Home Science Paper 1 Questions and Answers - MECS Cluster Joint Mock Examinations 2022

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SECTION A (40mks)
Answer all questions in the spaces provided

  1. Identify two soft furnishings used in the bedroom 1mk
  2. List two methods of removing dirt from surfaces 1mk
  3. Give two uses of interfacing in garment construction 2mks
  4. Name two vaccines that should be given to a child by the age of nine months 1mk
  5. State two advantages of having labels on consumer products 2mks
  6. Mention two disadvantages of roasting food 2mks
  7. Give two points to consider when choosing flowers for table arrangements 2mks
  8. State two factors that determine dietary needs of an individual 2mks
  9. Give two reasons for including whole grain cereals in a diet 2mks
  10. Identify two components of a two course meal 1mk
  11. Differentiate between fixed expenditure and flexible expenditure 2mks
  12. Give two causes of natural food poisoning 2mks
  13. Mention two qualities of a toy for a 11/2 year old girl 2mks
  14. Give two uses of temporary stitches in clothing construction 2mks
  15. State the importance of folding in flour in creamed cake mixtures 1mk
  16. Define a seam 1mk
  17. Mention two ways of neatening the lower edge of a sleeve other than using a cuff 1mk
  18. Identify two fabrics that cannot be disinfected by boiling 1mk
  19. State two ways in which a cook can infect food while cooking 2mks
  20. Highlight two effects of not coating proteins when cooking 2mks
  21. Give two functions of an overlaid seam 2mks
  22. Identify two factors that influence the choice of a colour scheme in a house 2mks
  23. List two fastenings suitable for a toddlers garment 1mk
  24. Identify two qualities of a fabric for making a P.E short 2mks

SECTION B (20MKS)(Compulsory)
Answer question 24 in the spaces provide

  1. You are nursing your sick uncle at home over the weekend. Outline the procedure you would follow when
    1. Laundering your loose colored red shirt to wear 8mks
    2. Damp dust his side bed cabinet 7mks
    3. Clean the enamel tray you will use to serve him food 5mks

Answer any two questions from this section in the spaces provided at the end of this section

    1. State three functions of the counterfeit section in Kenya bureau of standards 3mks
    2. Describe three methods of conserving energy at home 6mks
    3. State five ways of keeping pastry cool during preparation 5mks
    4. Explain three factors to consider when providing family shelter 6mks
    1. Explain three points to consider when choosing furniture for the living room 6mks
    2. Describe three qualities of a well-made inseam pocket 6mks
    3. Explain four preventive measures to observe when taking care of a corona positive patient at home 8mks
    1. Explain three reasons for safe parenthood 6mks
    2. Explain four factors to consider when selecting baby’s clothes 8mks
    3. Discuss three points to observe when using a sewing machine 6mks


