CRE Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Moi Tea Mock Examinations 2022

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Instructions to Candidates
  • The paper consists of Six questions
  • Answer ANY FIVE questions in the answer sheets provided


    1. Explain four similarities between the biblical concept of sin and the African view of evil  (8 marks)
    2. State seven teachings about man from the Genesis stories of creation (7 marks)
    3. Give five ways in which Christians continue with God’s work of creation (6 marks)
    1. Describe how God tested Abraham’s faith in Genesis 22:1-19 (8 marks)
    2. With reference to Genesis 17:10-17, outline five instructions given by God to Abraham concerning Jewish circumcision (5 marks)
    3. Identify seven attributes of God learnt by Christians from the ten plaques (8 marks)
    1. State seven functions of the Temple in Jerusalem at the time of King Solomon.(7 marks)
    2. Explain ways in which the Israelites moved away from the true worship of Yahweh during Prophet Elijah’s time. (6 marks)
    3. Identify seven ways how the Church is promoting the true worship of God in Kenya today. (7 marks)
    1. Outline seven characteristics of false prophets.  (7 marks)
    2. Explain four visions of Prophet Amos.  (8 marks)
    3. Mention ways in which God communicates to His people today. (5 marks)
    1. With reference to Jeremiah’s teachings, explain four symbolic acts related to hope and  restoration  (8 marks)
    2. Give seven vows made by the Israelites during the time of the renewal of the covenant   (Nehemiah 10v 28-39) (7 marks)
    3. Give five problems that Christian leaders face in their work today (5 marks)
    1. Explain four roles performed by ancestors  in traditional African communities  (8 marks)                                                                                                     
    2. Outline five requirements for a sacrifice to be offered (5 marks)
    3. Give the changes that have taken place in the traditional African understanding of property (7 marks)   

Marking Schemes

    1. outline Isaiah’s prophecy about the messiah on the suffering servant in Isaiah 53. (8mks).
      • the servant will succeed in his work and will highly be honoured
      • the servant is despised, rejected and ignored by those who are with him
      • He has nothing attractive .He is very ordinary and simple
      • He is harshly treated, arrested, sentenced to death and killed
      • His body is buried with those of the rich men
      • He accepts the suffering on behalf of others
      • Through his suffering, human beings are reconciled to God
      • It was the will of God that the servant should suffer
      • His suffering is a sacrifice to bring forgiveness of sins
    2. Describe the message of angel Gabriel to Mary according to Luke 1:26-38 (6mks)
      • Mary had found favour with God
      • She will give birth to a son to be named Jesus
      • The son would be holy
      • The son will be great and called son of the most high
      • The lord will give him the throne of his father David
      • The kingdom would never end
      • He would reign over the house of Jacob forever
      • The Holy Spirit would come upon Mary
      • Her cousin Elizabeth had also conceived in old age
      • With God,nothing would be impossible
        Any 6x1mk=6mks
    3. Outline six lessons on family relationships drawn from the incident when Jesus accompanied his parents to the temple at the age of twelve (6mks)
      • Children should obey their parents
      • Parents should teach their children about the word of God
      • Parents should provide opportunity for their children to mix others
      • Parents should love/be concern about their children
      • Family ties should not be broken/should live in unity
      • God’s work takes priority over the family
      • Parents should recognize their children’s talents/ abilities
      • There should be open communication among family members
    1.  with reference to Luke 5:17-26,describe the healing of the paralytic man (8mks).
      • Men brought a man who was paralyzed to be healed by Jesus
      • They sought to bring him and lay him before Jesus but the place was crowded
      • They went up on the roof and let him down through the tiles into the midst before Jesus
      • Jesus saw their faith
      • He told the man ‘your sins are forgiven’
      • The scribes and the Pharisees began to question in their hears’ who is this that speaks blasphemy’
      • Jesus perceived their questioning and asked ‘which is easier to say ‘your sins are forgiven’ or say ‘rise up and walk’
      • But that you may know the son of man has authority to forgive sins, he said to the man,’ rise, take up your bed and go home”
      • Immediately the man arose and before them walked home glorifying God
      • All were seized with amazement and they glorified God
      • They were filled with awe saying ‘ we have seen strange things today’
    2.  state seven teachings of Jesus on true discipleship from the sermon on the plain (7mks).
