Home Science Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Sunrise 2 Evaluation Mock Exams 2022

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Instructions to candidates
  • This paper contains 3 sections: A, B and C
  • Answer ALL questions in section A and B and choose any TWO from sectionC
  • Write your name and admission number in the spaces provided above.
  • Sign and write the date in the spaces provided above.
  • All answers should be written in the spaces provided on the question paper.
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SECTION A (40MKS)(Answer all questions)
  1. List two water soluble vitamins.    (1mk
  2. State two possible causes of anaemia other than lack of iron.  (2mks
  3. State four nutritional disorders associated with change in lifestyles.  (2mks
  4. State the functions of the following parts of the machine.  (3mks
    1. Tension Disc-
    2. Take up lever-
    3. Balance wheel-
  5. State two ways of bleaching clothes other than using commercial bleaches. (2mks
  6. State three measures to undertake to prevent the spread of infection when caring for the sick at home.    (2mks
  7. Distinguish between meal planning and meal management.  (2mks
  8. List four water borne diseases.  (2mks
  9. Identify two ways of sterilising a baby’s feeding equipment.  (2mks
  10. Give the meaning of the term ante-natal care.    (2mks
  11. Identify one benefit of increasing iron rich foods in a mother’s diet. (1mk
  12. State two advantages of a well-lit room. (2mks
  13. Highlight two limitations of burning as a method of refuse disposal.    (2mks
  14. Defferentiate between loose and fixed dirt.  (2mks
  15. Highlight the benefit of consumer protection.  (1mk
  16. State two disadvantages of buying goods by hire purchase.    (2mks
  17. Identify any two rules for patching.    (1mk
  18. Identify two categories of bleaches giving an example for each.    (1mk
  19. State one difference between marasmus and kwashiorkor.    (1mk
  20. List two factors that can cause premature birth.  (1mk)
  21. State two functions of the weights and measures department. (2mks)
  22. State two ways one can ensure left-over food retains its freshness.(2mks)
  23. Give two ways fruits can be made available as convenience foods. (2mks)
SECTION B (20MKS)(Compulsory)
  1. Your friend is celebrating her seventeenth birthday and you are to help in the preparation. Describe how you would
    1. Launder her woolen shawl she is owing to use that evening.  (8mks)
    2. Clean her white canvas shoes with laces.(7mks)
    3. Clean her plastic chair. (5mks)
    1. State four points to consider when buying labor saving cleaning equipment. (4mks)
    2. Outline five reasons for using soft furnishing in the home. (5mks)
    3. Discuss three factors that may affect normal foetus development.   (6mks)
    4. Outline five measures to undertake to conserve fuel at home.  (5mks)
    1. Giving reasons, state four rules to observe while removing stains from the garment. (4mks)
    2. Explain four qualities of a good toy (4mks)
    3. With the aid of 3 well labeled diagrams explain how to make a double-stitched  seam.   (7mks)
    4. Explain five laundry practices that are harmful to woolen fabrics.   (5mks)
    1. State four problems related to breastfeeding and give their remedies.(4mks)
    2. State four rules of first aid.  (4mks)
    3. Discuss any two methods of credit buying.  (4mks)
    4. Give four advantages electric lighting has over the use of hurrican lamp lighting. (4mks)
    5. Give four ways of conserving energy in the home while cooking.   (4mks)


