CRE Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Londiani Joint Mock Exams 2022

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    1. Outline what Angel Gabriel revealed about John the Baptist when he announced his birth to Zechariah (6 marks)
    2. From the story of the early life of Jesus up to twelve years, identify ways through which he is seen as coming from a poor background. (8 marks)
    3. Give reasons why children should take part in church activities (6 marks)
    1. Describe the baptism of Jesus in river Jordan by John the Baptist in Luke 3:21-22. (5 marks)
    2. Outline four teachings of John the Baptist. (8 marks)
    3. Why are Christians finding it difficult to apply the teachings of John the Baptist in their lives today? (7 marks)
    1. Identify five teachings that Jesus made to the guests at the Pharisees’ house (Luke 14: 1– 14) ( 5 mks)
    2. Give four reasons why Jesus used the parable of the great feast in his teachings (Luke 14: 15 – 24) ( 8 mks)
    3. Write down seven reasons why Christians take part in the Lord’s Suppe ( 7 mks)
    1. Give seven reasons why Jesus sent the holy Spirit to the disciples after his ascension ( 7 mks)
    2. Identify four teachings of Saint Paul on the similarities between the church and husband – wife relationship (Ephesians 5: 21- 32) ( 8 mks)
    3. State five ways in which Christians are able to identify those who posses the gifts of the holy spirit ( 5 mks)
    1. Give seven reasons for the importance of manual work in Kenya today. (7 marks)
    2. List seven activities that the youth should engage in during their leisure time. (7 marks)
    3. State six consequences of denying employees rest. (6 marks)
    1. Explain how science and technology has improved human life. (8 marks)
    2. Give six reasons why Christians are opposed to euthanasia. (6 mark)
    3. Identify ways through which Christians can help to control desertification. (6 marks)


    1. The shepherds were looking after their flocks in the field at night
      The angel appeared to them
      The glory of the lord shone around them
      They were filled with fear
      The angle reassured them/ told them not to fear
      He told them of the good news of the birth of Jesus
      They were told where to find baby Jesus
      The angles gave them a sign on how they would find Jesus
      There appeared a host of angles singing/ praising God
      The angles left them/ went back to heaven
      The shepherds went to Bethlehem/ found baby Jesus (6 x 1 = 6mks)
    2. John the Baptist preached mainly in the wilderness/ the desert of Judah, while
      Jesus preached in the synagogues/ homes cities/ towns/ temple
      John the Baptist called people to repentance, while Jesus forgave/ died for their sins
      John the Baptist with water, but Jesus was baptized with the holy spirit/ fire
      John the Baptist lived the life of Nazarite, while Jesus mixed freely with all people
      The emphasis of John the Baptist preaching was in the promised Messiah, while that of Jesus was about the kingdom of God
      John the Baptist’s message was direct whereas Jesus preached in parables
      While John the Baptist disciples fasted, the disciples of Jesus ate and drank
      John the Baptist did not perform miracles, but Jesus ministry was full of signs/ wonders
      John the Baptist was the fore runner / prepared the way while Jesus fulfilled/ was the messiah (4 x 2 = 8 mks)
    3. Christians should obey their parents
      Parents should teach their children about God
      Parents should provide opportunities for their children to mix with others
      Parents should love/ be concerned about their children
      Family ties should about be broken/ families should live in unity
      God’s work takes priority over the family
      Parents should recognize their children’s talents/ abilities
      There should be open communities among family members
    1. All the people had been baptised by John.
      Jesus was also baptized.
      Jesus then started praying.
      The heaven opened.
      The Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus in a bodily form as a dove.
      Then a voice came from heaven.
      Then it said, ‘thou art my beloved son with thee am well pleased. (5x1=5 mks)
    2. He told the people to repent and be baptised for forgiveness of their sins/he asked people to prepare the way for the Lord.
      He told them to be faithful/obedient to God and not to pride in Abraham as their ancestor.
