CRE Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Sunrise 2 Evaluation Mock Exams 2022

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Instructions to candidate

  • This paper contains six questions.
  • Answer any five questions in the foolscaps provided.
  • All questions must be answered in English.
    1. Outline the message of prophet Isaiah about the messiah. (8 marks)
    2. State six activities that took place when Jesus was born (Luke 2: 6- 20) (6 marks)
    3. Explain the importance of singing in a Christian service. (6 marks)
    1. Describe the baptism of Jesus in river Jordan by John the Baptist inLuke 3:21-22.(7 marks)
    2. Outline six teachings of John the Baptist. (6 marks)
    3. Why are Christians finding it difficult to apply the teachings of John the Baptist in their livestoday? (7 marks)
    1. Narrate the parable of the widow and the unjust judge. (Luke 18:1-8). (7 marks)
    2. State five accusations that were made against Jesus during his trial (Luke 22: 66 – 23: 1 - 23). (5 marks)
    3. Why should Christians be discouraged from taking part in mob justice? (8marks) 
    1. Give seven reasons why Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to the disciples after his ascension. (7 marks)
    2. State how kindness as a fruit of the Holy Spirit is abused in the Church in Kenya today. (6 marks)
    3. Explain seven ways in which the gifts of the Holy Spirit are abused in the church today. (7marks)
    1. Identify five sources of Christian Ethics. (5 marks) 
    2. Give seven reasons why Christians in Kenya condemn homosexuality. (7 marks)
    3. Explain how responsible parenthood is demonstrated by Christians in Kenya today. (8marks)
    1. How is the church helping to reduce the rate of crime in Kenya? (8 marks)
    2. Give six reasons why Christians are opposed to euthanasia. (6 marks)
    3. Identify ways through which Christians can help to control desertification. (6 marks)


    1. The message of Prophet Isaiah messiah (Luke 1: 26-36)
      • The messiah would be a descendant of David/rule of the throne of David
      • The messiah will rule forever
      • He would be despised /rejected by many/a man of sorrow/suffering servant
      • He would be born of a young woman/virgin
      • Messianic reign/rule will bring happiness/joy to the Israelites
      • He would be wounded for people’s transgressions/would suffer for sins of human beings
      • Peace /prosperity will prevail during the messianic reign
      • He will be called wonderful/counselor/mighty god/Everlasting Father/Prince of peace/anointed/God Immanuel.
      • He will rule with justice/ righteousness
      • He would have characteristics of normal human being/child
      • His suffering through the will God/it will be initiated by God.   (8 x =8marks)
    2. The activities that took place when Jesus was born (Luke 2:6-20)
      • Mary, the mother of baby Jesus wrapped him in swaddling clothes.
      • She laid him in a manger
      • Angle of the Lord appeared singing the praise of God
      • A multitude of angles appeared singing the praise of God.
      • The shepherds hurried to see the baby
      • The shepherds spread the news to many people
      • The shepherd sung/praises God after they had seen baby Jesus
      • The shepherds returned to their homes/work.   (6x1 =6 marks)
    3. The importance of singing in Christian Service
      • It is an opportunity to praise/adore God
      • Christians pass messages/pray through singing
      • Singing creates a atmosphere of worshippers relax
      • Singing creates an atmosphere of worship
      • The singing removes boredom because of the varied activities during the service
      • God given talents are portrayed/enhanced during singing.
      • Non-members are attracted to church through singing
      • Those who feel depressed era encouraged through singing
      • Singing unites/brings worshippers together as they all join in chorus/song.   (6x1= 6 marks)
    1. The baptism of Jesus in river Jordan by john the Baptist in Luke.3:21-23.
      • All the people had been baptized by John.
      • Jesus was baptized
      • Jesus then started praying.
      • The heaven opened.
      • The Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus in a bodily form as a dove.
      • Then a voice came from heaven.
      • Then it said, 'thou an my beloved son with thee am well pleased.           ( 7 x 1 = 7 marks)
    2. The teachings of John the Baptist
      • He told the people to repent and be baptized for forgiveness of their sins/He asked people to prepare the way for the lord.