    • vitamin C
    • Vitamin B
    • Hookworm infestation
    • chronic malaria
    • excessive bleeding
    • genetic sickle cell anaemia
    • gont
    • high blood pressure/high pertension
    • diabetes mellitus
    • obesity
      • tendon disc - controls tension of upper thread
      • take-up lever - controld the movement of the thread suring sewing
      • balance wheel - controls movement of the needle during stitching/starts and stops the machine
    • dry under direct sunlighty 
    • boiling
    • expose to moist air 
    • the patients's personnal effect should be soaked in disinfected water before washing
    • repair patients clothes after disinfection and repair
    • the person minding the sick should wear clean sterilised protective clothing eg; masks
    • protective clothing worn by the person minding the sick should be sterilised and washed separately from family wash
    • use tissues which are affordable and easily disposed of
    • items stained with body fluids eg blood should be handled cautiously
    • a basin containing disinfected water should be kept in the patients room for the people to wash hands
    • disinfected clothes used by the patient by boiling or use of strong disinfectants
    • wash feeding equipments separetly and sterilise 
    • room should be well lit and have adequate ventilation
    • children and pets should not be allowed in the room where the sick is sleeping
  7. Meal planning - involves deciding on what is to be eaten by the family to meet their nutritional needs using the available resources 
    meal management - involves acquiring ingredients, preparing, looking and serving food.
    • typhoid
    • cholera
    • bilharzia
    • amoebic dysentry
    • by boiling 
    • use of chemical disinfectants
  10. Ante-natal care  - care given to an expectant mother from the time of conception to the time of delivery / birth
    • for proper formation of haemoglobin
    • for the foetus to store enough iron to last it fofr the first six months after birth, during the last months of pregnancy
    • to avoid eye strsain
    • to reduce fatigue
    • for efficiency
    • for clean visibility
    • to enhance interir decoration
    • burning plastics emits poisonous gases in the air
    • burning substances produces bad smell
  14. loose dirt - very small light organic or inorganic particles eg; fresh soil or ash which are carried by wind from place to place
    fixed dirt - formed when loose dirt or dust comes into contact with water or grease and gets stuck onto the surface
  15. Consumer protection - involves safe guarding the consumer from exploitation by producers; traders and even other consumers
  16. Disadvantages of hire purchase
    • final cost of the item after paying installments is high
    • families overspend when buying items using this method
    • some items which are not durable will wear out even before the final payments are made
  17. Rules of patching
    • Fabric for patching should match with that of the garment
    • patch must be inconspicous when finished unless a decorative effect is desired
    • shape of the patch should correspond with that of the hole or worn out area
    • p[atch must match in grain with the garmet
    • patch should be flat
  18. types of bleaches
    • oxidizing bleaches eg sodium peroxide, sodium hypochloride, sunlight and moist air
    • reducing bleaches eg sodium hydrosulphate
     Marasmus  Kwashirkor
     Swelling of the body parts, a condition known  as oedema extreme loss of body weight
     hair is normal but head is too big  hair is thin and scanty, thin and brownish (silky)
     chid is weak and growth is retarded  growth is retarded
     child looks like an elderly person and face is wrinkled  child looks dull and inactive
     the ribs are clearly seen  the child's body is swollen
     there is not fat under the skin  skin peels off in patches leaving wounds
  20. causes of premature birth
    • drugs
    • trauma/stress
    • STI'S 
    • alcohol and smoking
  21. functions of weight and measures departments
    • check the weights and measurements of all machines used in trade
    • test the machines to ensure they are in working order and are accurate
    • ensure correct usage of machines so that consumers are not cheated
    • check machines yearly
    • check prepackaged goods eg sugar
    • put in a clean well covered containers to protect from contamination
    • cooled as quickly as possible then stored in the refrigerator or a clean cool place.
    • jams
    • marmalade
    • chutney
    • juices
    1. laundering woollen shawl
      • mend appropriately (1/2)
      • do not soak (1/2)
      • wash (1/2) using warm (1/2) detergent / soapy (1/2) water, using kneading and squeezing (1/2) method
      • first rinse (1/2) in warm (1/2) water to remove soap and dirt (1/2)
      • final rinse (1/2) in warm water to which fabric conditioner (1/2) is added
      • squeeze (1/2) out as much water as possible, then roll in  a clean towel (1/2) to remove further moisture
      • dry (1/2) it on a flat (1/2) surface under a shade (1/2)
      • press (1/2) indirectly (1/2) using a warm (1/2) iron
      • air (1/2) to dry (1/2) completly
      • fold and store (1/2) appropriately in a clean dry place with moth balls (1/2) placed inside
    2. clean plastic chair
      • wash (1/2) in hot (1/2) soapy (1/2) water using a soft cloth or sponge (1/2) to remove dirt (1/2)
      • use a mild bleach or citric acid (1/2)  or soak in hot lemon water (1/2) to remove stubborn stains (1/2
      • rinse (1/2) in hot (1/2) water to remove soap and dirt (1/2)
      • final rinse (1/2) completly by wiping (1/2) with a soft cloth (1/2)
      • buff/rub (1/2) to shine (1/2) with a soft cloth (1/2)
      • store appropriately (1/2)
        (1/2 x 16 = 8 mks max)
      • should be in working condition whe buying 
      • the cost / price should be affordable
      • it should come with an instructionsl mannual on how to use and maintain
      • it should be easy to use and maintain
    2. reasons for using soft furnishings
      • decoration
      • for privacy
      • for comfort
      • for protection
      • for easy maintainance
      • to improve the appearance  of unattractive furniture
      • to filter excess light
      • for warmth and reduction of noise
      • STI's 
      • HIV/AIDs will cause the baby to suffer from full blown AIDS and die before five years
      • alcohol and smoking will cause the baby to be born underweight
      • drugs have the sam effect as alcohol and smoking and can lead to miscarriage
      • trauma will cause distress or anxiety which can cause miscarriage
      • German measles will lead to deformed foetus if it occurs in the first three months
      • nutrient deficiency may cause the baby to be mentally or physically retarded
    4. conservation of fuel
      • use energy only when required
      • use cheap methods of supplying energy
      • use energy efficient devices such as energy saving jikos 
      • houses shoul be well insulated to prevent loss of heat
      • plan your activities in such a way that conservation of energy is maximized

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