      He warned them of God’s punishment on sin.
      He encouraged the rich to share with the needy.
      He told the tax collectors not to steal/be honest.
      He told the soldiers to be contented with their wages/stop greed.
      He told the soldiers to stop robbing/accusing people falsely/should be truthful.
      He told them that the messiah who was to come after him was mightier/He was unworthy to untie his sandals.
      The Messiah would baptize the people with fire and the Holy Spirit.
      The Messiah would separate the good from the evil/the evil would be punished.
      He condemned Herod for his adulterous life/marrying his brother’s wife. (8 mks)
    3. They lack faith in God’s word.
      Divisions along tribal/racial/denominational lines affect unity among Christians.
      Clinging to the past/inability to abandon the old/previous life style.
      Negative attitude by the rich towards the needy/poor.
      The influence of the mass media/moral decadency in society.
      Some Christians lack what to share with others/poverty.
      There is rampant corruption in the society.
      The emergence of cult leaders/false prophets in the society/lack of role models.
      Some Christians lead hypocritical life.
      Peer pressure. (7x1=7 mks)
    1. Saving a life can be done on a Sabbath day
      It well to respond to an emergency even on a Sabbath
      Human life is more important than the animal which the Pharisees accept to rescue on the Sabbath day.
      It is good for to humble him/sit in lowly place when invited
      Those who exalt themselves will be humbled those who humble themselves will be exalted.
      It is blessed to invite the poor/maimed/lame /blind tot the feast instead if ones relatives/friends who can invite you in return
      Those who do good for the less fortunate will be repaid during the resurrection of the just.
    2. He wanted to explain that invitation to god’s Kingdom is open to many people.
      He wanted to show that the Jews were given the first chance to be part of god’s Kingdom but they rejected.
      He wanted to show that people reject god’s call due to material possession/family commitment which can be a stumbling block ones spiritual life.
      He wanted to show that gentiles/outcasts are called to God ‘s Kingdom to replace the non responding Jews.
      He needed to explain that the God’s invitation/call are extended to many people/god offers universal salvation.
      So as to explain that those who refuse/do not accept god’ call will not receive blessing of god’s Kingdom/will not enter the kingdom of god.
      He wanted to challenge the Jews /Pharisees who counted themselves as righteous yet they failed to respond to God’s call. (4x2=8 mks)
    3. Through it, they remember the death of Jesus as a sacrifice for the forgiveness of sin.
      The ceremony is a form of tanking for god’s love/redemption plan
      It is time that Christians reaffirm/renew their faith tin God/bind themselves in the covenant
      It gives Christians an opportunity to repent/ask for forgiveness of sin
      It unites the believers/they fellowship/share with one another
      The partakers experience the presence of God through the sharing of the bread and wine which represent his body and blood respectively
      It is a sign of obedience to Christ who commanded the disciples to do it in his memory
      Through the Christians participate the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ
      It is a foretaste of the heavily banquet/heavenly feast which Jesus promised his disciples.( 7x1=7 mks)
    1. The Holy Spirit would comfort the disciples
      He was to council the disciples
      He would guide the disciples on what is right/god’s righteousness
      He was to convict people of their sins
      He to the disciples on what is right/God’s righteousness
      He was to convict people of their sins
      He was to reveal the future/enable the disciples to prophets/God’s will
      He would glorify Jesus through the work of the disciples
      He would enable the disciples to witness Christ throughout the world.
      He would replace the physical presence of Jesus/stay with the disciple forever
      He would empower the disciples to be able to speak with courage/confidence/authority.
    2. Members of the church learn to live together in harmony /unity just like a husband and wife.
      There is a chain of authority in, marriage where the head of family in the same way Christ is the head of church.
      Just as Christ sacrificially loves the church, husband should love wives
      The union between a husband and wife is meant to last forever, so Christians are called upon to maintain steadfast faithfulness to Christ unit eternity
      Christians are called to submit to Christ just as a wife submits to her husband.