      • perseverance in opposition
      • unwavering faith
      • love for enemies
      • obedience to Christ’s teachings
      • generosity/sharing
      • self criticism before judging others
      • being merciful to others
      • forgiving others
    3. Give reasons why modern Christians should accept to suffer in Christ’s name (5mks).
      • Jesus suffered so Christians must also suffer
      • Suffering leads to eternal life
      • Suffering brings redemption
      • Suffering trains one to endure/have patience/virtues
      • It’s a sign of true commitment
      • Brings one closer to God
      • It’s a manifestation of God’s glory
      • Acts as a test of one’s faith
      • It strengthens a Christian’s faith
    1.  state six teachings on the growth of God’s kingdom from the parable of the mustard seed and the yeast (6mks).
      • it has humble beginnings
      • it grows to greatness and becomes big
      • it is universal
      • it offers protection to those who enter it
      • it transforms the lives of those who enter it
      • it grows secretly/mysteriously in the hearts of human beings
        Any 6x1mk=6mks
    2. Explain four significance of the triumphant entry to Jerusalem to the ministry of Jesus (8mks).
      • it signifies that Jesus is the promised messiah
      • it signifies that Jesus is a peaceful messiah since he rode on a colt
      • it shows that his mission fulfilled old testament prophecies
      • it shows that Jesus was an humble messiah since he rode on a colt
      • he acknowledged salutations from the crowd to show that his messianic identity was no longer a secret
      • his mission as the messiah faced challenges from the Jewish religious leaders
        any 4x2mks=8mks
    3. Identify six ways in which Christians prepare themselves for the coming of God’s kingdom (6mks).
      • by repenting their sins
      • by obeying God’s word/ by living exemplary lives/living holy lives
      • by going through baptism/sacraments
      • by praying and fasting
      • through preaching/evangelizing
      • by having faith in God
      • by thanking/praising God
      • through works of charity
      • through readiness to endure suffering
        any 6x1mk=6mks
    1. Describe the new testament teachings on unity of believers based on the image of the bride(8mks).
      • Christians are the bride or the new Jerusalem to be married to Christ.
      • Christ is the bridegroom who seeks his bride, Christians, who love and enter into a covenant relationship with him.
      • Their marriage will be a lifelong union where there will be no suffering or death. They will live in peace and happiness forever.
      • Christians should prepare themselves to receive Christ who will return for his bride the church. This is by being pure.
      • During the final establishment of the kingdom Christ will take all the believers to the new home heaven, where they will live in unity and love as this world is a temporary home.
      • Believers must obey God and do his will in order to be rewarded with eternal life.
        Any 4x2mks=8mks
    2. Identify six signs which confirmed the manifestation of the Holy Spirit on the
      • day of Pentecost (6mks).
      • A sudden roaring wind
      • Tongues of fire rested upon each of the apostles
      • The apostles spoke in tongues
      • The courage of Peter
      • People enquired what to do to get saved
      • Conversion of 3,000 people/repenting
    3. Outline Saint Paul’s teaching on how the gifts of the Holy Spirit should be used in the church (6mks).
      • Should be used for the common good of all
      • Should be used to strengthen/encourage and comfort members
      • Should be used to bring unity/not to divide
      • There is need to respect/appreciate all gifts
      • They should be used in an orderly manner
      • They should be used in love
      • Use of tongues should be minimized in public worship
      • There is need to have interpretation of tongues for them to be useful
      • Prophecies should be carefully evaluated/weighed
    1.  Explain the traditional African understanding of marriage. (7mks)
      • Marriage is a complete affair which involves the economic, social and religious aspects of the people.
      • It is viewed as the focus of existence, the point where all members of the community meet, i.e. the dead, the living and the unborn.
      • It is a rhythm of life through which everyone must participate.
      • It is a duty and requirement for everyone in the community to undergo/ compulsory.
      • Those people who do not marry are considered a curse to the community/ outcasts.
      • Marriage as an institution is believed to have been willed and ordained by God.
      • Young people are prepared for this sacred duty during initiation through teachings.
