Computer Studies Paper 2 Questions and Answers - MECS Cluster Joint Mock Examinations 2022

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  1. The data in the tables below were extracted from SuperStar football league management system.
    Table 1: TEAMS TABLE
    Team Code Team Name Address Tel No. Reg Fee
    01 Maji Mazuri High Box 0012 021542148 5000
    02 Sunshine School Box 2454 025485267 3500
    03 Kabarak High Box 458  025478756 4700
    04 Sacho High Box 635 032547855 2400
    05 Marigat School Box 2446 032458754 1200
    06 Nakuru High Box 6589 015487564 1400
    07 Baringo High Box 1254 031204543 5000
    Table 2: RESULTS TABLE
    Team Code Games Won  Games Lost Games Draw
    01 12 2 2
    02 10 3 3
    03 4 8 3
    04 9 3 4
    05 7 3 5
    06 7 6 4
    07 5 9 2
    1. Create a database named “SUPERSTAR” to store the data above (12 marks)
      1. Format the Reg Fee field as follows:
      2. To display the entries with the prefix: “KSh.” correct to two decimal places (2 marks)
    2. Restrict entries to positive values only and should return an error message “Error: enter positive values only” if an out of range value is entered. (2 marks)
    3. Validate Team Code to 2 characters only (2 marks)
    4. Create a suitable table relationship between the tables (3 marks)
    5. Design a form for each table and use it to enter the data into the tables (9 marks)
      1. Create a query named TotalGamesQuery to display the fields: Team Code, Team Name and Total games played. (4 marks)
      2. Create a query to show the team name and total points. (Note: A Win in a game earns a team 3 points, a draw 1 point and a loss 0). The query should show the 3 best teams based on the total points. Save the query as BestTeamsQuery. (5 marks)
      1. Create a report named RegReport to display the Team name, Address, Reg Fee. The report should show the total registration fee collected from all teams. (5 marks)
      2. Sort the records to show the team that has paid the highest amount of registration fee first. (2 marks)
      3. Title the report as “Income from registration” (2 marks)
    8. Print each of the following: (2 marks)
      1. Teams table and Results table
      2. TotalGames Query and BestTeamsQuery
      3. RegReport 
    1. Open a word processing program and create the document below exactly as it appears. (30 marks)

      When co-curricular activities such as sports, drama, clubs, music etc. are integrated in the curriculum, they help learners acquire balanced growth. The following are some of the reasons why students should be encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities while in learning institutions.
      Co-curricular activities encourage collaboration and help achieve goals
      Aggressively going for a common goal with team mates and a team manager, teaches one how to shape a collective synergy and effectively communicate the best way to solve problems en route to victory. This will be very helpful when one encounters problems at place of work or at home. 
      Co-curricular activities boost self esteem
      Realising that hard work pays off brings about self –confidence. Competing and winning in a co curricular activity inspires one to achieve in any other goal set. This is very exciting and rewarding.
      Co curricular activities augment academic work.
      Engaging in co curricular activities requires a lot of time and energy. Sports, drama and Music require skills of memorization, repetition and learning which are directly relevant to class work. For all these reasons, it is always a great decision to get involved in co-curricular activities.
        TERM 1 TERM 2 TERM 3
      Primary Schools Football Athletics  Music Festivals School-based activities
      Secondary Schools Indoor games Football Indoor games 
      Technical colleges Swimming Indoor Games Rugby
      Universities Football Motor Sports
    2. Save the document created in (a) above as cocurricular in your folder (2 marks)
    3. Insert the text “Co curricular Department Resources” as footer. Apply italics to the footer and align it to the centre. (2 marks)
    4. Insert a section break at the end of the document created such that the new section starts on a new page. (1 mark)
      1. Insert a pie chart in the new section to represent the information shown in the following table: (5 marks)
          Total Annual Budget
        Primary Schools 20
        Secondary Schools 10
        Technical Colleges 15
        Universities 5
      2. Apply a grey background to the chart area created in (i) above (2 marks)
      3. Insert a caption “The Annual projected cost of organising co curricular activities (Ksh. 000,000)”  (2 marks)
      4. Change the orientation of the page containing the chart to landscape (2 marks)  
    6. Insert page numbers at the top right hand corner of the document (2 marks)
    7. Save the document and print it on both sides of the paper (2 marks)


    1. Creating a database 
      Correct name – SUPERSTAR ½ mk
      Table 1
      Creating and naming table 1mk
      Correct field names and appropriate data type
      Table 2
      Creating and naming table 1mk
      Correct field names and appropriate data type
      1. Correct format to show “Ksh.”
        Setting field entries to 2 d.p. 1 mk
      2. Correct validation rule
        Correct validation text 1 mk
    3. Correct validation 2 marks
    4. Suitable PK and FK
      Creating table relationship
      Enforcing referential integrity 1 mk
    5. Designing input screens - 2 @ 1 mark
      14 correct entries @ ½ mark 2 mks
      1. Creating a query
        Correct formula for total games played
        Correct content
        Saving query using correct name ½  mk
      2. Creating a query
        Correct formula for total points
        Correct content
        Showing the best 3
        Saving query using correct name ½ mark
    7. Creating a report & correct name
      Correct content
      Calculation of total fee 1 mk
      Sorting records using correct criteria 2 mks
      Correct report title 2 mks
    8. Print outs Each ½ mk – 2mks
      TOTAL : 50
    1. Heading(bold, uppercase, double underline) 3 mks
      Inserting correct autoshape
      Adding text in the autoshape
      Bold + uppercase text in autoshape
      Correct text wrapping
      First Paragraph (existence, completeness)
      Second paragraph (existence, completeness)
      Drop cap in second paragraph
      Two lines dropped
      Third  paragraph (existence, completeness) Fourth paragraph (existence, completeness)
      3 paragraph headings (Sentence case, bold italics) @ 1 mark 1 mk
      Table heading (uppercase, bold)
      Add table
      Row 1 text direction, bold, 
      Row 2 text completeness, merged position
      Row 3 text completeness, merged
      Row 4 text completeness, merged
      Row 5 text completeness, merged
      Position(left aligned)
      Borders line style, line weight
    2. Saving document 
      Correct name
    3. Inserting Correct footer
      Applying italics & centre alignment
    4. Inserting section break at the end of document
      1. presence of pie chart
        correct content
        correct position 2 mks
      2. presence of background colour
        correct background color - grey 1 mk
      3. inserting caption
        correct caption 1 mk
      4. landscape orientation 2 mks
    6. Inserting page numbers
      Correct position - top right hand corner 1 mk
      Saving document ½ mk
      Print out ½  mk
      TOTAL : 50

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