English Paper 3 Questions and Answers - Mincks Group of Schools Mock Examinations 2022

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  • Answer three questions only
  • In question three choose only one of the optional set texts you have prepared on.
  • Where a candidate presents work on more than one optional text, only the first one to appear will be marked.
  • Each of your essays must not exceed 450 words.
  • All answers to be written in the answer booklet provided.
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Imaginative writing  




Compulsory set text 




Optional set text  








Answer three questions only
In question 3, choose only one of the optional texts you have prepared on.
  1. Imaginative composition (compulsory)        (20 mks)
    1. Write a composition beginning: “The deafening silence was broken by shouts and screams. As I crawled out of bed, I knew that the worst had finally happened…” 
    2. “A bad workman always quarrels with his tool”. Write a story to bring out the meaning of the saying.      (20 mks)
  2. Drama (compulsory)
    Henrik Ibsen, A Doll’s House 
    “Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for a person and leave you happy.” Verify this statement using illustrations from the play “A Doll’s House.” (20 mks)
  3. Optional set texts.
    1. Short Story: Memories we lost and other stories by Chris Wanjala. (20 mks)
      Mentally ill patients need love and care. Using illustrations from LidudumaLingahi         Mqombothi’s short story, Memories we lost. Write an essay to justify this statement. (20 mks)
    2. Drama
      Mulwa David, Inheritance.
      “People do not always turn out the way they appear to be.” Closely referring to David Mulwa’s Inheritance show the truth of this statement.  (20 mks)
    3. The Novel
      John Steinbeck’s. The Pearl 
       “Money and desire can change an individual.” Basing your illustrations on John Steinbeck, The Pearl, write a composition to back up this statement. (20 mks)


Imaginative composition
Points of interpretation

    1. Must be a story. If not deduct 4 marks. The story must have the rubric. If not deduct 2 marks. Must be in first person narrative voice.
    2. Must be a story. If not deduct 4 marks. The story must illustrate the meaning of the saying. If not deduct 2 marks.
      The compulsory set text
      A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen
      “Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for a person and leave you happy.” Verify this statement using illustrations from the play.
      Any relevant introduction.
      √Mrs Linde is much in need of a job to keep her occupied and busy. She hopes that Torvald can get her something to do. Nora assures her that Torvald must help her. She says that she would think of something to please Torvald, before broaching the subject of offering Mrs Linde a job. Nora sours that she would be happy if she could be of some use to her friend.
      √Mrs Linde jilts Krogstad her true but penniless lover for a richer man she did not love to take care of her bedridden mother and her two younger brothers. She is proud to have offered such help and happy that she made her mother’s last days free from care and her brothers are now grown and can shift situations for themselves. (pg 17)
      √Nora is proud and happy for having saved Torvald. She is glad that it is through her that she raises money for the journey that saw Torvald’s health restored in Italy. She says that Torvald comes back as sound as a bell and since then he has not had an hours illness.
      √Mrs Linde is ready to help Nora talk to Krogstad after he drops a letter in the letter box. This is the letter that is to expose the secret Nora wouldn’t like the husband to know. Mrs Linde offers to go to Krogstad so that he claims back his letter unread. She hopes that just like in the past, Krogstad would be glad to help her. She then leaves for Krogstad’s only to find he has already travelled out of the town.
      Any relevant conclusion.
      Memories We lost and Other Short Stories
      Mentally ill patients need love and care. Using illustrations from Lidudumalingani Mqombothi’s short story, memories we lost – write an essay to justify this statement.
      Introduction: Love and care based on the (sick girl) narrator’s sister in order to enable her
      endure the suffering of her illness.
    1. Character presented
      1. Narrator, mother, neighbours, school fraternity.
        The narrator supports the sister by being truant from school to take care of the sister who had dropped out.
        Prevents the sister from inflicting self injury (p 11-12)
        Helps the sister escape from home to prevent the mother from taking her to the Sangoma.
        She gets rid of the needless medication.
        She fearlessly searches for the daughter after others had given up at night and comes carrying her. (p.11)
        She desperately tries to get help for the daughter as she takes her to the Sangomas.
        Helps in searching for the sick girl when she runs away at night (p 10) men and boys emerged from their houses with machetes.
        The villagers ‘United with the mother in support of organising a ceremony which was expected to cure the sick girl. (p. 14).
        “The entire village gathered outside our house for another ritual meant to cure my sister”
        This showed the frantic effort by the neighbours to support the cure of the sick girl.
        The school fraternity was able to accommodate the sick girl until she became very violent. However the teacher informs the narrator that the sick girl was suffering from schizophrenia and the narrator felt that all the medicine being given by the sungomas would not help her sister. She finally helps the sick sister to get rid of the medicine. (p. 13)
    2. Introduction
      People have a subtle way of camouflaging to conceal their true self. Many of these people appear kind, honest or display any other admirable character yet in other areas they are despicable people who need help. This is the unfortunate case of many characters in the play Inheritance.

