It symbolized Gods presence among his people through the Ark of the Covenant which was kept i n the temple.
      It was a dwelling place of God.
      It was a house of worship and prayer.
      It was a place where all the first born children were dedicated to God.
      All the Jewish religious festivals or feasts such as the Passover and Pentecost were celebrated i n the temple.
      The temple was a training place for the Jewish religious teacher.
      The temple was the place where the prophets and priests lived.
      The temple was the only place where sacrifices to God were offered by the priests.
      The temple was the place where all rites of purification were carried out.
      It was used as a law-court by the council of Jewish religious leaders called the Sanhedrin.
      Religious ceremonies like naming and circumcision of baby boys took.
    2. It led to development of syncretism.
      Former places of worship for Canaanite gods were turned into places of worship for Yahweh
      Queen Jezebel ordered for destruction of the alters of Yahweh.
      Prophets of Yahweh were killed and prosecuted; the remaining loyal followers of God were driven into hiding.
      The 450 prophets of Baal were made the officials of the royal court in order to promote and protect the Baal religion.
      Parents begun naming their children after Baal,
      Names of Canaanite gods were also used for Yahweh, for example, EL, the name of the father of all gods was applied to Yahweh.
      Canaanite agricultural calendar was adopted by Israel for the timing of the pilgrimage festival. 
    3. Rivalry for leadership in churches.
      Differences in biblical interpretations.
      Resistance to change by older church members.
      Material gain has made some people start churches for business purposes.
      Lack of spiritual satisfaction by some members.
      Lack of good role models.
      Desire to be free from missionary control.
      Differences in the mode of worship and ritual observance
    1. Canonical prophets; they are prophets whose utterances are recorded| in books that bear their names.
      Non-canonical prophets; they are prophets whose messages have been compiled by other authors.
      Cultic/ early prophets; they are prophets whose duties were associated| with places of worship.
      Professional prophets/prophetic guild/court prophets; they earned their living through prophecy, advising kings and serving as court clerks.
    2. Israelites would be taken to exile.
      Amaziah, the priest and the king would die by the sword.
      The land would be conquered by a foreign nation.
      The Holy places of worship would be destroyed.
      God would cover the land with earthquakes.
      God will send fire upon Judah and it would destroy its strongholds.
      There will be famine of the word of God.
      God will cover the land with total darkness. 
    3. The church suspends them.
      It denies them participation in the church activities/rituals.
      They may be denied leadership positions or demoted.
      They may be publicly condemned/asked to repent/apologize.
      They may be warned.
      Some may be transferred to difficult areas.
      They may be sacked from the job.
      They may be excommunicated.
      They may be charged a fine.
    1. He was falsely accused of blasphemy.
      He was rejected by his own close relatives.
      He was threatened with death because of speaking for God.
      Lived a lonely life.
      He went through spiritual struggle as he saw the wicked prosper while the righteous suffer.
      He was physically assaulted.
      He was humiliated in public and mocked.
    2. When he learnt about the suffering of the Jews back i n Judah and the ruined state of Jerusalem.
      Before making his request to king Artaxerxes to be permitted to return back to Judah.
      When his enemies ridiculed the Jews to discourage them from rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.
      When he learnt about the conspiracy by his enemies to stop the construction work
      After his condemnation of oppression of the poor, Nehemiah prayed asking God to reward him
      When his enemies planned to kill him
      When Shemaiah attempted to frighten him to hide in the Temple claiming there was a plot to kill him.
      When he cleansed and organized the Temple liturgy for its proper use as the house of God.
      After warning the people of Judah against violating the Sabbath law.
      After chasing away the son-in-Law of Sanballat the Horonite.
      After cleansing the Israelites of foreign influence. 
    3. Through prayer Christians express their faith in God.
      Christians praise God for His greatness and goodness in prayer
      Christians enter into a relationship with God through prayer.
      Christians request for their needs through prayer.
      Christians ask God for forgiveness through prayers.
      Communal or public prayers bring us together as believers of Christ.
      Christians express their thanksgiving to God through prayer.
      Prayer enables Christians to overcome difficulties and distress,
      Prayers enable Christians to listen to God and express His will. 
    1. They make sacrifices to God.
      They sing/dance for God.
      They say prayers to God.
      Through charting/recitation.
      They give offerings.
      Through burning incense.
    2. The songs inform the participants of the history of the community.
      They provide an opportunity for the members to socialize
      It diverts the initiates minds from the impending pain.
      The songs teach participants important moral values.
      The songs educate the participants gender roles/relationships.
      Through singing and dancing the members exercise their bodies.
      The songs encourage the initiates to face the challenge/rebuke cowardice.
      It exposes those with leadership qualities/skills/talents.
      They are used to mark the various stages of the initiation ceremonies.
      It is a forum of prayer for the initiatives/drive away evil spirits.
      Singing and dancing is a form of entertainment.
    3. Witchcraft leads to death/destruction.
      It is the work of the evil spirits.
      It leads to poverty/loss of property.
      It involves cheating/telling lies.
      In some cases people are forced to leave their homes/migrate to other places.
      It can lead to break up of families.
      A person can be banished/made an outcast.
      Witchcraft causes suspension/hatred/mistrust amongst the people.
      It leads to underdevelopment
      It can cause physical/psychological injury.
      It can cause embarrassment to an individual/family.
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