Christian Religious Education Paper 2 Questions and Answers - MECS Cluster Joint Mock Examinations 2022

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    1. Outline the Jewish expectations concerning the Messiah. (6mks)
    2. With the reference of the incidence when Jesus was dedicated to God at the age of 8 days Luke 2:22-40. Outline what Simeon and Anna revealed about his life and mission. (7mks)
    3. State seven lessons Christians learn from the incident when Jesus was dedicated. (7mks)
    1. Outline five teaching of John the Baptist on Justice. (5mks)
    2. Give an account of the transfiguration as recorded in Luke 9:28-36. (8mks)
    3. State seven lessons that Christians learn from the transfiguration of Jesus. (7mks)
    1. Narrate the parable of the shrewd manager Luke 16:1-33. (7mks)
    2. State seven cause of conflict between Jesus and the Jewish leader in Jerusalem. (7mks)
    3. Outline six ways in which parents can resolve misunderstanding with their children. (6mks)
    1. Give seven reasons why Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to the disciples after his ascension. (7mks)
    2. Describe how the unity of believers is expressed in the body of Christ. (8mks)
    3. How can the church in Kenya help to bring about the unity in the country? (5mks)
    1. Explain the Christian attitudes towards human sexuality. (7mks)
    2. Identify six ways in which sex is abused in Kenya today. (6mks)
    3. State reasons why minors are sexually abused in Kenya today. (7mks)
    1. Outline six teachings of Jesus on wealth. (6mks)
    2. State the rights of a citizen in Kenya today. (7mks)
    3. List seven ways through which the church is rehabilitating wrongdoers in Kenya today. (7mks)


    1. They expected a messiah from a royal family/ lineage of David
      They expected a political messiah who would overthrow the Roman rulers/ a political leader.
      They expected a political messiah who would rule the world from Jerusalem and receive homage from all nations of the earth
      They expected a political messiah who would establish an earthly kingdom
      They expected a political messiah who would not associate with poor sinners and gentiles
      They expected a political messiah who uphold Judaism
      They expected a political messiah who would be for the Jews only
      They expected the messiah to come after the return of prophet Elijah
      They expected the messiah who would perform miracles.
      They expected the messiah who would convert Jerusalem to be center of rule/political center.
    2. Jesus would save people
      He would bring glory to Israel
      He would be light for salvation to the gentles
      He would be universal savior / he would save the whole world
      He would bring judgment to the Israel
      He would reveal secret thought of many hearts
      He would be the source of redemption for Jerusalem.
      He would be set for the rising and falling of Israel.
    3. Christian should be righteous before God in order to experience Him in their lives
      Christians should thank God for blessings them
      They should trust/ have faith in God
      Christians should reach out to all people/ preach salvation to them.
      Christians should be devoted in their worship of God regardless of the challenges they face
      Christians should dedicate their children to God / fulfill the church obligation.
      Christians should show compassion to the needy in the society.
    1. He taught on repentance and the forgiveness of sins
      He taught on sharing with the needy
      He taught on being just to others / not misusing their authority
      He taught on being contented with what one had
      He taught against accusing others falsely
      He condemned the act of Herod of taking his brothers’ wife
      He taught on God’s punishment to the sinners. First 5 x 1=5mks
    2. Jesus went with Peter, John and James up on the mountain to pray.
      As Jesus was praying, the appearance of his face changed his clothes became dazzling white
      Moses and Elijah appeared and started talking with Him about His departure, which he was to accomplish at Jerusalem.
      The disciples were asleep
      When they woke up, they saw Jesus glory and the two men who stood with him.
      As the men were parting from him, Peter suggested to Jesus that they should make three booths, one for Jesus, and the others for Moses an Elijah. Peter was not aware of what he was saying.
      A cloud came and overshadowed them and they were afraid as they entered the cloud.
      A voice came from the cloud saying “this is my son, my chosen, listen to Him.”
      Jesus was left alone
      They kept silence and told no one in those days anything of what they had seen.
    3. Christians learn that Jesus is the son of God/ Holy
      They should always be alert
      They should not be selfish / share God’s secrets with others
      It teaches that Jesus was a fulfilment of the Old Testaments law/ prophecies
      They should be prayerful
      They learnt that Jesus is the messiah foretold by the old testament prophets
      They should enter the presence of God with great respect /reverence
      They should learn to endure suffering
      They should live with hope knowing that there is life after death
      They should be slow to speak/ learn more about Christ before they speak.
    1. There was a rich man who had a steward. He received charges that the steward was wasting his goods.
      He called him what he was hearing about him. He told him to turn in account of his stewardship for he could no longer be steward.
      The steward asked himself what he would do since his master was taking the stewardship away from him.
      He was not strong enough to dig and was ashamed to beg.
      He decided what to do so that people may receive him into their house when he is out of the stewardship
      He was to summon his masters’ debtors one by one. He went to the first one and asked him how much he owned his master. The debtor said a hundred measures of oil, which he was told to write fifty.