      Bishop Menninger comes across as a man of God. As a Christian and a leader in the church, he is expected to live true to the Christian teachings and observe the teachings rather than just professing them. This does not happen for his evil nature is seen when he manipulates Lacuna Kasoo into hatching a scheme to eliminate the late King Kutula XV on the grounds of hindering progress. He advises Lacuna Kasoo to poison his father, King Kutula XV claiming ‘… it was time to bring Kutula back to dignity’. The Bishop should uphold the sanctity of human life. This is confirmed by Lacuna when he says ‘…I must do it for the future…Menninger says so standing in the courtyard…’pg 68
      Thorne Macay and Bishop Menninger tell King Kutula XV that they have the interest ‘of his people at heart’. Yet these are the same leaders that connive with the naïve Lacuna Kasoo to eliminate his father. By sanctioning the death of King Kutula and installing in his place Lacuna Kasoo, they betray the very people they purport to care for by having a bad leader take up power. They assume that since King Kutula is an advocate of his people’s rights, they would rather have Lucuna Kasoo who appears enthusiastic about cooperating with the empire pg14-15.
      It is the height of hypocrisy for lacuna Kasoo to pretend that he is holding a commemoration of king KutulaXV yet he is the one who poisoned him to death. All the fanfare,dances,speeches and related activities are meant to trick the people that he is really mourning a great man. No wonder he would want to give himself a new lease of life through marrying Lulu, a high school student.

      Goldstein pretends to care about Kutula citizens yet he advises Lacuna to restructure the public service leading to massive unemployment. He also advises that the wages should be kept low with the run-away inflation and the rising cost of living. These actions can only stir riots and civil unrest that would ultimately lead to change of regime in Kutula. He further advises that the working hours be extended which would be unfair to the citizens.
      From the discussion above, it is clearly evident that people are quite deceptive in that their words do not match their deeds.

    3. THE PEARL

      Money and desire can change an individual. Basing your illustrations on John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, write a composition to back up this statement. (20 mks)
      In The Pearl Kino is poor but happy but when he finds a great fortune he becomes obsessed with being rich and this makes him sad, suspicious and irrational. This is because greed for wealth can change a person.
      Before Kino finds the pearl he is a caring, protective father and husband. He seems contended and happy despite living in poverty. He is satisfied with the simple lifestyle and the little they posses. When he finds the pearl, he has great dreams for his family. He hopes to marry his wife in church. He hopes to buy her new clothes including a new shawl, new skin and new shoes. When someone tries to steal the pearl and Kino is hurt trying to protect it, Juana suggests that they get rid of it. Kino is adamant. He is blinded by desire for money. When she tries to throw it away, he strikes he badly. Excessive desire turns Kino into an abusive husband that he was not at first.
      Desire for money turns Kino into a heartless murderous man. Kino lives the simple life of a fisherman like the other natives of La Paz. When he finds the great pearl, he turns into “an animal”. He fights and kills a man on the path that tries to steal his pearl. Having grown tired of Kino’s inaction, Juana decides to go and throw the pearl back into the sea. Kino catches her and strikes her with a clenched fist and kicks her on the side. On his way back to the hut, he fights and kills a man forcing them to flee from their home. His obsession with changing their simple lifestyle and acquiring material possession dehumanizes him.

      The excessive ambition for riches makes Kino irrational. Kino seems like a wise family man. He provides for his family through fishing and pearl diving. He loves and protects his young family. When he finds the great pearl, he hopes to take his son Coyotito to school so that he frees them from the bondage of ignorance. His preoccupation with this desire blinds him. He fails to see the danger such an ambition puts his family into. While fleeing to the north, he is pursued by three trackers, two on foot and one on a horse with a rifle. His son is eventually killed even when he manages to kill the three men. Had Kino been wise enough he would have gotten rid of the pearl as soon as he saw the red flags. He is blinded by wild desire for wealth.
      Lastly, the doctor changes his mind about treating Coyotito because of his desires. When Coyotito is stung by a scorpion, the doctor refuses to treat the child. He has no time to treat “little Indians” for insect bites because they never have any money. He sends them away claiming he was out attending to a serious case.
      Any relevant conclusion.

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