      Just as a husband and wife become one flesh, so Christians are supposed to be united/cling to Christ.
      Just as Christ nourished/cherishes the church, husbands should care for there wives.
    3. By listening to there confession. They should confess Jesus as Lord.
      By analyzing the kind of teaching they profess. The teaching should be about Jesus Christ/Christian doctrine
      By examining there life so ass to know whether they posses/show the fruit of Holy Spirit . (Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, self control, goodness, faithfulness/gentleness.)
      By observing their behavior . The behaviour should not contradict the teaching of Jesus Christ/ be role models
      When the Christians notice the victorious life of such people over temptations/works of the flesh.
      If such persons do not use the gift of the Holy spirit for selfish gains/enrich themselves
      When such believers given glory to God/Jesus after serving performing miracles.(5 mks)
    1. Through manual work human being emulate God as a worker.
      It is a sign of being obedient to God's instructions to work.
      It enables human beings to look after / preserve the environment / be co-creators with God.
      It keeps the body physically fit.
      Human beings are able to obtain their basic needs / earn their living through manual work
      It is a way of serving others / community
      It enables human beings to develop their talents / abilities.
      Manual work gives satisfaction / fulfillment
      It keeps one busy / active (7 mks)
    2. Taking part in church choir / singing.
      Helping the sick / needy.
      Taking part in retreats / seminars / camps
      Reading Christian literature.
      Playing games.
      Planting flowers / trees / cleaning the compound.
      Watching TV / listening to Christian music / messages.
      Taking part in Bible study.
      Visiting their friends/relatives (7 mks)
    3. It may lead to poor working relations.
      The organization may realize low output.
      The workers may resort to a strike action / go slow,
      Some of the employees may lose their job through sacking/resignation,
      It can lead to poor health / death.
      It may lead to break| up of families.
      It can lead to labour conflicts between the employer/ employee,
      Mistrust may arise leading to close supervision,
      Employees may develop negative attitudes towards work.
      Accidents are likely to occur.
      Vandalism ( 6 mks)
    1. Modern means of transport enables human beings to travel faster;
      Use of electronic/print media: human beings are able to access/pass information to large audience;
      Use of industrial machines enables work to be done faster/efficiency
      Use 6f fertilizers/agricultural machinery has led to increased productivity/yields/preservation of food;
      Use of medicine/medical equipment has prolonged human life/reduces suffering;
      Use of equipment related to weather forecast assist human beings in understanding their environment;
      New sources of energy have enhanced human life;
      Scientific devices enhanced security. 4x2= mks
    2. God is the only one who give life and thus should be the one to take it away;
      Euthanasia equals to murder which is biblically condemned/thou shall not kill;
      It destroys God's image in human beings;
      Human judgment is limited and therefore cannot make correct decision on termination the life of others;
      Medical ethics only allows a doctor to sustain life and not to take it away;
      It is against Jesus mission on earth to heal the sick;
      Suffering is part of a Christian's life from the teachings of Jesus and therefore it cannot be used to justify euthanasia;
      the works of mercy involve saving life/not destroying it;
      It is a constitutional right to uphold human life. ( 6xl=6mks)
    3. Christians need to practice a forestation/reforestation programmers.
      By practicing agro-forestry;
      Using alternative sources of energy as opposed to charcoal/firewood;
      Providing education to the public or how to preserve the environment.
      Participating in environmental conservation programmer;
      Donating/giving financial assistance to bodies that control desertification.
      Protecting all water catchment areas.
      Carrying/practicing better methods of farming.
      Reporting cases of forest destruction to relevant authorities;
      By participating in the enactment of laws on environmental conservation.
      Providing guidance and counseling/advise to those, involved in activities related to environmental degradation;
      Using alternative sources of building materials opposed to natural vegetation.
      Jesus told Peter not to be afraid because he was to catch men from then;
      They brought their boats to land/left everything and followed Jesus.

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