Computer Studies Paper 2 Questions - Mokasa II Mock Exams 2022

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  • Type your name and Adm No. at the top right hand corner of each printout.
  • Passwords should NOT be used while saving in the CD.
  • Answer all questions
  • All questions carry equal marks


  1. The table below shows records of booking schedule kept by Milele Resort on participants expected to attend a CBC workshop in the month of June 2022.
     PNo Name  Gender  Room No  Room Type  Payment Mode  Checking date 
     6040 Kamal Theuri  R-01  Single bed  Cash   10th June 2022
     5830 Rera Riro  R-02  Double bed  EFT  12th JUne 2022 
     6350 David Masit  K-01  VIP  Mpesa  17th June 2022 
     6260 Shem  K-02  Double bed  Cash  21st June 2022 
     6100 JUne Koech  L-01  Cottage  Cheque  20th June 2022 
     6130 Tiffany  R-01  Single bed  Mpesa  15th June 2022 
     6890 King Philip  R-02  Double bed  Cheque  17th June 2022 
    6110  Malton Mulee M K-01 VIP Cash 25th JUne 2022
    6120 Keitany M L-01 Cottage EFT 26th June 2022
    6150 Kay Odek F L-02 VIP Mpesa 17th June 2022
    6180 Makau M R-02 Double bed Cash 24th June 2022
    6200 Kadija Kairu F L-02 VIP EFT 27th June 2022

    1. Open a database program and create a database named Milele Rooms. (1 mark)
    2. From Table 1 above create two tables, one for participants’ details and another for room details using appropriate data types. Name the tables “Participants table and rooms table respectively. (2 marks
    3. Enter the data from table 1 in the respective table above. (13 marks)
    4. Create a relationship between the two tables. (2 marks)
    5. Enforce referential integrity. (1 mark)
    6. Modify the rooms table so as to capture the booking fee as shown below.(2 marks)
       Room type Booking fee per room 
       Single bed 7000 
       Double bed 12 000 
       Cottage 15 000 
    7. Create a query that would display the following fields:
      1. PNo, name, gender, room No, and those who booked room for the meeting on 17th June 2022. Save the query as Ckd_Query. (4 marks)
      2. PNo, name, room No, room type , booking fee and payment mode.
        1. Compute total amount of money collected.
        2. Save the query as Amt_Query. (4 marks)
      3. PNo, name, gender room type, booking fee, payment mode and check in date.
        1. Show the number of participants who occupied VIP rooms.
        2. Save the query as CR_Query. (3 marks)
      1. Create a report to display PNo, name room No, room type, payment mode, booking fee and check in date. Compute (4 marks)
        1. Total revenue collected.
        2. Group records per room type.
      2. Modify the report to appear as follows:
        1. To have a report title “MILELE RESORT MAY MONTHLY REPORT 2022”
        2. Underline the report title.
        3. save the report as “MR__Report” (3 marks)
    9. Create a form using the format in figure 1. Save the form as MR_ Entry Form. (4 marks)
    10. Create a bar graph to display Names and booking fee per participant (2mks)
    11. Print out later each of the following: (5 marks)
      • Tables(rooms table)
      • Queries(CR query)
      • Report
      • Form
      • chart
  2. Plantesha Hotel Intend to use a Desktop publishing program to design a plan for a section of the hotel. Assume you have been given the task.
      1. Open a desktop publishing program and set the page layout orientation to portrait and paper size to A4. (2Marks)
      2. Save the publication as Hotel . ( 2 Marks)
    2. Create the Hotel plan as it appears in Figure 1 ensure that the design covers the entire printable area of the page (35Marks)
      1. Apply appropriate pattern, gradient to Pantesha Hotel and shade blue color (3 Marks)
      2. Shade the river with sky blue color ( 2 Marks).
    3. Type your name and index number as the header ( 2 Marks)
    4. Type the name of your school as a footer ( 2 Marks)
    5. Save the changes and print the publication later (2 Marks)
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