English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Mathioya Mock Exams 2022

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Instructions to candidates

  • Answer all questions in this paper.
  • Candidates must answer the questions in English.


Imagine that you are the secretary of Akili Mali Youth Group. The group recently held its annual general meeting (AGM) in which the following issues were discussed:

  • Reading and confirmation of the previous minutes
  • Treasurers report
  • Income generating activities
  • Community work
  • A.O.B

During the meeting, all officials except the assistant secretary were present. He had sent apologies .The sub county youth representative was also present. Two more members sent apologies while one did not. There were ten members present. Apart from the main issues, the date of the visit to Amani children’s home was revisited and changed. A member came up with the idea of holding an end of year party. Write the minutes of the meeting.

The school feeding(1)…………………… introduced in many areas across the country helps to keep children in the classroom. It has turned(2) ……………… to be of great benefit to both primary and(3) …………………… schools that have embraced it .
Most public day (4) ………………….. adopted this programme to avoid having to release students to go back home for lunch. Without the programme many students, especially those from (5)…………………… backgrounds, would break for lunch and return to school without eating anything since there was no (6)……………………….. at home.
The programme has benefited such (7) …………………………………… a lot since they are now assured of taking 8)…………………………… at school. The programme also saves school a lot of (9)…………………………….. that could have been lost during the lunch break. School children use then extra time to do assignments while teachers use it in pushing forward coverage of the (10)……………………………….


  1. Read the following poem and then answer the questions that follow.

    Why do you wear that dress so white?
    Why do you wear the veil so light?
    Why do your young eyes shine so bright?
    Is it my wedding?

    I wear dress and veil to show
    That gladly to my love I go
    My young eyes shine because I know
    It is my wedding.
    1. Using illustrations, shows how rhythm has been achieved in the poem (2marks)
    2. Which word would you stress in the last line in the poem and why? (2marks)
    3. If you were to perform the above poem to an audience, what would you do to fight stage fright? (3mks)
  2. For each of the following words, identity the silent letter. (4mks)
    1. Rapport
    2. Coup
    3. Isle
    4. Numb
  3. Write another word that is pronounced in the same way as the ones given below (5marks)
    1. Blew
    2. Cite
    3. Serial
    4. Nun
    5. Some
  4. Identify the words that begin with the same consonant sound from each of the sentences below. (4marks)
    1. Someone picked my phone during the fracas.
    2. She was employed as a chef in the café.
    3. The pleasant psychologist signed a one million dollar contract.
    4. You must write the number before ringing.
  5. Your classmates intend to visit a neighbouring school in order to take part in a debate for the first time. Give guidelines that they should observe during the debating session (5marks)
  6. Read the following conversation and answer the question that follows (5marks)
    Mary: For how long have you had the headache?
    John: For the last two day madam.
    Mary: Have you taken any medication?
    John: Yes, I took some painkillers yesterday.
    Mary: I need to do further test .take this paper to the laboratory.
    John: Okay, thank you.
    1. Which intonation would you use to say each of the following sentences? (3mk)
      1. For how long have you had the headache?
      2. Have you taken any medication?
      3. Take this paper to the laboratory.
    2. Identify two expressions of etiquette in the above conversation (2marks)

Marking Scheme

    1. Heading (1mk)
    2. List if attendance(1mk)
      1. present -10
      2. Apologies -3 (one is the assistant secretary)
      3. Absent-1
      4. In attendance - club patron
    3. Sub- heading each ½ x8=4mks
      1. Preliminaries
      2. Reading and confirmation of minutes
      3. Matters Arising
      4. Treasurers Report
      5. Income generating activities
      6. Community work
      7. AOB
      8. Adjournment
      9. confirmation of minutes (1mk)
    4. CONTENT : EACH 1MK : total 8mks
      1. Preliminaries
      2. Reading and confirmation of minutes
      3. Matters Arising: visit to Imani children’s home
      4. Treasurers Report
      5. Income generating activities
      6. Community work
      7. AOB: end of year party
      8. Adjournment
        LANGUAGE AND TONE: 4mks
    1. programme
    2. out
    3. secondary
    4. schools
    5. humble
    6. food
    7. students
    8. lunch
    9. time
    10. syllabus
        1. Alliteration - why….wear…..white
        2. Rhyme -white, light, bright
          Show, go, know
        3. Repetition – Why do you……….
          (Any 2x1=2mks)
      2. Wedding - this is because it is a content word to emphasize on the occasion.
        1. Rehearse extensively before presentation.
        2. Familiarize yourself with the stage before presentation.
        3. Ensure costuming is comfortable and appropriate
        4. Breathe in and out repeatedly before presentation.
        5. Psych yourself up.
        6. Make a short prayer.
        7. Do some physical exercises before the performance.
          (any 3x1=3mks)
      1. t
      2. p
      3. s
      4. b
      1. blue
      2. sight
      3. cereal
      4. none
      5. sum
      1. phone, fracas
      2. she, chef
      3. psychologist, signed
      4. write, ringing
      1. Be audible when presenting the points
      2. Be fluent and use proper articulation when pronouncing words
      3. Have appropriate tonal variation – vary his voice to put emphasis on the words that contain new information/ to sound interesting.
      4. Speak with conviction/ Deliver the points in a confident and persuasive way.
      5. Make eye contact with the audience.
      6. Concisely and clearly express the points.
      7. Provide a proof for each points put across – mention facts and statistics.
      8. Use gestures and facial expressions to elaborate on points.
        (any 5x1=5mks)
      1. (each 1mk)
        1. falling
        2. rising
        3. falling
        • Thank you
        • Madam

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