      He asked another how much he owned his master. He said a hundred measures of wheat he was told to write eighty
      The master commended the dishonest steward for his shrewdness for the sons of his world are more shrewd in dealing with their own generation that the ones light.
    2. They questioned the authority Jesus was using to teach Lk 20:1-8.
      Jesus accused them of persecuting and rejecting Gods servants in the parable of tenants. Lk 20:9-18.
      They had conflict on the issue of whether to pay taxes to cease or not. Lk 20:19-26
      The question on resurrection by the Sadducees on Levites marriage. Lk 20:27-39
      He claimed to be the messiah and said that even David called Him Lord in the book of Psalms Lk 20:4-44
      Jesus openly condemned the hypocrisy of the Jewish leader Lk 20:45-47
      Jesus prophesied the destruction of temple of Jerusalem
      He condemned the offerings of the rich Jewish leaders, which were meant to show off, but praised the widows’ offerings, which was made out of self-sacrifice Lk 21:1.
    3. Allowing dialogue
      Listening to their views
      Presenting them with the correct, picture of the situation
      Setting a good example to them
      Giving them appropriate time for leisure activities
      Seeking help from church leaders
      Guiding them on how to choose friends
      Advising them on the right moral values
      Praying for and with them to bring about understanding
      Committing the children to God’s will
      Discussing the problem with their friends and relatives
    1. The holy spirit would comfort the disciples
      He was to counsel the disciples
      He would guide the disciples on what is right / gods righteousness
      He was to convict people of their sins
      He was to show disciples on what is right
      He was to reveal the future / enable the disciples to prophets / God’s will
      He would glorify Jesus through the work of the disciples
      He would enable the disciples to witness Christ throughout the world
      He would replace the physical presence of Jesus
      He would empower the disciples to be able to speak with courage
    2. St Paul describes the believers as the body of Christ
      Christ is the head of the church
      The believers form parts of the body
      The body has different organs, in the same way the church has different members
      They all need to work together for the well-being of the church
      Every part of the body is needed to make it whole/ all parts interdependent / one part cannot be without the other
      The different church members are given different spiritual gifts by the holy spirit to carry out God’s work
      Believers are united through baptism in the Holy Spirit.
    3. Assisting the government is developing a curriculum schools that teaches about patriotism
      Advocating for peaceful co-existence among Kenyans
      Fighting corruption, discrimination, tribalism , nepotism and all forms of favourism
      Acting as a voice of reason among the ruling political class demanding their unity as a government
      Assisting the less fortunate in the society thus fighting disparity
      Condemning and reporting to the relevant authorized groups that bring disharmony in the society
      Developing joint rallies, prayers and reconciliatory meetings together.
      Forgiving one another to avoid disunity
      Obeying church rules/ leaders
      Chastity is a virtue
    1. Sex is sacred
      Man and woman are for companionship
      Both man and woman are equal before God
      It is for procreation
      Man and woman are complementary
      Man and woman were created in the image of God
      They became one in marriage
      Human beings have the ability to control sexual desire
      All forms of irresponsible sex are condemned
      Chastity is a virtue
    2. Sex before marriage / fornication/ pre-marital sex
      Sex outside marriage / adultery
      Homosexuality/ lesbianism/ sodomy/oral sex
      Pornographic literature/mass media using of technological devices in sex
      Rape /defilement of minors
      Any 6 x 1=6mks
    3. Permissiveness
      Lack of self-control
      Influence of the mass media
      Mental illness / stress/ drug and substance influence
      Erosion of the African culture moral value
      False religious / devil worship /strange cults
      To avenge for oneself
      Breakdown of religious values
      Irresponsible parenthood
      Indecent dressing
      Leniency of the law
      Poverty / unemployment
    1. wealth should be acquired in the right manner
      wealth is a gift from God/ God given
      wealth should be used to serve God/expand God’s kingdom
      those who have wealth are only steward
      those who are wealth should share it with others / help the needy / poor
      poverty is not a result of sin/ the poor can only enjoy God’s blessings
      wealth can be hindrance for one to enter in the kingdom of God
      one cannot serve God and money / wealth
      Wealth cannot satisfy all human needs/cannot answer human quest for salvation.
      Those who have wealth, should avoid extravagance/ luxury
      Earthly wealth / possession is temporary
      Those who have wealth should use it responsibly
    2. Right to life
      Right to have basic needs
      Right to receive education
      Right to marry
      Right to have freedom of association
      Right to freedom of speech
      Right to own property
      Freedom to worship
      Right to liberty / movement
      Right to work/earn a living
      Right to medical care/health
      Right to security /protection by law
      Freedom of conscience/ right to vote
    3. Accepting / welcoming them as members of the church
      Involving them in church activities like choir
      Preaching to them
      Visiting them
      Building homes where the rejected can stay
      Providing guidance and counselling for them
      Appealing / asking their family members to accept them
      Providing them with materials supplies/funds
      Providing them with job / employ tem / giving self-income generating projects
      Providing them with training / skills for self-reliance, carpentry tailoring, masonary
      Praying with them or for them / intercede on their behalf
      Providing recreation activities to engage them / cut down on idleness.
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