      • He (old them to be faithful / obedient to God and not to pride in Abraham as their ancestor.
      • He warned them of God's punishment on sin.
      • He encouraged die rich to share with the needy.
      • He to]d the tax collectors not to steal/be honest.
      • He told die soldiers to be contented with their wages/stop greed.
      • He told the soldiers to stop robbing/accusing people falsely/should betruthful.
      • He told them that the messiah who was to come after him was mightier/Hewas unworthy to untie his sandals. 
      • The Messiah would baptize the people with fire and the Holy Spirit.
      • The Messiah would separate the good from the evil/The evil would bepunished.
      • He condemned Herod for his adulterous life/marrying the brother's wife.      (6x1= 6 marks)
    3. Reasons why Christians find it hard to apply the teachings of John the Baptist in their lives.
      • They Jack faith in God's word.
      • Divisions along tribal/ racial/ denominational lines affects unity amongChristians.
      • Clinging to the past/inability to abandon the old/previous life style.
      • Negative attitude by the rich towards the needy/poor.
      • The influence of the mass media/moral decadence in society.
      • Some Christians lack what to share with others/poverty.
      • There is rampant corruption in the society.
      • The emergency of cull leaders/false prophets in the society/lack of rolemodels. 
      • Some Christians lead hypocritical life
      • Peerpressure  ( 7x1=7 marks)
    1. The parable of the widow and the unjust judge.
      • There was a judge who neither feared God nor regarded man;
      • There was a widow who kept on coming to the judge to settle a case between her and her enemies/adversaries,
      • The judge at first refused to grant the request of the widow,
      • The widow did not give up/persisted on her request.
      • The judge was afraid of getting worn out by the widows' insistence;
      • The judge finally accepted to grant the widow her request,
      • Jesus said that God would vindicate/grant the request of those who pray to Him 
      • Persistently; Jesus said that God responds to those who pray to Him in faith speedily. (7x1 =7Marks)
    2. Accusations that were made against Jesus during his trial.
      • Inciting people to revolt against the Roman rule.
      • Forbidding payment of taxes to Caesar
      • Equating Himself to God
      • Claiming to be the Messiah or king
      • Blasphemy
      • Treason           (5x1 =5 marks)
    3. Reasons why Christians should be discouraged from taking part in mob justice.
      • It does not give room to reason.
      • It is impulse/based on emotions.
      • It can lead destruction of poverty/life/it is violent physical injuries.
      • It is unbiblical/it lacks love/against law of the Lord.
      • It can be fueled by lies/malice/incitement
      • The victim is denied a change of defending himself/herself
      • It is a form of relation/revenge
      • It does not give room for forgiveness/reconciliation/rehabilitation
      • It can lead to bitterness/regret/psychological suffering.   (8 x 1 = 8marks)
    1. reasons why Jesus sent the Holy spirit to the disciples after his ascension
      • The Holy Spirit would comfort the disciples
      • He was to council the disciples
      • He would guide the disciples on what is right/god’s righteousness
      • He was to convict people of their sins
      • He to the disciples on what is right/God’s righteousness
      • He was to convict people of their sins
      • He was to reveal the future/enable the disciples to prophets/God’s will
      • He would glorify Jesus through the work of the disciples
      • He would enable the disciples to witness Christ throughout the world.
      • He would replace the physical presence of Jesus/stay with the disciple forever
      • He would empower the disciples to be able to speak with courage/confidence/authority.        (7x1=7 marks)
    2. Ways in which kindness as a fruit of Holy Spirit is abused in Kenya today.
      • By church leaders starting many projects in the church, expecting the congregation to provide the finance.
      • Some Christian fail to work because they expect assistance from others.
      • Some Christian over-depends on other problem’s assistance/effort,
      • Some members of the church failing to return/refund borrowed money and expect the members of the church to understand.
      • When church leaders demand for payment for all services they render.
