English Paper 2 Questions and Answers - ACK Diocese Mumias Joint Evaluation Mock 2022

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Instructions to Students

  • Answer all the questions in this paper.


      Read the passage below then answer the questions(20 mks)
                      The career market is full of opportunities. Gone are the days when they had ‘’either ….or’’ career choices. The times when women, for example, chose between only nursing, teaching and secretarial work are long gone. The explosion in communication technology, and the liberalization and globalization of the world economy, has ensured that there is no longer a dearth and career choices.Today, colleges and universities offer a wide range of training opportunities to high school graduates. This has made choosing a career an involving process. It has also given rise to the heed for career counselling.When choosing a career, whether you have the help of a career counselor or not, there are several factors that you should consider. These include your abilities or talents, your interests, your priorities, and the available opportunities in the job market.
                      The skills required in particular career and ability to gain them through education must be considered when choosing careers. Becoming a doctor, for instance, requires extensive educationand training and many years of educational commitment. In addition to the compulsory subjects, the academic background required for this career is good grades in chemistry and biology at secondary level. If your ability in these subjects is just average, you would be overstretching your luck to enroll for Bachelor of Medicine degree course.In the past, students have chosen to pursue training in engineering even when their ability to handle physics and mathematics was low. This, in many cases has made them drop out of the class mid- course. The waste of time and resources would have been avoided if they had considered a career that did not require the ability to handle mathematics and physics well.
                      There are times people have been driven to choose a particular career because of the salary and prestige associated with jobs in that field. At times, the desire to take courses comes from within the individual, but most times, individuals feel pressured by peers or family to take a certain course. Joining a career in which you have no interest is a recipe for dull life since you spend most of your working hours doing something you do not like. Your career does not necessarily have to be your passion, but it should not bore you to death either.. Your can work out your interest by identifying the subjects you enjoy most at school, or the topics that are of interest to you and for which you take the initiative to read on your own.It is true that many young people are attracted more by the social mobility that the job might provide than by their interest in the career. However, research has found that money does not play as big role in the job satisfaction as many people think. Of course, we all have to make a living, but if you do not like your job, it does not matter how much you get paid to do it. What does matter is how well a career choice matches your value. If you value variety, collaboration and creativity, for example, you would not find job satisfaction in career where you are working alone and doing the same thing every day.
                      The availability of jobs in a particular field should also be a factor in choosing a career. This should be considered alongside the skills and education sought in a given field. Most times, highly competitive fields require more education but may not pay well. When there are many applicants for a particular position, unique personality traits become added benefit. However, in fields where there are fewer applicants than the positions available, the pay may be more and the job may require less education.Nevertheless, one should not be discouraged by the scarcity of employment positions because institutions of higher learning now emphasizes that they are not simply training people to get out and look for jobs. They are training people to get out and create jobs.Therefore, the availability of job opportunities is not necessarily limited to the presence of employers. It also encompasses opportunities for self- employment which everyone is free to explore.
      1. What has created necessity for career counselling? (2mks)
      2. In about sixty-five (65) words, write a summary on the factors one should consider when choosing a career to pursue (6mks)
        FAIR COPY
      3. According to the author, many students consider the wrong things while choosing a career. Mention three of such (3mks)
      4. What evidence is given in the passage to support the statement --------------------------------‘’ money does not play a role in job satisfaction’’ …………………? (2mks)
      5. What career market is full of many opportunities (Begin: There …………………………….) (1mk)
      6. Your career does not necessarily have to be your passion ( Re- write adding a question tag) (1mk)
      7. Why shouldn’t students worry about scarcity of jobs while training for careers? (2mks)
      8. Explain the meaning of the following words as used in the passage (3mks)
        1. Dearth -------
        2. Liberalization -------
        3. Social mobility------
    2. EXCERPT (25 MARKS)
      The Novel ‘Blossoms of the savannah by H.R Ole Kulet .
      Read the excerpt below the answer questions.
                 A loud knock at the door disrupted their conversation. Before they could respond, there was another knock. Only this time, short urgent raps made in insistent quick succession followed. ‘’See who it is, ‘’ her mother told her, happy to get rid of her. She rued the moment she introduced that explosive subject.Although she had got used to people knocking at any time , that particular knock nearlyangeredResian.
                 Why should anybody butt in when she and her mother were carrying out a fruitful discussion? It was rare for her mother to open up to that extent and she would have wished to bring up other issues that required such frankness. Muttering under her breath, she quickly walked from the kitchen through the living room to the outer hall and opened the front door.
                 A man stood at the doorway, briefcase in hand. He was tall, broad- shouldered and he wore a blue business suit, white shirt and a light blue tie. The muscles of his arms bulged under the sleeves of his coat. His face, above his closely trimmed beard and moustache, was brown and leathery; possibly from exposure to the sun and wind.
                 He had a wide mouth from which protruded two long upper teeth with a wide gap between them, making him look like a warthog. She did not like his long slanting eyes.
                 He pieced and extended earlobes hang comically down his neck, each loop seeming to beg for something to be hooked over it. ‘’ Is this the home of Parsimei Ole Kaelo?’’ the man asked in a cold, sharp voice.
                 ’Yes, it is ‘’ answered Resian in a subdued voice, an ominous feeling creeping into her heart, ‘’What can l do for you?’’
                 ‘’I have come to see him,’’ he said authoritatively and took a step into the house. In an arrogantly confident manner, he asked, ‘’ is he in?’’
                 ‘’No he’s not in at the moment,’’ Resian answered also taking a step forward to block him. She hoped he would go away. She added impatiently.            ‘’He’s probably at the shop in town.’’
                 ‘’He’s not there,’’ the man said emphatically, shaking his head, ‘’ I have just come from there.’’
                 He peered at Resian. Those slanting black eyes had slid from her face and were now deliberately scanning her body. A creepy sensation sent shivers down her spine.

