English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Mincks Group of Schools Mock Examinations 2022

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  • Write your name, Index number and the name of your school in the spaces provided above.
  • Sign and write the date of examination in the spaces provided above.
  • Answer all the questions in this question paper.
  • All your answers must be written in the spaces provided in this question paper.

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    Imagine you are the secretary of the Journalism club in your school. Last term, the club held an end of year meeting that was attended by 7 members. One member excused herself while no one knew the whereabouts of another member. The meeting was graced by an editor from a leading media house and the club patron. During the meeting a member raised an issue about a previously planned trip to the Royal Media Services. Key issues discussed during the meeting included an incoming generating project, a talent show and election of new officials. Write down the minutes of the meeting.
  2. CLOZE TEST (10 MKS)
    Fill in the blank spaces in the passage below with the most appropriate word.
    The full use of information and communications techniques (ICTs) in the schools will (1)........................... changes in education that will ultimately reshape not (2)........................... how a class is run, but also the entire notion of what a school is and how it is structured. Today, almost everyone is concerned (3)........................... ..improving school performance. In the twenty first century, the world acknowledge that computers will be fundamental to the future of education. In taking on subjects that may, for example, require comparing Osaka, Japan to Kisumu Kenya, or learning about the earthquakes, the use of ICTs is (4)........................... appropriate, that may sound to (5).............................people highly futuristic, but it is possible today. There is little question that computer oriented classes will have a more interesting (6)........................... to education than the current teaching style. Using ICTs the students will be (7)............................involved and will learn more than if a teacher stood in front of them, talking. (8).............................using technology in the classroom has (9)...........................own demands, it does not tax the teacher as heavily as traditional teaching. Consequently, computerization would (10).............................teachers of the numerous burdensome and mandate teaching.
    1. Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow.

      The Seed Shop
      Here in a quiet and dusty room they lie,
      Faded a scrambled stone or shifting sand,
      Forlon as ashes, shrievelled, scentless, dry..
      Meadows and gardens running through my hand.

      In this brown husk a dale of hawthorn dreams,
      A cedar in this narrow cell is thrust
      That will drink deeply of a century’s streams
      These lilies shall make summer on my dust. 

      Here in their safe and simple house of death,
      Sealed in their shells, a million roses leap;
      Here I can blow garden with my breath,
      And in my hand a forest lilies asleep.

      1. Describe the rhyme scheme of this poem. (2 mks)
      2. What is the effect of rhyme in the poem? (1 mk)
      3. Giving one example, show how else the poet has achieved the effect in (ii) above? (2 mks)
      4. Which word would you stress in the last line of stanza one and why? (2 mks)
    2. Underline the stressed syllable in the following words. (4 mks)
      1. Col.league
      2. Sur.prise
      3. Ap.proach
      4. Chal.lenge
    3. A flea and a fly flew up a flue
      said the flea, “Let us fly!”

      Said the fly, “Let us flee!”
      So they flew through a flaw in the flue.
      1. Identify the genre above. (1 mk)
      2. Identify and illustrate the dominant sound pattern in the genre. (2 mks)
    4. Provide a word that is pronounced the same way for each of the words below. (4 mks)
      1. Lichen
      2. Kernel
      3. Gate
      4. Mare
    5. Indicate intonation in the following sentences.
      Write F or R against each sentence to represent falling and rising intonation respectively. (4mks)
      1. What a beautiful dress you have!
      2. Stop where you are!
      3. Did you talk to the principal?
      4. He is alive
    6. A student in your class was expected to give a talk to the form ones on the reasons for studying hard. While on stage, he stares blankly to the amazement of the audience. State four things that may have led to this. (4 mks)
    7. Which polite expressions would be appropriate in the following circumstances. (4 mks)
      1. When somebody has said, “Thank you”
      2. When somebody is introduced to you.
      3. When you don’ t know the answer.
      4. You are smart.


  1. Functional writing
    Must be minutes if not deduct up – 2 mks AD for wrong format.
    Format – 7 mks
    Title – must have (Minutes, club, date, venue) 1 mk
    Subtitles – members present (7) ½ mk
    - Absent with apology (1) ½ mk
    - Absent without apology (1) ½ mk
    - In attendance (2) ½ mk
    Preliminary ½ mk
    Reading and confirmation ½ mk
    Matters arising ½ mk
    Income generating ½
    Talent show ½
    Elections ½
    AOB ½
    Signing off ..(must be left blank) ½
    Content. 7 mks
    1. preliminary
    2. Reading and confirmation
    3. Matters arising …trip
    4. Income generating
    5. Talent show
    6. Elections of new officials
    7. AOB
    8. Adjournment
      Language and presentation – 6 mks
  2. (10 mks)
    1. bring
    2. only
    3. with
    4. highly/very/extremely
    5. some
    6. approach
    7. more
    8. although
    9. its
    10. relieve
      1. ababcdcdefef√ 1mk – regular√ 1 mk - predictable√ amk
      2. Creates rhythm, musicality, memorability
      3. Through alliteration – drink deeply, scrumble stone
      4. meadows, gardens, kenning, hand. – content words – carry the meaning of the line
      1. col.league √ 1mk
      2. sur.prise (N) √ 1mk
      3. Ap.proach (N) √ 1mk
      4. Chal.lenge (Verb) √ 1mk
      1. Pun-word play
      2. alliteration – flea fly few flue ‘f ‘
      1. Lichen - liken
      2. Kernel – colonel
      3. Gate - Gait
      4. Mare – Mayor (4 mks)
      1. F
      2. F
      3. R
      4. F
    6. Stage fright that made him forget everything
      Failure to research adequately
      Failing to rehearse with friends/before live audience
      Failure to have short notes for reference
      1. You’re welcome/not at all
      2. Nice to meet you/happy/pleasure to meet you/see you
      3. Sorry I can’t remember/Sorry I don’t know/ I am afraid I have no idea/sorry it escaped my mind
      4. Thank you

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