    • Bedcovers/bedspreads
    • Pillow cases
    • Bedside mat
    • Pillows any 2x1/2 = 1mks
    • Sweeping
    • Dusting
    • Scrubbing
    • Suction
    • Wiping any 2x1/2= 1mk
    • To give shape to a garment
    • To prevent a garment form stretching and sagging any 2x1 =2mks
    • Measles vaccine
    • BCG
    • Poliomyelitis
    • Tuberculosis any 2x1/2 = 1mks
    • Easy identification of the products
    • Easy identification of the ingredients used
    • It shows the manufacturing and expiry dates of the product any 2x1 = 2mks
    • The food tends to be too dry
    • It takes long to cook
    • Consumes a lot of time any 2x1=2mk
    • Needs constant attention
    • Should not be in full bloom
    • Not strongly scented
    • Fresh looking any 2x1=2mks
    • Health status of the person that is if the person is sick or not
    • The type of occupation if the person is a manual works or a sedentary worker
    • Gender of the person since men are more heavily built than women any 2x1=2mks
    • To provide vitamin B vitamin essential for growth
    • To enhance appetite
    • Enable release of energy form carbohydrates and proteins any 2x1=2mks
    • Starter
    • Main dish
    • Dessert any 2x1/2 = 1mk       
  11. Fixed expenses are goods that must be paid on a regular basis while flexible expenses are goods and services that must be bought on a regular basis but the time and money spent can be varied 2mks
    • Storing cereals in damp conditions
    • Storing cereals when not completely dry any 2x1= 2mks
    • Strongly fixed to last long
    • Easy to wash and maintain
    • Attractive in color and design any 2x1 =2mks
    • Transferring pattern markings
    • Hold fabrics together before permanent stitches are done any 2x1 =2mks
  15. To avoid losing already trapped air in the mixture 1x1mks
  16. A seam is a method of joining two pieces of fabric together 1x1= 2mks
    • Using a facing
    • Using a binding
    • Elasticating
    • Using a lace 2x1/2=1mk
    • Nylon
    • Acrylics
    • Polyester
    • Wool 2x 1/2 = 1mks
    • Not washing hands before handling food
    • Having a waterborne disease like typhoid, cholera
    • Tasting food using bare hands any 2x1 = 2mks
    • They can absorb oil and gets soggy
    • Lose their nutritive value to too much heat any 2x1 = 2mks
    • To control fullness
    • To introduce a style feature any 2x1=2mks
    • Use of the room
    • Existing décor
    • Effect desired
    • Size of the room any 2x1=2mks
    • Buttons
    • Press studs
    • Velcro tape
    • Ties Any 2x1/2=1mks
    • Absorbent
    • Easy to wash and maintain
    • Strong to withstand constant washing Any 2x1 = 2mks
      • Collect equipment and materials required ½
      • wear protective clothing½
      • Shake½ to remove loose dirt½
      • Wash½ quickly½ in warm½ soapy using kneading and squeezing½ method
      • Rinse ½thoroughly in warm water½ to remove soap and dirt
      • Final rinse in cold ½water with salt ½and disinfectant ½added to fix colour½
      • Squeeze ½out as much water as possible
      • Dry flat½under a shade
      • Iron ½while still damp½ with a warm iron
      • Air ½to dry completely
      • Fold and store appropriately ½
      • Clean equipment used, dry and store appropriately ½ (Max 20/2=10 marks)
      • collect equipment and materials required½
      • wear protective clothing½
      • dust using a fluffy duster ½wrung out of warm disinfected water ½
      • Rinse½ the surface using a duster wrung out of warm clean ½water
      • Dry completely½ with a clean dry duster
      • clean equipment used, dry and store appropriately ½ (Max 5 marks)
      • Collect equipment and materials required ½
      • wash ½in warm soapy½ water and a sponge½
      • Rinse½ thoroughly in warm½ water
      • Dry½ completely using a clean dish cloth½/Drip dry on a rack
      • Store appropriately½
      • Clean equipment used, dry and store appropriately½ (5mks)
      • Responds to complain and reports on goods and services that could be counterfeit
      • collaborates with the government bodies to ensure that counterfeits goods do not get into the market
      • investigates goods and products suspected to be counterfeits
      • liaises with institutions in order to educate consumers
      • coordinates ways of dealing and fighting against counterfeits products in market Any 3x1=6mks
      • Put off bulbs we not in use.
      • Use energy saving bulbs since they consume less amount of energy.
      • Use cheaper methods of providing energy when cooking e.g using jikokoa.
      • Cover foodstuffs when cooking to reduce the cooking time.
      • Presoak foodstuffs that take long to cook to shorten cooking time.
      • Do not leave electrical appliances on when not in use.
      • Ensure that the pots used for cooking fit the entire cooking surface to avoid loss of energy.
        Any 3x2= 6mks
      • use baking flour which has been kept in a cool place and dry place
      • keep the dough in a cool place after mixing
      • using freshly drawn water from the tap as it contains more air
      • rubbing in fat to flour using fingertips as they are the coolest pats of the hands
      • keeping fat in the refrigerator until it is needed
      • Handling the pastry as little as possible
      • rinsing the hands before handling the pastry with cold water
      • Lifting and shaping the pastry with a rolling pin and palette knife
        Any 5 x1=5mks
      • The size of the house should be large enough to occupy all the family members
      • It should be near social amenities’ like schools,shops,church, hospitals etc
      • The neighborhoods should be secure for the safety of the occupants
      • The cost should be affordable to avoid straining the family members
      • Materials used should be durable to last long.
        Any 4x1=4mks
      • Made from a long lasting material that is able to withstand wear and tear
      • Strongly and firmly constructed
      • The height should b comfortable for comfort of the user
      • The cost should e affordable to avoid straining the buyer
      • The size of the furniture should correspond with the size of the room
      • The color of the furniture should match the colour scheme of the room
        Any 3x2=6mks
      • flat and faces the right side of a garment
      • Reinforced at the mouth
      • the pocket bag should be deep enough to prevent items placed inside from falling off
      • the grain of the pocket and that of the fabric should match
      • The pocket mouth should be large enough for the hand of the wearer to fit in
        Any 3x2=6mks
      • Wear face personal protective equipment properly before handling the patient
      • isolate the patient from others who are not infected
      • Wash hands using warm water with a disinfectant after handling the patient
      • Encourage the patient to use disposable tissue papers when sneezing and coughing as they can easily be burnt.
      • Don’t mix personal clothes and items for the sick with other family members
      • keep away pets from getting into the sickroom.
        Any 4x2=6mks
      • To ensure that the mother is psychologically prepared before giving birth
      • To establish the HIV status of the mother and the unborn baby
      • To ensure that any pregnancy related problems is treated /managed
      • Ensures that the foetus is secure throughout the pregnancy period
      • To ensure that the pregnant mother takes a balanced diet for proper development of the foetus and her health too
      • To prepare the mother accept the social view of her status so as not to get depressed.
        Any 3x2= 6mks
      • Absorbent for comfort during hot weather
      • Lightweight material that is easy to wash and maintain
      • warm to wear during cold weather
      • Strongly made to last long
      • Easy to put on and off
        Any 4x2 = 5mks
      • use in a well lit room to ensure adequate visibility
      • thread the machine correctly for efficiency when stitching
      • use the correct size of stitches for the fabric similar to one being stitched
      • use the correct tension for the work to avoid puckering of the fabric
      • guide the work when machining without pulling or pushing
      • dust and wipe the machine to prevent soiling of the fabric
        Any 3x2=6mks

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