      ( Blossoms of the Savannah, longhorn Publishers Ltd, 2017
      1. Place this excerpt in its immediate context (4mks)
      2. Identify and illustrate one theme in this excerpt (2mks)
      3. With illustration, show which styles have been used to show Resian’sleathing of Oloisudori? (4mks)
      4. From the events taking place in this excerpt
        What can you say about Oloisudori? (4mks)
      5. From elsewhere in the novel why is Oloisudori in this house? (2mks)
      6. Describe the general mood in the excerpt (3mks)
      7. ‘’Is this the home of Parsimei Ole Kaelo? ‘’ (Charge the sentence into a statement and add a question tag) (2mks)
        Statement: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      8. Give the meaning of the following words as used in the passage: (4mks)
        1. Rued -----------------------
        2. Comically -----------------------
        3. Authoritatively -------------------
        4. Scanning ------------------
    3. POETRY
      Read the poem below then answer the questions after.

      To a Daughter Leaving Home

      when l taught you
      at eight to ride
      a bicycle, loping along
      beside you
      as you wobbled away on two round wheels,
      my own mouth rounding
      in surprise when you pulled
      ahead down the curved
      Path of the park,
      l kept waiting
      for the thud
      of your crash as l
      sprinted to catch up,
      while you grew
      smaller, more breakable
      with distance
      pumping, pumping
      for your life, screaming
      with laughter,
      the hair flapping
      behind you like a
      handkerchief waving

      Linda Pastan.

      1. Who is the persona in the poem? (2mks)
      2. What is the subject matter of the poem? (3mks)
      3. Identify and explain two features of style used in the poem (6mks)
      4. What is the persona’s attitude towards the daughter? (3mks)
      5. Describe one theme brought out in the poem (3mks)
      6. Identify any one onomatopoeic word in the poem (1mk)
      7. Give the meaning of these words as used in the poem:
        1. Loping ------------
        2. wobbled ----------
        3. Sprinted ----------
    4. GRAMMAR (15 MKS)
      1. Use the correct form of each of the words in brackets to fill in the blank space (3mks)
        1. They were given a warm ---------------------------------- (receive)
        2. Maarifa is __________________________ a self – educated man (essence)
        3. I don’t understand why Eunice had to be given ----------------------------------------treatment (prefer)
      2. Replace the underlined word in the following sentences with a phrasal verb starting with the word in brackets (3mks)
        1. Why do people despise anything foreign (look)
        2. She looked carefully at the document but couldn’t understand what it meant.( make)
        3. The fire was extinguished by the county fire fighting team (put)
      3. Rewrite the following statement adding the correct question tags (3mks)
        1. Let’s go home, ……………………………………?
        2. You need to leave, ………………………………?
        3. A ll the students attended parade, …………….. ?
      4. Complete the following sentences giving the words in brackets in their correct tenses (3mks)
        1. The girls ---------------------------------- guidance from their cousin Parmeat (seek)
        2. All the striking county workers have been ---------------------------------------------- their dues (pay)
        3. The thief ---------------------------------- the stolen bag over the fence (throw)
      5. Rewrite the following sentences according to instructions after each (3mks)
        1. Wafula wrote the best competition (change to passive voice)
        2. The beautiful house on the hill was bought by Sue (change to active voice)
        3. This is the lady. Her husband is an extortionist ( join into one sentence using a relative pronoun).