      • Marriage is not complete without children/ it is meant for procreation.
      • Marriage is meant to be permanent as divorce is discouraged, unless for very serious reasons.
      • Bride wealth is a must/ very necessary as it cements the marriage relationship/ covenant.
      • The wife is subordinate to the husband but has her established rights.
      • Marriage does not end with the death of a husband as the wife is inherited.
        7 x 1 = 7mks
    2. List six forms of abuse that children go through in child labour. (6mks)
      • Sexual abuse
      • Little or no pay
      • Child trafficking for slavery
      • Torture
      • Battering
      • Prolonged confinement
      • Long working hours
      • Burning
      • Scolding
      • Verbal abuse
      • Child soldiers
      • Child marriages
        6 x 1 = 6mks
    3. Give seven criteria that Christians use to evaluate the use of leisure. (7mks)
      • Christians evaluate leisure using Biblical principles.
      • Leisure originated in the Old Testament in the creation story where God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh day (Sabbath)
      • Christians observe the Sabbath in obedience to God. They set aside daily chores and spend time worshipping God.
      • Christians should create leisure time daily to pray and thank God for His goodness, love and mercy, and seek forgiveness so as to better their relationship with God.
      • Christian teachings recommend the limitation of leisure to morally upright activities that please God, which enhance God-given talents such as swimming, singing, drama, etc, which relax the mind and are fulfilling. (1Cor. 10:31; Phil. 4:8)
      • Christians should condemn the use of alcohol and other drugs which lead to addiction and other dangers.
      • Christians should also choose leisure activities that enrich their knowledge of God such as gospel music, reading religious literature, holding religious discussions, which also help them to avoid sin.
      • Leisure time for a Christian should provide an opportunity to make discoveries and improve oneself, e.g. reading good books and watching good movies.
      • Christians should also choose activities that provide service to others, just like Jesus, e.g. visiting the sick, preaching the gospel, doing charity work.
      • Christians should avoid activities that are condemned in the Bible, e.g. gambling, sexual immorality, stealing etc, which are sinful.
      • Christians should avoid leisure activities that may be harmful to others even if they are beneficial to them e.g. playing loud music.
      • Christians should not engage in leisure activities that are risky to one’s life e.g. boxing, wrestling, sky diving, bull fighting etc.
        7 x 1 = 7mks
    1. Identify eight reasons why people engage in corrupt practices in Kenya today. (8mks)
      • Desire for unmerited promotion.
      • Frustration in the place of work.
      • Desire for instant wealth.
      • A feeling of inadequate compensation for work done.
      • A perverted conscience.
      • Poverty.
      • Greed.
      • Lack of adequate job opportunities.
      • Fear of being punished or going to court.
      • Ignorance.
      • Lack of accountability systems/a fluid system
      • A society that doesn’t report corruption
      • Permissiveness/culture of society
        8 x 1 = 8mks
    2. In which ways are people punished in Kenya for causing social disorders? (6mks)
      • Imprisonment.
      • Capital punishment (death penalty)
      • Corporal punishment which involves caning and flogging.
      • Detention without trial.
      • Deportation and exile.
      • Probation.
      • Payment of fines.
      • Denial of certain privileges. Etc.
      • House imprisonment
      • Community work
        6 x 1 = 6mks
    3. How can Christians today help to improve the environment? (6mks)
      • Christians, as stewards, should take care of the environment as it is the source of livelihood/be good role models.
      • Christians should be at the fore front to condemn and fight all forms of environmental destruction.
      • Christians should advocate for penalties on those who destroy the environment.
      • Christians should help educate people on the importance of the environment and the need to preserve it.
      • Be in the forefront to adopt the four R's policy in waste management. That is
      • Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, and Recover.
      • Support the government to enforce the use of environment-friendly fuel such as unleaded fuel which produces less carbon monoxide.
      • Christians should participate in environmental cleanups and support the provision of disposal bins in public places.
      • Advocate for environmental conservation laws to be passed, e.g. on the need to reduce noise from vehicles, aircrafts and entertainment centers.
      • Reporting cases of environmental degradation to relevant authorities.
        6 x 1 = 6mks
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