English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Alliance Mock Examinations 2022

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    You have read in the Newspaper that Deloitte Company is recruiting an Internal Auditor for the organization. You have written a letter applying for the post. Write the C.V. you would like to attach to the application letter.
  2. CLOZE TEST Many people lament about the environmental degradation that we see around us. But (1)is not enough. We need to discuss what needs to be done if our country is to avoid (2)harm. Apart from the destruction of our forests, the pollution of the atmosphere through fumes (3) from vehicles and industries and the death of our rivers, we are faced with another crisis - garbage. In our towns, and cities, on our roads and foot paths, in our estates and villages, garbage has (4) a part of the landscape. Heaps, nay, mountains of stinking garbage's in varying degrees of rots, are an eyesore everywhere you turn. We thoughtlessly
    even open space, oblivious of the (6) we expose ourselves to. This cannot go on forever unless we are on a self-destruction mission.(7) is possible when enough courageous people grasp the need for it and become willing to act. People can push for legislation that will make (8) _ disposal of garbage a punishable (9) offense or even lead campaigns to sensitize others about the need to change their behavior. The government can also be made to take decisive measures in (10) the use of any packaging materials that ruin the environment.
    Read the oral narrative below and then answer the questions that follow. The life-giving Deve.
    A long time ago the was a man and his wife. They had a girl. The girl fell sick many times. She died. When she died, she was thrown away and a dove came and put her together again. The dove took the girl to a cave where she lived. But after a short while the girl said that she wanted to go back to her mother. The dove told the girl that she must stay in the cave, but the girl went. Now when she went home, she fell sick again. She died and she was thrown away again. The dove came, put her together and took her away. But the girl went home again intending never to return to the cave. Now when the dove came to fetch her, he stood outside and sang.
    Uu ai uuui! give me my ornament give me back
    Then I can go back home where the rain comes down
    With ta, ta ta
    The parents closed the door but they forgot to close the window and so the dove slipped in through the window and went straight where the girl was sleeping. She took away what she had given to the girl and the girl was all bones again. These bones were thrown away and as usual the dove found them and put them together. She took the girl to a very far place and they lived there forever.
      1. What would you do to capture the audience's attention before you begin to tell this stay?(2 mks)
      2. Explain two ways in which you would make the narrative effective. (2 mks)
      3. How would you perform the following lines?
        Uu ai uuui give me my ornament give me back
        Then I can go back home where the rain comes down with ta, ta, ta (2 mks)
    2. Imagine that your teacher of English had has divided you into discussion groups for essay assignments. You have been voted as the chair of your group. How would you ensure a successful group discussion? (6 mks)
    3. Identify some of the situations that may call for bowing and curtsying
    4. Imagine that you have been invited for a job interview by Uzima Co-operatives as an Accountant. What are some of the things that you need to consider during the interview? (5 mks)
    5. Identify the silent letters in the following words.
      Marijuana(3 mks)
    6. Indicate another word that is pronounced like the word given below.


    1. Format - 4mks
      1. Heading - curriculum vitae
      2. sub-heading 
        • personal details
        • educational background
        • professional qualification
        • work experience
        • hobbies/interests
        • referees
    2. Content - 10mks
      1. personal details - name in full, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, nationality etc
      2. educational background - dates and names of institutions/schools
      3. professional qualification - date and name of collegte, university, etc
      4. work experience - name of institution/ organization, position held, duties, years
    3. hobbies/interests - 2mks
    4. referees
    5. language - 6mks
      A 5-6mks Excellent
      B 4mks Good Ability
      C 2-3mks Average
      D 1mk Broken English
    1. complaining
    2. irresponsible
    3. emitted
    4. because
    5. litter
    6. danger
    7. change
    8. careless
    9. or
    10. banning
      1. drumming, posing a question, clapping hands, use an illustration riddle, proverb, song
      2. use of tonal variation - the dove being authoritative
        gestures - use of hands to indicate the motion of throwing
        facial expressions - sad expression indicating that she died
      3. use of gestures by waving hands to indicate a distressed dove
        facial expressions 
      • contributions to be through the chair to ensure order
      • encourage the use of cautious language to create harmony
      • explain the topic of dicussion clearly for people to understand the scope of disussion
      • encourage everyone to participate so that no one dominates
      • members to observe turn-taking for order
      • a secretary to be appointed to capture the key points
      • wrap up the discussion by summarizing the points
      • greeting an elder or respected member of the community
      • before or after a performance e.g play
      • when entering certain institutions e.g parliament
      • arrive in good time for the interview for good impression
      • have all the necessary documents
      • be calm as you wait to be interviewed and during the interview
      • sit upright
      • maintain eye contact with the interviewer
      • be confident while answering questions
      • appreciate the panel by thanking them afterwards
    5. h
    6. Feint

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