      • When church leaders ask their congregations to cater for their personal needs like further studies/buying of vehicles/etc
        (6 x 1 = 6mks)
    3. Ways in which the gifts of the Holy Spirit are abused in the church today,
      • Some Christians pretendthat they have a certain gift of the Holy spirit;
      • By askingfor payment before healing the sick;
      • Christians misusethe gift of prophecy by giving wrong information;
      • Some Christians may impart demonic powers on the innocent/ignorant as they claim to perform miracles;
      • Some Christians who possess the gifts of the Holy spirit develop pride/arrogance;
      • Some use the gifts to bring division in the church/creating splinter groups;
      • Some Christians refuse to utilize the gifts they possess/personalize the gifts; 
      • Speaking in tongues during worship leads to disorder/confusion in the tongues are not
      • Interpreted/understood.  (7x1 =7Marks)
    1. Sources of Christian ethics.
      • Human reason experience
      • The bible
      • Traditions from Christian community
      • Natural law.
      • Situation ethics.
      • Secular state law/ constitution
      • Church Rituals
      • Conscience     (5 x 1 = 5 marks)
    2. Reasons why Christian condemn homosexuality;
      • Homosexuality is a form of sexual immorality
      • It is against God’s Biblical teaching it is a sin
      • It is an abuse to the sacredness of sex
      • It is contrary to the natural order of things.
      • Homosexuality does not enable procreation to take place
      • It lowers the dignity of human beings who are created in the image of God
      • It can lead to diseases like HIV/AIDs leading to human suffering.
      • It leads to rejection/ being an outcast.   (7x1=7marks)
    3. How responsible parenthood is demonstrated by Christians in Kenya today.
      • Christian parents provide physical basic needs for the family
      • They provides spiritual guidance to their children
      • They teach their children to live in harmony with others /moral values
      • They provide their children with education in order to acquire necessary knowledge skills/ to realize their full potential
      • They act as role models for their children
      • They discipline correct/ the children whenever they deviate from the norms
      • They provide protection security to their children which enables the children to deal with situations in life.
      • They teach their children how to grow physically/socially/psychologically so as for them to understand changes in their bodies as they develop.    (1x8=8marks)
    1. How the church is helping to reduce the rate of crime in Kenya
      • Providing guidance and counseling
      • Preaching about love for one another in the society
      • Rehabilitating law breakers
      • Providing jobs/ offering training opportunities to the people
      • Giving loans to people to start/ run business
      • Providing recreational facilities/ organizing recreational activities for the youth
      • Reporting criminals to the law enforcement authorities
      • Disciplining deviant members of the church
      • Participating in government programmes established to fight crime ( e.g. community policing) 
      • Obeying the laws of the country/ being role models
      • Praying for peace/ harmony
      • Teaching responsible parenthood
      • Providing basic needs for the needy
      • Condemning evil practices in the society/ teaching against crime.    (1 x 8 = 8 marks)
    2. Reasons why Christians are opposed to euthanasia.
      • God is the only one who gives life and thus should be the one to take it away,
      • Euthanasia equals to murder which is biblically condemned/Thou shall not kill;
      • It destroys God's image in human beings;
      • Human judgment is limited and therefore cannot make correct decision on terminating the life of others;
      • Medical ethics only allows a doctor to sustain life and not take it away;
      • It is against Jesus' mission on earth to heal the sick;
      • ( Suffering is part of a Christian's life from the teachings of Jesus and therefore it cannot be 
      • used to justify euthanasia;
      • The work of mercy involve saving life/not destroying it;
      • it is a constitutional right to uphold human life.   (6x1 =6 Marks)
    3. Ways in which Christians can help to control desertification.
      • Christians need to practice afforestation /reforestationprogrammes;
      • By practicing agro-forestry,
      • Using alternative sources of energy as opposed to charcoal/firewood,
      • Providing education to the public on how to preserve the environment,
      • Participating in environmental conservation programme;
      • Donating/giving financial assistance to bodies that control desertification; Protecting all water catchment areas;
      • Carrying/practicing better methods of farming;
      • Reporting cases of forest destruction to relevant authorities;
      • By participating in the enactment of laws on environmental conservation;
      • Providing guidance and counseling/advice to those involved in activities related to environmental degradation,
      • Using alternative sources of building materials as opposed to natural vegetation. (6x1 =6 marks)

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