Computer Studies Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Moi Tea Mock Examinations 2022

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Instructions to candidates

  • Type your name and Index No at the top right hand corner of each printout.
  • Write your name and Index No on the CD-R /CD-RW
  • Write the name and version of the software used for each question attempted in the answer sheet.
  • Passwords should not be used while saving in the CD.
  • Answer all questions
  • All questions carry equal marks
  • All answers must be saved in your CD.
  • Make printouts of the answers on the answer sheets provided
  • Hand in all the printout and the CD
  • Candidates may be penalized for not following instruction given in this paper
  • Arrange your printout and staple them together.


    1. Type the following letter as it appears in a word processor. Use the mail merge feature to produce copies of the same letter to the persons whose details are given below. (12 marks)

      P.O. BOX 4800
      8TH FEBRUARY 2020

      Dear <NAME>

      REF: 2019 KCSE RESULTS.

      I am happy to inform you that the NOV-DEC Examinations are out. Kindly arrange to visit our school on <Date to visit> at 9.00 a.m in order to know the details. Remember to carry your original KCPE certificate and examination registration card bearing the index number.

      Yours’s truly,

      Head teacher
      Data source (List of Candidates)

       Name  Adm.No  Address  Town  Date to visit
       Mark Otieno  8074  P.O. BOX 24  Sondu  02/03/2020
       Kevin Kirui  8189  P.O. BOX 172  Kericho  08/03/2020
       Bernard Soi  8065  P.O. BOX 84  Bomet  24/03/2020

      1. Save Main document as Main Doc (1 mark)
      2. Save Data source as Data source (1 mark)
      3. Change the addresses and reference font size to 14pts (1 ½ marks)
  2. Perfect Pizza Factory manufactures pasta for distribution to restaurants in Nairobi. Assuming that you are now working for the factory and have been given the following sales data:
       A H I
     1  Restaurants  July August  September  October  November  December  Total
     2    34567 45671  89671  67222  56113  96282     
     3  Nankos 100000  97600  82199  105999  140664  190654     
     4  Burgees 96543  97600  82199  105999  140663  190654     
     5  Kenge 65000  97600  82199  105669  140663  190654     
     6  Tika 103456  97645  82297  105669  140220  175000     
     7  Appetos 76899  85400  96709  101324  140882  181230     
    8 Marries 98000 97600 82199 105999 140663 190654    
    9 Generals 25000 19654 15222 8000 5602 200    
    10 My Cafe 86777 75432 84366 105999 55678 201345    
    11 Shooters                
    14 Total Monthly Sales                

    1. Underline the reference (1/2 mark)
    2. Merge the letter onto main document so as to produce copies for all the three candidates and save it as ‘Results 2019’. (6 marks)
    3. Print the letters (3 marks)
      1. Type the following text in a word processing software. (22 marks)


          A computer is a machine or an electronic device that can solve problems by accepting data, performing certain operations on that data (processing) and presenting the results of those operations (Information) Basic characteristics that distinguish a computer from other information processing devices:-
          1. A computer is electronic- That is, all it processing operations are carried out with electrical signals
          2. A computer can store information for future reference. This is done on temporary basis with memory circuits and permanently with storage devices such as magnetic disks and tape.
          3. A computer is programmable – unlike other devices built to perform a single function, a computer can be instructed or programmed to perform a variety of tasks.

            Converting the data (raw facts) into information (Organized, usable form) is called data processing.

            Data get into the system by means of an input device.e.g keyboard then the computer performs the necessary calculations or manipulations on the data and finally the organized information is displayed by an output device e.g. a monitor.

            Although computers have many applications, they can perform only three basic tasks.
            1. Arithmetic functions on numeric data (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing)
            2. Test relationships between data items (by comparing values)
            3. Store and retrieve data

              These skills are really no more than people can do, but the computer can accomplish the task more;
              • Faster
              • Accurately
              • Reliably

        • Required:
          1. Align the title to the centre and underline it. (1 marks)
          2. Add border to the title (2 marks)
          3. Replace all the Roman numbers with bullets. (2 marks)
            1. Insert the footer “End of Term One Examination 2020”. (2 marks)
            2. Insert the header “Your name and index No” (2 marks)

Marking Scheme


      • completely typed letter (12 marks)
      • Single error (-1/2 mark)
      • More than 6 errors (5 marks)
        1. Saving main document
          - Using correct name (1mark)
          - Using any other name (1/2 mark)
        2. Saving Data source list
          Using correct name (1 mark
          Using any other name (1/2 mark)
        3.  Changing the font size of address and reference to 14 pts
          Changing each address (1 mark)
          Changing reference (1/2 marks)
        4. Underlining reference (1/2 mark)
        5. Merging Data source to the main document
          - Each field at the right position (6 marks)
          Each field at any other position (3 narks)
        6. Printing the letters
          each letter printed (1 mark) x3
        • Aligning title to the center (1/2 mark)
        • Underlining title (1/2 mark)
      1. Adding boarder to the title (2 marks)
        • Replacing all roman numbers with bullets (2 marks)
        • Not replacing more than 3 (0 mark)
        1. Inserting the correct footer (2 marks)
          - Any other footer (1 mark)
        2. Inserting the correct header (2 marks)
          Any other header (1mark)
        1. Line spacing of 1.5 (4 marks)
        2. Line spacing other than single (1/2 mark)
        3. Inserting word art and placing behind the text (5 marks)
      5.  Inserting word Art “Computer” and not placing behind of text (2 marks)
        1.  Replacing all “Computer” with “PC” (2 marks)
        2. Replacing but not all words “Computer” (1/2 mark)
        1. Moving whole paragraph to end of document (2 marks)
        2. Moving part of the paragraph (1/2 mark)
      8. Font style set to Arial Black (2 marks)
      9. Saving with the correct name (1 mark)
      10. Printing the document correctly (2 marks)
        Printing off page (1/2 mark)


(a)  Award 1 mark for each of the 10 rows (for correct entries only)  10 marks
(b)  Correctly replacing 105669 with 115699  3marks
(c)  Moving Row 7 to Row 2  1mark
(d)  Deleting of R12  1mark
(e)  Formatting to 2 decimal place (1mark),coma separator (1mark)  2 marks
(f)  Using the formula =B2+C2+D2+E2+F2+G2 in H2 to calculate the total sales for the firs restaurant  1 mark
(g)  Copying the formula in (f)  1 mark
(h)  Use of a formula to calculate Total Sales for the month of July (=Sum (B2:B10))  2 marks
(i) Copy of the formula in (h) 1 marks
(j) Using an appropriate function to calculate the Average Sales for each restaurant in Column 1 = Average (B2:G2) 3 marks
(k) Formatting ‘Total products Sales’ and ‘average’ to currency with 2 dp 1 mark
(l) i)   Value 10 in cell B16 1 mark
  ii)  Insertion of a column
     Formula C2*$C$16
    Copy of the formula
5 marks
  iii) Saving as EXAMs 2 marks
(m) i) = CounIF(G2:G10,”>60000”) 2 marks
  ii)= Max (H2:H10) 2 marks
(n) Chart sheet (1 mark)
Data selection (2 mark)
Correct chart type (1 mark)
Correct chart title (1 mark)
Axes title (2 marks)
Legend placement (1 mark)
8 marks
(o) Landscape
6 marks

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