Marking Scheme

    1. Colleges and universities offer a wide range of training to high school graduates and that had made choosing a career an involving process.
      /Choosing a career has become involving
    2. Points to consider:
      • Talents
      • Interests
      • Priorities
      • Available opportunities/ jobs in the market
      • Skills required in a particular career
      • Ability to gain skills through education
      • Unique personal traits
        (± 5 words - between 60 and 70)
        - if in point form, deduct 50% of total score.
      • Salary / money to be paid
      • Prestige that comes with a job/ career
      • pressure from peers/ family
      • Social mobility that a job may provide.
    4. Research has found that money doesn't play a big role in job satisfaction. If you don't like the job, it doesn't matter how much money you get paid to do it.
    5. There are many opportuniites in the carrer market.
    6. Your career does not necessarily have to be your passion, does it?
    7. Nowadays universities emphasize on training job creators rather than job seekers.
      • Dearth - scarcity/ lack
      • Liberalization - Freedom
      • Social mobility - Chnaces of promotion/ Attaining higher levels / castes among people.
    1. Resian had been arguing with her mother on the culture that birthed FGM. She was referring to the ilarinkon warriors. She says that men are still mistreating women. Oloiisudori comes in and since Ole Kaelo is absent he insists on waiting for him.
    2. Immorality - Slanting black eyes had slid from her face deliberately scanning her body/ Oloisudori potrays immoral behaviour by the way he lustfully at Resian.
      • Simile - potrude two long upper teeth with a wide gap between them making him 'look like a warthog'
      • Vivid description - She did not like his long slanting eyes ...pierced extended earlobes
      • He is arrogant - he asked in an arrogantly confident manner.
      • He is persistent - He won't give up on his guest to see Ole Kaelo. He had been at the shop and has come to his home.
      • He is disrepectful - He was scanning her body deliberately.
    5. He wants Ole Kaelo to pay back for being pivotal in the financial stability they were enjoying/ For helping win contracts and was still going to help.
      • Tense mood/ Mood of tension
      • Resian is scared of the visitor 'A creepy sensation sent shivers down her spine'
      • This is the home of Parsimei Ole Kaelo.
      • This is the home of Parsimei Ole Kaelo, isn't it?
      1. rued - regretted
      2. comically - like a joke
      3. Authoritatively - with lots of confidence
      4. Scanning - scrutinizing
    1.   A mother/Father/ A close relative/ A guardian/Parent
      'To a daughter'
    2. It is about a parent/ guardian looking back to the time when the daughter is learning to ride a bicycle.
      'When I taught....ride'
      • Repetition 'pumping pumping'
        Helps reiforce the idea that the daughter is forging ahead with intense energy.
      • Simile - Flapping behing you live a handkerchief waving goodbye.
        Her riding speed was high despite being a beginner.
      • Metaphor - The bicycle lesson is metaphorical for life's journey and is extended throughout the poem. Shows that the daughter picker the lessons taught well and at the porper face.
    4. Fearful/Doubtful - 'I kept waiting for the thud of you crash...'
    5. Motherhood/ Role of parents
      • It explores the journey of a mother training her daughter on riding a bicycle
      • Parents play a crucial role in guiding children through life.
      loping  curved  crash  flapping 
       wobbled screaming  sprinted  waving 
       rounding thud  pumping   
      1. Loping - hurrying
      2. wobbled - trembled
      3. sprinted - jumped/ hurried.
      1. reception
      2. essentially
      3. preferential
      1. look down on
      2. make out
      3. put off
      1. Shall we
      2. shouldn't you
      3. didn't they
      1. sought
      2. paid
      3. threw
      1. The best composition was written by Wafula
      2. Sue bought the beatiful house on the hill
      3. Thi is the lady whose husband is an extortionist

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